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  1. Favorite Disposable Diaper?

    Forsite AM:PM for plain white and tykables for ab/dl print
  2. Tucking questions

    I`ve never used a adhesive to stay tucked. Recently Momma decided I needed to be in chastity , the chastity cages keep you tucked very well.
  3. Rant Post- Stupid Shit Men say to Lesbians....

    I am really glad you stood up to them !!! If there is a lesson to be learned , ignore people like this in the future. They sound very typical of misogynist, narcissistic , male types. Don`t give them the time of day. They were looking for a "in" by offering your group beers .
  4. Little for big question.

    There are too many other ab/dl company's that don't have a history of transphobia to support them.
  5. This has been a amazing story !!! One of the best ! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it Kimmie !
  6. Diaper Pins

    OsoCozy Diaper Pins is a brand I find to be very sturdy . Some of the pins I have tried are so thin and cheap they aren't worth the money . JoAnns has plain safety pins in larger sizes . I also use them on disposable diapers when the tapes don't hold so well. They look cute
  7. Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    Hands down my favorite diaper !!! I ration what I have left of the new Velcro tape version until a case comes in in Feb
  8. XP Medical - Ownership Change

    Xpmedical use to be my go to place to order from. I`ve never had any issues with them. They were probably one of the first places I can remember that were offering online top shelve European diapers like molicares and then Abriforms . Although they do have some good quality diapers for a decent price , it`s a little disappointing they don't add to the choices of some of the newer available diapers that are out now. Online shopping now has changed and their are many more choices . Amazon prime ,, free shipping and 2 day delivery on top quality diapers is stiff competition . Northshore is another . They need to keep up with the times and the market to stay competitive . Loyalty only goes so far when it comes to price , choices and delivery time.
  9. Cheap chastity cage?

    Momma told me to buy the cheap cb6000 as a starter .She says boys should be in chastity. Something we have discussed . I found it to be decent for the price but as she says ,, buy this one for sizing and maybe we can go to a more expensive stainless steel one later . I`ve had it a few month or more. It takes some getting use to wearing. I do wear it a lot and getting use to it. I did take a sharp knife and worked down the mold seams which do have some sharp edges because they were irritating . After a few months of wearing it daily , I can see now a rounded stainless ring would be more comfy but you know ,, babysteps . I use to think it was a silly idea . That there was a way to bypass the chastity if you really wanted to. It does make it more difficult to masturbate , not impossible but its about control and obeying rules. Its a reminder that I am her boy and this thing I wear , reinforces that and my submission to her .
  10. Have You Ever Been Peed On? Do You Want To Be?

    Quoted LoL " Its only a little pee pee "
  11. Underwear over diapers

    Underoos and diapers or ,, just diapers .
  12. Are you loyal?

    I try to be loyal then they run out . I try something else to replace my old loyalty too and discover there is something better . It`s become a very competitive market for us that like ab/dl style diapers .I have a feeling the plain white diapers (which I love too ) have become somewhat competitive as well . Better absorbency , thicker , better tapes etc etc .But ,, this is good !!! Competition is creating some really good products for us . Better than we have ever seen. I hope the suppliers will start a price war and drop prices some. I still will try and find a every day diaper for a cheaper price !
  13. New domme mommy

    I will put a plug in for this book "The Adult Baby's Guidebook" It``s on amazon for not a whole lot of $ and might give you some insight . There are other books equally good that can be helpful guides. Things that go thru my mind because we are all so different . What side of the spectrum of ageplay / babyplay are you and he into ? Do you want more the nurturing innocent side of it or do you like mixing in BDSM play with it? Power exchange? Learning what you enjoy out of this and what he/she enjoys are key . Finding and discovering these things is part of the fun and excitement . For myself it`s all about head space. Mommy head space and baby /toddler / little headspace . What puts you there . After that , it all falls in place so easily and organically . Example : I come home from work ,, my mind is still all wrapped up in adult things . As I walk in the door ,, She instructs me to not say a word but walk myself back to the bedroom , undress and get ready for a bath. She comes in and bathes me . From this point on , I m only allowed to interact in a childish behavior and follow her lead. Any talk of work or adult things comes with a stern look and a finger to the mouth meaning shoosh ,, No adult speaky ! This is the process of getting in head space ,, of forgetting about work and responsibility's and really getting into my littles headspace. Its a way for her to get in her Mommy headspace . It`s mutually satisfying for both of us . Bath time is almost symbolic and a ritual of washing away all those adulty things .The baby lotion and all the baby scents help hugely . The diapering afterwards. The clothes she has picked out laying on the bed waiting . The rest just seems to happen .
  14. Explain Your Screen Name

    It`s what everyone calls me . When I came out as a little my partner said , ,well ,, you`re already stevie to everyone ,, now you`re a lilstevie
  15. Would You Ever Out Someone?

    Outting is like a cardinal sin , so no that would be wrong ! Two wrongs wouldn't make a right . I would feel responsible to warn my inner circle of friends if I knew it wasn't just hersey or a rumor .