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  1. People can try to get others not to call pull-ups, diapers, but people who will keep calling them diapers, no matter what. Happened in the The kids show Arthur, Jenna's Bedtime Blues.
  2. With that price tag, No Thanks!
  3. Living in the US, I naturally like the term diapers better.
  4. I would hope that even baby diapers would go back to the plastic version soon. I do like the velcro feature of cloth covered though.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this is the wrong sub forum for that? I know that you are new, but there are more specific areas of the forum for different interests.
  6. I would love for ABUniverse to get the same or similar velcro tape style as Bambino has for Magnifico's.
  7. So true. I'm glad that diapers are my only downfall, if you can call it that.
  8. Only for comfort.
  9. Well I'm not into drugs, getting drunk, tattoos, piercings, but somehow I get pretty embarrassed with the fact that I like diapers.
  10. I always seem to have issues with tapes, except for Magnifico's. I sure hope ABU does something very similar to them.
  11. The boy on the Pampers Baby Dry 7 is cute. He looks like he might be 3.5 years old.
  12. Disposable diapers for me.
  13. I really like the tabs and panel of the Magnifico's. Are the Ultrastretch whiter than what is in the photo?
  14. I wore diapers a few times like at the hospital for procedures. I know I was older than 6, but not sure how old I was. Also my sister had to share a bed when I was around 12y/o, and I had to wear diapers at night. Our corgi had to wear them for hip issues, so that's how I got to wear them. What were your thoughts when you wore diapers as an older child,? How about your parents thoughts? I believe for the most part, that a child will not have negative thoughts or actions towards others and/or themselves wearing diapers, if the parents don't make diapers a baby thing only.
  15. I started to order them, but the white looked drab like an off white. So I ordered the Magnifico's sample instead.