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  1. lilstevie


    "Why people have misconceptions about dominate people" Is this just a perception that forms from what is seen online? This would be my guess. In the real world there are naturally Dominant personality's and submissive personality's. Some naturally like to lead , some like to follow. There are many different forms of these personality's . For those that have become active participants in the BDSM/leather lifestyle and may have learned about power exchange relationships thru real time experience , thru endless presentations from those sharing their experience and knowledge. Conversations one on one with others because we share knowledge and each one teach one . It is not always about what is perceived and painted online .Fantasy verses reality . The reality is between 2 or more people . It is called a lifestyle for a reason. It is how you live your life and is very intimately personal for each individual.
  2. lilstevie

    Preferred spanking method

    Which is the best form of spanking : For intimacy ,, bear butt / over the knee choice of implement : I like canes #1 pick , paddles , leather strops/belts make my knees weak . I love impact toys , love single tails , love long drawn out scenes that start at 1 and end at 100 ,, ramped up
  3. lilstevie

    Crinklz Astronaut

    Way cute !!! I had to order a bag !!!
  4. lilstevie

    Favorite Disposable Diaper?

    Forsite AM:PM for plain white and tykables for ab/dl print
  5. lilstevie

    Tucking questions

    I`ve never used a adhesive to stay tucked. Recently Momma decided I needed to be in chastity , the chastity cages keep you tucked very well.
  6. lilstevie

    Little for big question.

    There are too many other ab/dl company's that don't have a history of transphobia to support them.
  7. This has been a amazing story !!! One of the best ! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it Kimmie !
  8. lilstevie

    Diaper Pins

    OsoCozy Diaper Pins is a brand I find to be very sturdy . Some of the pins I have tried are so thin and cheap they aren't worth the money . JoAnns has plain safety pins in larger sizes . I also use them on disposable diapers when the tapes don't hold so well. They look cute
  9. lilstevie

    Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    Hands down my favorite diaper !!! I ration what I have left of the new Velcro tape version until a case comes in in Feb
  10. lilstevie

    XP Medical - Ownership Change

    Xpmedical use to be my go to place to order from. I`ve never had any issues with them. They were probably one of the first places I can remember that were offering online top shelve European diapers like molicares and then Abriforms . Although they do have some good quality diapers for a decent price , it`s a little disappointing they don't add to the choices of some of the newer available diapers that are out now. Online shopping now has changed and their are many more choices . Amazon prime ,, free shipping and 2 day delivery on top quality diapers is stiff competition . Northshore is another . They need to keep up with the times and the market to stay competitive . Loyalty only goes so far when it comes to price , choices and delivery time.
  11. lilstevie

    Cheap chastity cage?

    Momma told me to buy the cheap cb6000 as a starter .She says boys should be in chastity. Something we have discussed . I found it to be decent for the price but as she says ,, buy this one for sizing and maybe we can go to a more expensive stainless steel one later . I`ve had it a few month or more. It takes some getting use to wearing. I do wear it a lot and getting use to it. I did take a sharp knife and worked down the mold seams which do have some sharp edges because they were irritating . After a few months of wearing it daily , I can see now a rounded stainless ring would be more comfy but you know ,, babysteps . I use to think it was a silly idea . That there was a way to bypass the chastity if you really wanted to. It does make it more difficult to masturbate , not impossible but its about control and obeying rules. Its a reminder that I am her boy and this thing I wear , reinforces that and my submission to her .
  12. lilstevie

    Underwear over diapers

    Underoos and diapers or ,, just diapers .
  13. lilstevie

    Are you loyal?

    I try to be loyal then they run out . I try something else to replace my old loyalty too and discover there is something better . It`s become a very competitive market for us that like ab/dl style
  14. lilstevie

    New domme mommy

    I will put a plug in for this book