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    • I can fit into dollar general baby diaper size 7 and I have a 28 inch waist
    • First and foremost I think you are correct in saying that you must do this in secret from you children. Sure you can engage in playing games and toys and watching cartoons with your children and they won't know any different, but the other stuff must be kept to you and your wife/mommy.  That being said I raised 3 grown children of my own and am now taking care of a 1 year old AB and basically what I have done is pretty much looked back on that time of my life when my children were that age and how they were treated and the rules and restrictions they had at that time. The discipline that I feel works well at that age is primarily time outs, my baby girl primarily eats age appropriate foods and drinks Milk and Juices. The main thing is you and your wife have to reach back in your minds and for you it is not as far as me as I am 62 years old to remember those things. Go with it and see what works.
    • Well, if you already have children, talk to your wife about what she would have done for them. What things did she do to care for, and make them feel good. And, look back at anything you can remember from your own childhood, are there things you miss?  Get yourself some quiet away time, and reflect. No one knows you, better then you. Ask yourself what you want.  And as far as time with your wife, in bed. Focus on her, ask her what she wants, and what feels good. What isn’t pleasing to her? Do more fore play!  I hope this can help? I’m no expert. Good luck! 
    • 20.)

      Corles cuddled with the boy, holding him in his arms and gently kissing the top of his head as he cooed softly. "Daddy will make it all better, my beautiful little one. Accidents happen, don't you worry now..." These opening moments to this new part of Call’s life would be important in ensuring he received it as well as Emme had.
      "I just... I need to change... please..." Corles shook his head, though, and held me closer. It took me a minute to realize where he was going with it, though, and I pushed him away. "No! No, I'm changing myself! I get that Emme has issues like this, and I'm sure you're used to it, but seriously no!"

      It really was amazing what kind of spectrum of emotions Corles had in that voice of his, but the one he used now was particularly effective at making Emme feel small and he hoped for a similar result here. "My sweet prince, I will change your diaper - how long has it been since you've changed a messy diaper? It only makes sense that I change you." He paused and smiled. "Doesn't it, now, beautiful?"
      I blushed furiously and looked at my feet. "I'll figure it out. I'm sure it's not hard..." But he had a point. I'd never changed a messy diaper before... "Anyway, it's not up to you. I'm doing it. End of story." I wiped the tears away from my cheeks. I felt so fucking disgusting...
      His hand took Call’s cheek, and his lips took place on those lips again, no passion lost on his end, no different in the way he treated the boy. He broke the kiss and smiled. "I'm going to treat you to something to make you feel better, my prince. Something to make you smile. But first, you need to ask me to change you."   Damn he was a good kisser... and it would've been more effective if I wasn't a shit- covered worthless fuck. I wasn't sure I'd ever hated myself so diligently... "It's not happening, Corles... it's just not. I'm not comfortable with it, and... and it's weird, okay? I just never want to talk about this again..."
      "Do you think less of Emme because she does this? Do you find her disgusting? Do you find her less attractive?" Corles smiled and looked into Call’s eyes - very easy to do because he directed his gaze with a hand. "I don't, either. And I don't think any different of you. In your phase it can be common, or not. I'm going to change you. I can do it with your cooperation and give you a reward afterwards. Or I can do it anyway and give you a spanking first."
      "Corles!" Despite the blush on my cheeks, I really was angry! At least, I think I was... "Listen, I'm not a little kid, and I'm not a girl like Emme. And I know you talk about this... phase, or whatever, but I'm still me. You can't tell me what to do. And yes, I think it's disgusting with Emme, too. I get that she can't help it, and that sucks, but it's gross. So just... cut it out!"    "One." If Corles had a way with his kisses, and a way with his tones, his hands, or his actions... they were all nothing next to that single number spoken as a word. Call looked into his eyes, maybe searching for signs of a bluff, and found none - only steely resolve.
      "Corles..." I felt my lip slip between my teeth and my fingers played nervously in front of me. They were automatic responses. Counting was a universal thing around here, and pretty much all kids were afraid of it. "I'm not scared of your stupid numbers... just... stop playing games..."    "You told me that you wanted to be mine, my prince. That means putting your trust in me, it means knowing I'll make you happy no matter what." That was the long argument. The shorter one that followed was probably leagues more effective. "Two."
