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  1. If I may recommend you store the basement diapers on something that keeps them elevated off the floor. I had a pipe burst a couple years ago, and had eight cases of diapers ruined, not to mention some vintage stuff. Nice layout I love having diapers in plain sight. It reminds me of how excited I would feel as a kid when I saw an open box of Pampers stored up on a closet shelf. I would desperately yearn to be put in one.
  2. you could just casually respond with "ya know, I've seen online there are many people who like wearing diapers for various reason, I wonder what that's like?!?!" Then if he laughs and thinks it's weird, you can laugh it off too - or if he says "well, now that you ask..." the door is now open.
  3. Hey there. I read that Secret Powder Fresh Deodorant aerosol spray was supposedly the same scent used when Pampers had that baby smell to them. Apparently the same company makes those two products. I ended up buying a 6oz can for under $4 at Walmart. I gotta say I love the scent! Unfortunately I cannot remember if its the same exact scent because the scent I do remember enjoying back then was 35+ years ago! Either way, I'm loving it. I am curious if anyone else has tried it. If so, did it smell like what you remember Pampers smelling like? I seem to be having a tough time figuring out how much to spray in the diaper so it radiates the scent nicely and for a few hours with my every move. My sense of smell has dulled over the past several years, so for all I know I might be putting in too much. Do you put it in sparingly, a little, generously, or a lot? Looking forward to hearing others experiences, and for those that buy after reading this I look forward to hearing yours as well!
  4. The dry texture of the padding gets me sooo hard and makes e cum the most
  5. Try Summer's Eve. It is one of the softest powders I've ever felt, in the scent is so pretty I love it!
  6. I love rubbing the padding of the diaper until I'm near the edge of orgasm… then I slide a vibrator into my diaper. The intense orgasm this leads to lasts so long and leaves me completely drained. It's so nice to be able to just shut the vibrator off and lay there as waves of pleasure continue through me. Being able to drift off in my diaper is feeling I will never give up.
  7. Abena X-Plus are my current favorite.
  8. Sexual first. The sensation and arousal of a fresh soft dry diaper is so intense for me. Thankfully I am very comfortable feeling that way while wearing them, so I can thoroughly enjoy everything about diapers without feeling guilty whatsoever :-) As far as including your wife and you enjoying them sexually, I think it's important to make sure she doesn't feel like she is being replaced. That's a major ego bruiser for anyone. Be sure to switch up your sexual episodes with her where sometime you have the diaper, and other times you don't. I think that's a mistake people make, where once they introduce wearing diapers during sex, they push to do it with the diaper involved every time.
  9. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!
  10. So, I have to get one done. Being that I can't walk, the doctor agreed that it would be very difficult for me to do the cleansing prep as it would require me to sit in a shower commode wheelchair all night long. If I didn't, I would have repeated accidents throughout the night. Now, I'm not into messing as a part of my diaper fetish, but it will be an interesting experience. I'm planning on bringing my own diapers since the hospital quality ones are a joke. I hope for the sake of the other patients that they give me a private room LOL. Has anyone eles reading this ever done this before? I will gladly post my experience after it happens. I'm hoping once the initial cleansing occurs, the after liquids aren't as bad.
  11. Okay, had the chance to try the North shore Large booster pads. It appears that it's slightly different in the texture of the material. They are also thinner. I definitely like the 2XL and the XL better as far as the softness standpoint. Square Duck, do the Bambinos use an adhesive strip to hold them in place? Or do you simply place them in the paper?
  12. I guess that's where I had benefit from having a small penis. I can get extremely hard erections pointing straight up, and it still is always in the padding, which feels awesome.
  13. Hi Repaid, I understand the confusion. The width specification has to do with the widest part of the contours at the ends. The padding of the crotch area is about 4 inches wide. I have tried the XL and the 2XL. I'm going to try a package of the L as well, I have a feeling that from L and smaller they are less contoured or more maybe more rectangular. The ability to stack them gives just the amount of day/night bulk. I have a feeling I will end up using a combination such as a 2XL to cover the entire diaper, and 1 or 2 L's up front to give bulk from my crotch thru the tip of my fun area They're soooo comfortable!
  14. I used to use Stay Free classic maxipads as stuffers, but those have long since been discontinued. I loved the thickness and softness of the pad, they felt amazing. I recently discovered the North Shore booster pads, and they feel awesome! They are very soft and fit really well in my Abena L4. They come in several different sizes, and they all have an adhesive strip on the back. They also have no waterproof backing, so the moisture just goes right into your diaper. You can even stack them and the adhesive will keep them in place while giving you a really thick diaper. I love using these pads overnight as well, because the extra padding prevents gapping between my penis and the padding. This is important so that as the urine comes out of me, it immediately gets wicked away and doesn't run out the side and leak. Basically, they do the job and feel really sexy too!
  15. Hi Dubious, yes I am. Sometimes I get away with 3.