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  1. First time wearing a diaper

    I was between 4 & 5 when I found a box of leftover Pampers in a closet. I remember my mom giggling as I fumbled trying to pull a diaper up between my legs. I'm sure she thought my lack of coordination was cute, but when she pulled the diaper snug and fastened the tapes for me, I was instantly overwhelmed with the sensation of this thick soft diaper enveloping to my genitals so completely. It inadvertently gave me my first memorable sexual arousal. I spent the entire day feeling the sensual bulky padding of this soft plastic diaper caressing everything between my legs. My penis and testicles were buried in the softest and warmest sensations that I had ever consciously known. It was essentially my first sexual experience, and it permanently imprinted a kink in my brain that no amount of therapy could ever take away ... and thankfully would be with me for the rest of my life. It was also torture since I never got to wear anything resembling diapers for the next six years after those early experiences, aside from a few rare diaper finds while playing in the tenant shared basement storage in our apartment building. The desire was incredible though. It was as if I starved to be in them. Passing through the diaper aisle with mom in the supermarket would get me so excited, how I wished I could have a box of Pampers to bring home. I eventually started pulling plastic bags up between my legs so I could feel that feeling again. Whenever I saw a baby having their diapers changed, I was always sneaking peaks and imagining what it would like to be them. I think my wheelchair association came from a time when I was about 7 and had a friend that was confined to a wheelchair. Her mom used to wheel her up near us by the sandbox. I made sure to sit on the ground in front of her, where I could stare up the leg of her shorts clearly see her diapers. I would be in a dream state that was intoxicating with excitement and envy of her getting to wear diapers, and sitting with her let me live vicariously through her. On those times of extreme desires I lay in bed with my plastic bag pulled up tight between my legs and fantasized about being diapered and medically restrained. I don’t remember the sensation being that great since there was no soft padding, but the crinkle was such a sweet sound to hear coming from down there. It's truly amazing how that one diaper experience I had at such an early age left me instantly locked in a desire to be in diapers for the rest of my life. It gives me an appreciation of how intense a first sexual experience can be. I wonder how many people reading this had diapers become a part of them in a similar way. I’m sure many other fetishes are born this way. It was like a one hit drug addiction. They say be careful what we wish for, eh? My life was massively altered in my late teens when I had an incomplete spinal cord injury. How this led to my diaper wearing today is in my About Me section of my profile.
  2. I think the original question of choosing one option is most interesting. At least the way I read it, which in poll form is to choose one or the other, but not both. But to decide on having a partner that loves being in diapers and I don't wear them, vs. having a SO that has no interest in wearing while I love absolutely everything about being in diapers? I think might a tough one for many. Of course we all want both! But for me, I'm staying the one that's enjoying diapers!
  3. A first for me

    Firsts can be so exciting and scary. Glad you enjoyed it!
  4. WOW... I Love these! Through the 80's into early 2000's I enjoyed using the Stayfree Classic Shape and Always Dri-Weave maxi-pads as diaper boosters because I loved how soft they were. I really enjoy the sexualy stimulation of my diapers, so padding texture is very important to me. Unfortunately both Stayfree and Always went this cotton-like route that did nothing for me. I kept trying different diaper boosters, but I finally found these Total Dry boosters coming VERY close to the softness of the Stay-Free Classic Shape maxi-pads I enjoyed so much. I tried both the Maximum and Ultimate boost ups. The Ultimate is the larger size, and they fit between the standing leak barriers in my Abenas very nicely. The "cushieness" of the pads are so nice, as they mold around my genitals perfectly. I found that one pad steps up the absorbency very nicely. Diapers alone often allow gapping here and there, which allows urine to run before it hits padding to be absobed. However that usually results in leaks. The added cushiness of these pads give a constant contact with my penis in most body positions, which not only helps prevent leaks, but steps up the stimulation too For anyone that enjoys bulk, stacking two or three together really gives you a nice diaper bulge that is hard to hide. Secure Personal Care products does sell sample packs, so it was nice to be able to try them out. I hope this basic review helps anyone searching for a booster product!
  5. what is your best diaper experience?

