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  1. "Here she comes...hairbrush in hand This didn't go as I had planned It started with an argument Now over her lap I'm to be bent With bottom bare and mouth a pleading Straight up the stairs my Mom is leading To my room to meet my doom No reprieve in sight of interceding I'm all a tremble...agog in fear For soon my Mom will roast my rear Toast my tail and make it smoke To remedy the sass I spoke A painful lesson I will learn When with the brush she makes my bottom burn With kicking legs and clutching hands Each time that nasty hairbrush lands By my smart mouth I've been betrayed So over her knee I shall be laid Bare cheeks to feel the awful burn My God! How come I never learn? For any time Mom and I do battle She reigns as victor with her paddle And I the vanquished, well spanked daughter Get blistered buns and eyes that water"
  2. "I essentially want to be begging the person who is spanking me to stop 😂 Is this a common thing? Or am I a bit extreme lol" Not at all . A experienced spanker can do this.
  3. Hey Clay , yeaaaa , another South Carolinian !
  4. If you remember rotary phone w/party lines and the phone hooked to the wall.
  5. My first was the P&G Attends as far as disposable diapers. They were amazing ! They would on the top of the list . Molicares were the first imported diapers I remember and then abriforms. I liked moliforms when they first came out . They seemed to hold more than our American brands. It`s a shame these have also changed.
  6. Snuggling with Mommy is my #1 Big snuggle pile with friends on the super sized bean bag chair watching movies. Trips to the zoo with friends Ab/dl friendly conventions Road trips with friends.
  7. It`s a intimate feeling and moment to have another person diaper you . At least for myself it is.
  8. How long do you usually wear your butt plug? She puts it in so as long as she likes , sometimes over night but generally 3 or 4 hours. How much do you like it in your bottom? I enjoy it. Riding in a car on a bumpy road is a whole new experience. Being spanked with it in is another fun experience. What size do you like the most? It depends on the situation. For going out , something medium sized. Large enough to know its there but not so large to where it becomes uncomfortable. I`ve been trained to take large which is a really cool experience . We have found glass plugs works best because your butt hole doesn't dry out as fast . It doesn't absorb the lube. They are reasonably priced . They clean up with soap and water.
  9. Self discipline and prioritizing . You have the power to control it and it not control you .
  10. We don't do punishment spankings only fun spanks because we both love them so much. Not near as much when I was younger but weekly yes .
  11. Yes . It `s just another one of those life lessons. Careful who you trust. I suppose for myself it actually worked out for the good . I`m out with all my close friends. Those that are truly friends have stayed close , those that aren't have left , which is ok.
  12. I am a 34 waist and the reazs rebels fit perfect ! The small sized mega max are a better fit . the mediums were too big for a good fit .
  13. If I`m playing with someone new or someone that isn't in my tribe yes of course safe words , green , yellow , red. For the regular people with in our close knit circle , the safe word is there but I rarely if ever use it. They know me well enough to read me and know when to back off or ramp things up. With Mommy , its consensual non consent because we have so much trust , this is how we like to play , we are both edge players. I don't use safe words with Her.
  14. Sell the house in the suburbs . Buy a small tract of land with a creek or stream running thru it. Build a large treehouse . Retire happily to said treehouse.
  15. We have a few simple rules. Bedtime at 10. Always hold her hand out in public spaces. Ask permission before leaving her in public spaces. Never say No to her. Of course simple basic respectful rules . hold the door for her and etc etc . As far as punishment. The mindset is play is fun so spankings are not punishment. Punishment is more like writing lines or doing something you don't like that will teach you to not do said act again. Punishments ,, btw don't have to be a part of your dynamic.