      I felt my heartrate increase, and if Corles didn't, he could definitely hear my breathing shallow. I bit harder on my lip and wondered if my chest was supposed to hurt this bad... "I'm not a girl... you can't just boss me around..." Without waiting for the last number - maybe fearfully - I walked over to the stairs and climbed up them myself. I was reminded of the mess with each step and I hated myself more with ever ascension.    By the time Call got to the top of the stairs, Corles had caught up and he picked up the boy in one smooth motion, carrying him like a toddler without a word into the changing room. He closed the door and lay the boy down on the changing table as he had only a little while before. And just like before he kissed him - he kissed him like he wasn't in a messy diaper, like the smell wasn't apparent, like nothing was different at all. And that was the message he was going to imprint - that nothing was different. That sometimes Call would go twos and that was no big deal. And so the kisses continued.    I pushed Corles away, despite the kisses, and sat up on the table much to my regret. Yep. Gonna throw up. Absolutely going to throw up. I felt so queasy I thought it best to lie back down. "Leave me alone, Corles. I mean it. You're being an asshole." He probably didn't deserve the swear word, but I was feeling vulnerable.    "You are so much better than that word, Call. I'm very disappointed." And there was a word that usually stopped meaning anything after age six, but the way Call reacted... he winced, his eyes misted over, and he started to blink to hide it, Corles knew it struck a cord. With the wind deflating from the boy, Corles put his hands on both of Call’s cheek and spoke softly, smiling. "You're a brilliant boy, Call. Getting upset over this isn't you, not at all. Not my little prince. My little prince would get me change him, and then ask if I still wanted to kiss him. Which I'd tell him of course I did."    I hated that word... I really did. Maybe I was being stupid. I just didn't want him to see me like this. I didn't want to be like this... "Corles... please just let me change myself... if I can then I promise I'll be really good the rest of the night. I just hate this, and I feel horrible, and... please...?"    "How about you let me change you this once? What do you have to lose, my prince? Just lay down and I'll get you nice and clean, and you'll see how little all of this matters." There was a lot of logic in the approach that Corles was using, and it was hard for a boy sitting in his own mess to counter logic from someone who wasn't. "This is normal and natural and it happens, and I want you to see that it doesn't change anything. Lay down for me. Be a good boy for Daddy, make me proud."    I shook my head and looked at the floor. Corles looked me over, clearly concerned, and I took a deep breath. "I'm... really glad that you can be so confident. I like that you can see me in a situation like this and be okay with it. But I'm not okay. And if you do this, maybe nothing changes for you, but... I like how we are... please don't make me..."    Corles looked at the boy and smiled, cupping Call’s chin. "You told me you wanted to be more like me one day, remember? I'm okay with this. How will you proceed from here?" Corles could tell that Call was thinking about that one - despite the diapers, and the wetting, and the now apparent onset of messing, Call did one day want to emulate Corles.    Emme messed herself still, at her age. What if my girlfriend did too? Is this how I'd react to a messy diaper? And how would she react; like me? Could I calm her down the way Corles did me? Could I make her feel better? Could I sate her self-hate...? Not like this... "Okay..." And without another word, I leaned back on the table.
      Perfect. Corles smiled and pulled Call’s nightgown up, talking while he did. "It's normal for this to happen, my little prince, and it's only because it doesn't happen to everybody that you find it odd. But your situation, my little three-phase-boy, that doesn't happen to everybody either - and you've become accustomed to that. As you will to this." He untaped the diaper and didn't recoil, didn't act disgusted despite the smell. He looked down at the mess, but only analytically to figure out the best approach to clean, and then lifted the boy by the ankles to begin the task. "It might help you to change Emme one day, to see that this is just the same as well, really."    "Maybe..." I hated the idea, but realistically, I knew he was right. If I wanted to be a good boyfriend one day, it made sense to learn. And to be a good dad, too... "It won't happen again... I'm sorry it happened this time... I feel terrible... and it won't happen again, accident or not... promise..."    ”Maybe it should - could you imagine if you reacted to Emme with such disgust? To your own girl one day? Maybe when it's only you and I, we don't have to tell Emme, we can have you do this a few more times until it's normalized and you're not disgusted. You need to conquer that barrier before any others." All things considered, Corles did know Call very well, or maybe it was just coincidence.    "I really don't want to..." But what Corles said made perfect sense. I hated that it made sense. Ugh... "Can we not talk about this any more for a little while? I'm trying to be really normal about it, but it's really weird. Maybe tomorrow, after we sleep, we can figure it all out. You know, when we talk about the other stuff..."    "That sounds great." Corles had finished wiping the boys skin clean and he balled everything up very efficiently into the diaper and dropped it into the pail by the changing table. "Such a good boy. You know, I promised you a reward, didn't it?" He smiled slyly, looking at the boy as a thoughtful look came across his face.    "Right, but... I'm really just tired..." I remembered the kissing from earlier and how wonderful that was, but now just didn't seem like the time. Maybe because I'd exhausted myself with all the crying or maybe because Corles had just changed me out of a shitty diaper. I didn't know. But whatever mood there was was certainly gone...    "Then let's go downstairs and cuddle, my little prince." Corles unfolded another blue diaper and slid it under Call’s bottom, powdered him, and taped it into place with practiced routine. He picked the boy up in his arms and smiled. "You made me proud tonight, Call."