    Here are three pivotal times for me related to diapers: 1. At 5 years old... My Mom helping me tape on the Pampers I found in the closet - my tiny genitals were in absolute bliss from the endless caress of padding in my soft plastic diapers. Insta-lifelong diaper lover! 2. At 19 years old... Coping with the realization of never walking again while in the hospital with a spinal cord injury. Along with that, I had been dealing with several bouts of skin irritations on my penis from condom catheters. I'll never forget the embarrassment, followed by a rush of excitement I felt when my nurse asked if I'd be willing to wear diapers while I heal. Within minutes of her taping my diaper snug, I had a full erection along with all the arousing sensations I had when I got to try those leftover Pampers 14 years earlier. Within the first few minutes of being diapered I realized I could still feel the enjoyment of sexual sensations, and I realized I would get to wear diapers for the rest of my life. I relished the idea the of my disability putting me in a population where it was ok, if not expected that I need diapers, much like babies and the elderly. 3. As far as a most memorable diaper experience that stands out - that's a toughie since I've been in them now since 1991. My diapers give me great sex every waking moment of every single day. But, I do love being in nightclubs and bouncing & rocking in my wheelchair to the music. The great vibe and energy, hot ladies, and my soft diaper always makes that a very erotic experience.
  6. Where Do You Store Your Diapers?

    If I may recommend you store the basement diapers on something that keeps them elevated off the floor. I had a pipe burst a couple years ago, and had eight cases of diapers ruined, not to mention some vintage stuff. Nice layout I love having diapers in plain sight. It reminds me of how excited I would feel as a kid when I saw an open box of Pampers stored up on a closet shelf. I would desperately yearn to be put in one.
  7. Is my friend into diapers?

    you could just casually respond with "ya know, I've seen online there are many people who like wearing diapers for various reason, I wonder what that's like?!?!" Then if he laughs and thinks it's weird, you can laugh it off too - or if he says "well, now that you ask..." the door is now open.
  8. Hey there. I read that Secret Powder Fresh Deodorant aerosol spray was supposedly the same scent used when Pampers had that baby smell to them. Apparently the same company makes those two products. I ended up buying a 6oz can for under $4 at Walmart. I gotta say I love the scent! Unfortunately I cannot remember if its the same exact scent because the scent I do remember enjoying back then was 35+ years ago! Either way, I'm loving it. I am curious if anyone else has tried it. If so, did it smell like what you remember Pampers smelling like? I seem to be having a tough time figuring out how much to spray in the diaper so it radiates the scent nicely and for a few hours with my every move. My sense of smell has dulled over the past several years, so for all I know I might be putting in too much. Do you put it in sparingly, a little, generously, or a lot? Looking forward to hearing others experiences, and for those that buy after reading this I look forward to hearing yours as well!
  9. Wet Or Dry?

    The dry texture of the padding gets me sooo hard and makes e cum the most
  10. Using different powders for different ocassions

    Try Summer's Eve. It is one of the softest powders I've ever felt, in the scent is so pretty I love it!
  11. Orgasms Of Diapers.

    I love rubbing the padding of the diaper until I'm near the edge of orgasm
  12. What are some good diaper recommendations?

    Abena X-Plus are my current favorite.
  13. Diapers: Sexual or Comfortable

    Sexual first. The sensation and arousal of a fresh soft dry diaper is so intense for me. Thankfully I am very comfortable feeling that way while wearing them, so I can thoroughly enjoy everything about diapers without feeling guilty whatsoever :-) As far as including your wife and you enjoying them sexually, I think it's important to make sure she doesn't feel like she is being replaced. That's a major ego bruiser for anyone. Be sure to switch up your sexual episodes with her where sometime you have the diaper, and other times you don't. I think that's a mistake people make, where once they introduce wearing diapers during sex, they push to do it with the diaper involved every time.
  14. Getting a Colonoscopy

    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!
  15. Getting a Colonoscopy

    So, I have to get one done. Being that I can't walk, the doctor agreed that it would be very difficult for me to do the cleansing prep as it would require me to sit in a shower commode wheelchair all night long. If I didn't, I would have repeated accidents throughout the night. Now, I'm not into messing as a part of my diaper fetish, but it will be an interesting experience. I'm planning on bringing my own diapers since the hospital quality ones are a joke. I hope for the sake of the other patients that they give me a private room LOL. Has anyone eles reading this ever done this before? I will gladly post my experience after it happens. I'm hoping once the initial cleansing occurs, the after liquids aren't as bad.