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AB vs DL are they different?

AB vs DL are they different?   73 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the term 'Diaper Lover' be specific to people who enjoy wearing without wanting to be a baby?

    • Yes a DL is different because I don't want to imitate a baby! I'm just a guy/girl in a diaper
    • No! ABs are also DLs. If you like to wear diapers, no matter the reason you are a DL

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Neither answer describes what I think. Some people only like diapers, whereas some people like roleplaying as babies(like me) and a diaper is only 1 part of something much more complex. They are 2 seperate things with some overlap, as some diaper lovers might occasionally regress, or some adult babies might wear a diaper occasionally without regressing.

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