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Make sure you follow the rules!

The short version...

-Don't be an ass.

-We reserve the right to store, process, reuse, edit or remove content you post for any reason at any time.

The long version...

-Do not use hate speech. This includes but is not limited to homophobia, racism and sexism.

-Do not post pictures or videos which contain human genitalia or feces.

-Do not spam or repeatedly post the same information (tip: use the search function).

-Do not harass other users.

-Do not use profanity excessively.

-Do not post any information which would identify another person outside of the forum. (NB: Linking to news articles which identify people is acceptable - as long as the source site maintains a reasonable standard of journalistic integrity.

-Report content you feel is inappropriate to the site staff using the "Report" links provided. Do not resort to vigilantism.

When using the Chat function, do not 'private message' or 'direct message' users without first confirming their permission in the main chat room.


This website is a safe zone for everyone including our many LGBT members, and we will not tolerate any attacks or abuse of any kind toward any of our Members at any time or in any way because of their Gender or Sexual Orientation.


There will be no misrepresentation of your age, gender, or location about who you are in real life for the purposes of harassing, maliciously deceiving, or extorting anything from others. You are free to be your real self here so do that!


1- Nothing is to be posted anywhere on this site, publicly or privately, which we consider to be demeaning or offensive to LGBT persons. This sites Administrators, Moderators, and Owners are the sole authority of what will be considered as demeaning or offensive on this site.


2- A person's gender is to be referred to as they prefer it, or in a gender-neutral manner. Intentionally mis-gendering someone is a violation of this policy. You can usually gain clues by seeing how other's refer to the person and we expect you to see them when they are present. If someone's gender is still not obvious to you and it becomes necessary, ask them nicely if there is any gender which they prefer to be referred to as.


3- No participation in arguments will be allowed regarding any personal or religious beliefs which are contrary to this sites policies of complete and equal tolerance and treatment for our LGBT Members. If you don't agree with us or our policies and rules, then keep that to yourself and off this site.

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