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  1. Well I'm not into drugs, getting drunk, tattoos, piercings, but somehow I get pretty embarrassed with the fact that I like diapers.
  2. I always seem to have issues with tapes, except for Magnifico's. I sure hope ABU does something very similar to them.
  3. The boy on the Pampers Baby Dry 7 is cute. He looks like he might be 3.5 years old.
  4. Disposable diapers for me.
  5. I really like the tabs and panel of the Magnifico's. Are the Ultrastretch whiter than what is in the photo?
  6. I wore diapers a few times like at the hospital for procedures. I know I was older than 6, but not sure how old I was. Also my sister had to share a bed when I was around 12y/o, and I had to wear diapers at night. Our corgi had to wear them for hip issues, so that's how I got to wear them. What were your thoughts when you wore diapers as an older child,? How about your parents thoughts? I believe for the most part, that a child will not have negative thoughts or actions towards others and/or themselves wearing diapers, if the parents don't make diapers a baby thing only.
  7. I started to order them, but the white looked drab like an off white. So I ordered the Magnifico's sample instead.
  8. Goodnites and Luvs(Mostly for their scent)
  9. I just wish that they made the underwear part just a little bit bigger. They kinda remind me of the boxers that were smaller than the regular Goodnites.
  10. I agree rusty pins and Spokane Girl. Doesn't look good.
  11. It's interesting, but I have not seen any other photos of these, except on adisc.org.
  12. I'm definitely a DL, and not into AB's. I'm also into crushing the taboo of diapers as babyish.
  13. I really like the Abu Preschool plastic version.
  14. Those high prices just to change a diaper, is just plain Weird!
  15. I agree as well. Listen to your end customers a lot more than stock holders. This goes for everything.