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    • Birch House Chapter 12
          --- Ann ---     I hadn’t laid eyes on Becca in weeks, and it was killing me. It had taken me longer than that first week to work her out of my system, but I was diligent. I was back to normal emotionally, except I had lost my best friend.      I was thrilled to hear from her.     I’d talked to Mom much more frequently over the last couple months even Daddy had started calling me twice as often. Don’t get me wrong, I loved talking to Mom. She was action girl pushing me forward but Daddy was my rock keeping me steady. As my parents, they had sensed a change in my life, Mom knew about my wet nights, but Daddy didn’t. He just knew something was wrong and that I needed him.     Honestly, they had good reason to be concerned. I was a mess.     After they’d helped me clear my head, I’d thrown myself into my work. I’d completed seven minor contracts and was once again flush with cash. I’d planned to take a few days off before I called Al’s buddy that needed my help, that was looking like it was going to be a big project. One I wasn’t excited to get started on either. It might require some travel… Blah! I was seriously thinking about going to Mom and Daddy’s for a few days, maybe even a week. I had needed out of this house, but maybe… just maybe, things were changing. Maybe I had a reason to stay...     I was worried about Becca more than anything else. She was having potentially serious health problems, and I was dying to know if she was OK. Mom knew we’d had had a falling out of some kind, but I’d kept the details to myself. In fact, I wasn’t even sure Becca knew why I’d started avoiding her. I felt miserable about where our relationship was. I needed to fix it, but I wasn’t sure Becca would want too.      I had just stopped talking to her, cold turkey. I hadn’t felt like I had a choice, but I thought I was ready to see her again. I was almost certain I could see her without doing anything... untoward.      She knocked at my bedroom door while I was sorting my feelings.   Deep breaths Ann. Keep your hands to yourself!  “Come in.” I called out from my bed trying not to let anxiousness seep into my voice. “Hey.” Becca said awkwardly walking in the room. “Hey.” I replied staring down at my comforter.   Well, so far so horribly uncomfortable… Ugh!     The tenor in my room was sad and tense, but my heart fluttered in excitement anyway. I couldn’t tell if it was desire, or if I simply missed her. I found that I wanted one of her hugs, the ones I used to dread. I missed the tinkling sounds of her jewelry that used to annoy me...  Focus! Big girl panties on… Let’s do this! HA! That’s funny. Big girl panties… hahahaha  “Sit with me?” I asked her testing the waters and terrified that our report was broken. “Yeah.” She said a smile creeping on her face.  What an amazing smile. Hey her teeth look weird…   “You still in bed?” She asked sitting down and patting my covered knee.     Instinctively, I arched my eyebrow and looked at the covers again. So much of our relationship was based on a loving sarcasm that was impossible for me to hold back. I was worried, that I’d pushed too hard too fast though. So I waited.  “Fuck you, you know what I mean!” She huffed crossing her arms over her chest smiling. “I know what you meant.” I laughed looking down at my lap.  Yahtzee! The banter is fine. OK. I can work with this. I can do friends… But, that smile. Sweet baby Jesus!     Hearing her cuss at me felt like angels strumming harps on sunny clouds! A smile crept up on my face splitting the oppressive air in the room. I took a deep breath and prepped to deliver my speech.   “Listen, I’m sorry. I mean it.” Becca told me surprising me before I could get started. “Why are you sorry?” I asked. “I’m sorry because I freaked and didn’t talk to you for forever.” “It’s been rough with Trent. I… I did something that it took Trent and I a while to work through. Guess we are still figuring it out.” She told me with a tremble in her voice.   Does she know?!?!  “God, I just made all that harder on you falling off the face of the planet.” I started to sniffle finding new layers to my own misery. “Hey quit! Today is a day for a celebration! Fence is finished.” She told me. “There’s gonna be meat too! I’m going to make a mess outa my face girl. Bikinis and Ribs! Sexy backyard time!”     I leaned forward and laid my head on her shoulder. I was so glad to have her here, but I hadn’t been asleep. She knew that cause I saw them watch me walk up the stairs earlier this morning.  I was covered with my comforter for another reason.   “Listen, I have something to tell you.” I started, but Becca interrupted me. “Nope, let’s just pretend the last couple of months never happened. It’s better that way.” Becca decided nodding her certainty. “Alright, but… I can’t, not all of it. This last one’s been a particularly bad month Becks.” I told her tears in my voice and real tears dripping down my nose. “W… What… Uh... “ She stuttered.     I decided the best thing I could do was show her. I took a deep breath and stood up. My pink princess Rearz diaper was on full display and predictably wet.   “Shit Babe. Did the diaper demon take your day times afterall?” Becca’s lip quivered in sympathy for me. “You can’t cry! I can’t hold it together if you cry!” I whined. “Fuck Fine!” She said standing up shaking her body like a wet dog.     She hugged me tightly and I felt so much better.   “So are you full time now?” She asked. *Sigh* “Yeah. I might as well be six again. I guess I have a little control, but I have almost no notice. I get no real time to get to a toilet.” I sniffed. “Fuckety Mother lickin sack of butt smokin asshats!” Becca said kicking one of my pillows that had been lying on the floor. “Your mouth Becks. So filthy.” I chided her out of reflex while covering my mouth laughing.     We both laughed hard and the tension in my room cleared.  Yep her teeth are definitely weird.  “What happened?” She asked me. “Well, I stopped talking to you in part because of this. My daytime control started slipping right after Mom left. I tried pull-ups for a while, but they just don’t fit me right. I kept leaking.” I told her. “I don’t know what to say. You know I don’t give two fucks right?” She smiled at me. “It’s cute.” She whispered to softly for me to hear. “I know you don’t care, but I just wanted to be able to use the bathroom… at least at home. I mean it’s only ten feet away, but as soon as I get the memo and stand, I’m empty before I get anywhere.” I folded my hands in my lap staring at them. “Damn, that’s almost worse than not knowing.” She muttered. “Exactly!” I was so relieved she understood.   I’m just glad someone gets it. God, I missed her so much!     Knowing I needed to go and not being able to make it was more humiliating than just wetting my pants! I had really struggled with that over the last few weeks. Mom had constantly badgered me not to worry and just ‘Let it Flow’. I was so tired of Frozen puns. Dads don’t have the market cornered on terrible lame jokes. Moms can get in on that action too!  “Ok, so bottom line. Your ass is padded 24/7 now. You still shitting in the toilet?” She asked me trying to understand the new dimensions of my situation. “Yes! I mean, I mean I have to pay a bit more attention than I used to, but I have plenty of time to address number twos... at home anyway.” I told her embarrassed. “I’ve seen you leave a couple times. So you are doing some stuff outside the house. That’s good.” She told me working hard for the silver lining. “I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been out diapered before, but I need to get new clothes. I’m going to miss my pant suits.” I sighed depression creeping in around my edges. “Meh, pants are overrated! Your legs look better in skirts anyway.” She told me.  AHHHH! She likes my legs! GASP! Bad girl. Stop it. Focus...  “So, when’s the BBQ?” I asked trying to shift the conversation. “Well, two-ish… Trent’s went to town to get the food. I’m fetching you. We can sit in the shade on the downstairs deck while we wait.” She smiled at me hugging me again.     She pulled me into the hug and buried her nose in my hair. Becca inhaled and barked a bit having sniffed a few hairs into her nose. I smiled and snuggled into her. I had grown used to her sniffing like I had her hugs. It was just Becca now.   “Hey… Uh did you ever get to the doctor? No tumors or anything right?” I asked suddenly worried. “Not yet.” She started, but I interrupted. “Look, we’ll get those appointments next week and knock it out. I was going to take some time off anyway.” I told her suddenly motivated. “Yes Ma’am. It just got away from me cause of the Trent stuff, and school, and uh… life n’shit.” She sighed. “Well, you’re shagging your old man again so we can focus on you now that your vagina has something to focus on.” I told her determined and giggling. “Ok… So bikinis and Ribs!!!” She agreed as I heard her stomach growl. “Well, I can do a bikini top…” I told her unsure. I didn’t relish showing my body like Becca did. “You’re going to look amazing no matter what you wear. You’re kinda hot ya know?” She told me kissing my forehead.   My Lord I needed that. I needed a bit of praise from Becca! She thinks I’m hot!  Wait! Ann! She’s Trent’s. She doesn't want you that way.
        --- Becca ---     I had two bridges on the mend now, and we were on our way to celebrate another good thing in our lives. The finishing of the fence gave our remote house total privacy. Well, unless somebody was airborne or someshit! Things were definitely looking up at Birch House.  Let the birds fucking stare! I’m so going to be nude most of the time! I’m a streaker and I know it. I began to sing in my head.     I helped Ann pick out her skimpiest bikini top, partly for my own pleasure, but mainly to remind Trent how fucking hot our housemate is. I mean damn. Tall and waif thin, all she needs is pointy ears and she’d be some kinda elf from that movie with the short guys and the dragon!   “What are we going to do about the bottoms?” She asked me shyly. “Well, if it was me stuck in a diaper, I guess I’d go topless so no one would look at what I was wearing around my waist.” I laughed. “Becks! Seriously. What am I supposed to wear over this thing?” She asked me patting her padded ass.  My God, I’ve missed my pet name on her lips!  “Well, you got…” I rummaged through her stuff. “You have a choice of not covering the diaper and owning it, the bikini bottoms over the diaper, or some kinda shorts or skirt or something. I’d look hot in a skimpy top and some skater shorts, but I bet you don’t have anything like that.” I suggested. “I could do a skirt and some workout shorts I guess.” Ann shrugged. “That’s not very hot! We are supposed to be young 20 somethings wearing skimpy clothes to show Trent how much we appreciate that soul sucking fence of his.” I fussed. “Well, I could just go without if you two don’t care if I pee on your deck.” She just laughed throwing out a last resort. “To bad we don’t have a pool. You could just step into the grass to pee and be all wet from swimming and no one would know.” I pointed out unhelpfully. “We don’t though!” She whined. “I’m not getting you outside in the bikini bottoms am I?” I asked honestly hoping she’d take that option. “Nope.” Ann huffed and plopped back down on the bed.     Her frame was so petite, despite her height, that her tiny chest didn’t even show the impact of plopping down on her bed. I shook my head at that. My girls aren’t record breakers, but gravity still gets a say when flop around!      I thought about this shitty situation and what I was hoping to do with this BBQ. I wanted to draw Ann back into our lives. I needed my bestie back and I was willing to do about anything for her. I tried to imagine what Robin would tell me to do about her daughter.  What would Robin do? …   Fucking brilliant! Now if I can just keep my fucking pussy to myself this time, this will be great.  “Look, you aren’t going to like this, so let me just throw it out there. I’m gonna channel your Mom for a moment.” I told Ann catching her eyes with mine so she’d know I was as serious as hell. “Ok…” She said looking away.   “Change into the black bikini top. It’s got some frills and covers more, and it will look great with your diaper! We’ll put your hair in pigtails and you can wear your black Hello Kitty canvas shoes. Oh, and a pair of those black HK thigh highs. You’ll look fucking cute as hell.” I suggested proudly.     I got the pieces together for her and she changed tops with her back facing me. I let my mind drift over the thought of Ann, particularly my interest in her body. I didn’t generally find girls sexually arousing, but could find them entertaining to look at. I could appreciate a beautiful woman, but that didn’t mean I needed to get sweaty on top of her.      But, as Ann pulled her last shoe on and I pulled her hair into the sexy-as-fuck pigtails, I found myself short of breath.   “Where ya going?” I asked as she made for her bathroom. “Put on my face.” She answered as if it were plain to see. “Nah, it’s like the surface of the sun out there. No makeup girly. You’ll sweat it off Baby.” I told her catching up.      Ann made her way to her bathroom dressed like a goth baby girl on Halloween. I stood behind her slender frame with more curves and being much shorter in my skimpy ass blue bikini as she closed the door and got a look at herself in the full length mirror.   “I look like a drunk idiot on going to a costume party wearing a diaper as a swimsuit bottom!” Ann gasped. “Nah, you’ll look fucking hot. That black on pale shut-in skin… Amazing! Hell, I’m going to have to go bare ass naked to get Trent’s attention with you all dressed up like this.” I laughed.  Ok… Now I’m turned on. Going to have to check the porn-o-verse and see if other people get off on this shit. Rule 34… Someone’s got to!  “You could always get one of the Molicare diapers from the drawer. They’re the white ones. Do your slutty blue top and swap out for a diaper then wear my blue and white HK tights. I don’t have any Kitty shoes, but we could be matching costume sluts!” She laughed.  Oh, I want too. Especially if I’m going to drink. That’s probably not safe though. Me + diapers + booze didn’t work out well last time.   You have an adult chaperone tonight though! A paranoid one… It should be fine. But, I couldn’t convince myself. It was just to risky.  “I’ll do the tights and do some white workout shorts. Not sure Trent could handle us both all sexed up with diapers and shit.” I amended “I have some white canvas shoes I can wear. It’ll work. I’ll look close.” I decided.      I changed my clothes while Ann fixed up a diaper bag. I couldn’t believe it, but if she were going to spend all afternoon outside with us, there’d be no need to be running up and down the stairs all afternoon, at least she could change downstairs this way.      I texted Robin and Trent a picture of Ann that I took when she wasn’t looking.  [Me] Patched up with Annie... [Rob] Good news sweety. We’ve been worried. [Rob] How are you? Did you get to the Doctor? Are you and Trent OK? [Me] *pic of Ann #2* 3x BBQ Ribs and yard games. Fence Done. Have Annie send ya pics [Rob] God how adorable! Can’t show Daddy that one, or I’ll be in the yard in that getup. [Me] You’d be every bit as cute only you’d have the tiny person cute factor too [Rob] You’re sweet. I’m old and a midget, no worries. [Trent] WHAT THE HELL! [Me] No Doc yet. Trying next week. Annie is taking me. [Rob] I want to know everything! Need me there? Probably won’t get in that fast… [Me] Told ya she was hot! [Me] Not unless they find something bad. [Rob] They won’t cause I’m about to pray God’s ears off. [Me] Thanks… Mom. [Trent] You’re not wearing one are you? [Rob] You know I love it when you call me that. [Me] I could [Me] You know I love you! [Rob] Love you too. [Trent] I shouldn’t be feeling like this about her! [Rob] You know. Rearz does a black diaper that would look hot with that outfit. [Me] I’ll get her some for the next time I drag her outside, she’s 24x7 now. [Me] Yeah, let’s revisit this when you’re ten beers in… [Trent] Damn it. Guess I owe you an apology too. [Rob] 24x7! I’ll call her tomorrow. Love to Annie and Trent. Have fun. Don’t drink too much. Sunscreen. [Me] We’re both pretty pale, I got SPF 100 for the occasion. [Me] No apology babe. Just know I love you. No matter what happens.  OMG! Brain cramp trying to keep those two convos straight!!!  Wonder if I could get Trent to lotion Annie. I don’t feel safe doing it. Fucking hot bitch.      We walked outside and setup the BBQ shit for Trent. We dug out a frisbee and a few other things to goof around with in the yard. Then we got all the ice from in the house and setup a cooler for the beer we snagged out of my fridge.     We ended up lotioning ourselves while shooting the shit about the time we’d missed. I wouldn’t risk touching Ann, and Trent still out at the store so he wasn’t around to keep me sane. It felt amazing catching up with Annie, but it was stunningly hard to keep my hands where they belonged. I’d missed her so badly.      We were lounging on the back deck in the shade of the upper deck when Trent finally got home. My man loves his meats like I do! Meanwhile, we’d both drifted off napping while we were waiting on Trent.  “The lolita look is working for me.” Trent whispered in my ear. “Don’t wake her. She hasn’t been sleeping.” I whispered back my protective instincts kicking in. “I have to go rub the ribs down anyway. You two finish your nap. Fucking hot. Damn…” He hissed. “Diaper only for her around the house babe. Robin’s rules. Try not to stare. It’s probably wet too. Don’t know if we are supposed to help her not leak or not so follow my lead on that. Night Night babe.” I yawned quietly stretching and then rolled back on myself to sleep in a ball in the lawn chair.      I thought about it a moment watching Trent out of the corner of my eyes. He was eyeing Ann hard. It looked like he was taking a fucking 3d scan, he stared so hard. I chuffed softly watching him go back in the house.  That’s it! I was right! I groused pulling the knot on my top. This shit’s coming off! Those are MY pervy stares!  
    • Jennifer "But now it's time for you to go back to bed little missy." Cindy "Only if I can say hi to the twins first. It wouldn't be fair to leave them out."