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  1. I'm not sure why peeing in a messy diaper should be a problem or cause leakage unless like jack3295r you stay in a messy diaper far, far, too long (my opinion) or you have a large enough BM that the mess oozes forward and covers the urinary outlet. In my experience, normal BMs are usually confined to the rear and wetting to the front. Wicking will gradually take the urine up the front of a diaper and to a limited extent to the rear. Usually, the diaper is compressed enough between the thighs that wicking through that area is substantially slowed. In general, when I mess during the night, I don't bother to change until after I awaken in the morning, have had breakfast, and the normal BM that occurs after that meal. For BMs that occur during the day, I'll usually wait a hour or so before changing to be sure that I'm done pooping. When away from home, I will change as soon as I can to avoid inflicting the obnoxious odor on everyone around me. Deodorizer pills somewhat ameliorate the stink, but it is still noticeable.
  2. These days the "head" can be anywhere in the ship. One of the explanations for the origin of the term says that the head was the bow (or head) of the ship and the pooping facilities were located there so as to be downwind from the rest of the ship. I have some doubts about that explanation. On the old square riggers the ship mostly sailed with the wind, but ships with triangular sails can sail within about 30 degrees of the direction the wind is coming from. Therefore, the smell would be wafting toward the ship if the head was indeed located in the bow of the ship. Any powered ship is relatively indifferent to the direction of the wind except in stormy conditions. These days ships have holding tanks for the effluent from the heads. Prior to modern environmental laws, the heads discharged waste directly into the sea below the waterline of the ship.
  3. So, an officer pooping on the poop deck when the ship was pooped would order some poor sailor with a pooper scooper to clean up the errant poop from the poopy poop deck. Either way, both of them would be seriously pooped afterwards.
  4. Party pooper!
  5. An old-time sailor needing to poop using the pooping facilities on the poop deck could find himself covered in poop if he pooped when the ship was pooped by a wave. Later, he would probably be really pooped from cleaning poop off himself and the ship. That would be a really poopy situation.
  6. I've done all of the above except the last one. The first one happens occasionally, but the dogs moving around in bed frequently wake me up. If I happen to be sleeping on my back, an uncomfortably full bladder will wake me up. Changing position will cause it to empty. I haven't tried sleeping without a diaper in recent times.
  7. Looked it up online. There were lots of guesses for adjectival form, but it's mostly unknown. In a nautical sense, to be pooped is to have waves crash over the stern of a ship (the poop deck) when a ship can't go fast enough to out run the waves. In the excremental sense, it could come from the sound kids frequently make when they defecate. A BM is frequently followed by a soft fart when they finish.
  8. Glad to hear that you're doing well.
  9. Any news to report? Hopefully, your skin is still happy and doing well.
  10. My father was in a nursing home for rehab, too, after a heart operation. At the end of the two weeks that the insurance would pay for, I took him out. He was getting 2 hours of rehab per day. The rest of the time, they'd leave him lying in bed. I spent most of my days there taking care of him and getting him out of bed and outside. They had no intention of releasing him, but couldn't prevent me from taking him home with or without their consent. You have to be prepared to do that, as those places will keep people there as long as possible and aren't staffed to provide the rehab assistance needed to actually help a person to get better. From my observations, unless the patient is mobile, a nursing home/rehab facility will automatically put a patient in diapers. They aren't staffed to be responsive fast enough to help a patient get to the toilet in time to prevent accidents. Each staff member can be responsible for up to 20 patients. So, assuming they spend 10 minutes with each patient, you can estimate that it could be an hour or more before someone comes in response to a call light request. I had home health care assistants coming to the house to care for my father. Many of them previously worked at the nursing homes/rehab centers in town. They were the ones who told me about how things worked there and why they quit. They just couldn't provide the level of service and assistance to their patients that they wanted to because of the poor staffing levels. There are some good nursing homes/rehab centers, but you may not find them close to home and you may have to pay more for them.
  11. I hope it works out for you. I, also, use an Abena pant that is one size too small for me according to their chart.
  12. I live in a state where people are allowed to carry weapons openly or concealed (no permit required) almost everywhere. Some people have a legitimate reason for being armed. Ranchers may need them while working to protect their stock or themselves from predators. There is also the potential threat from drug smugglers coming across the border. People living out in the county have a legitimate reason for being armed also, as they can be nearly an hour from receiving law enforcement assistance if they need it. In town, though, I don’t see a need for virtually any civilian to be armed. Yet, I regularly see people carrying weapons at Wal-Mart, Safeway, standing in line at the bank, etc. Some people do it to prove that they can. With others, who knows what their reasons are. What bothers me, whether these armed civilians realize it or not, is that they have self-identified themselves as people who are willing to commit homicide if the situation presents itself in an area that has more than adequate police protection. Once a civilian, like the one in the news article, steps into a situation like that, his options are very limited and the situation is likely to escalate very quickly. Police officers have a variety of means of managing the situation, both lethal and non-lethal. This civilian had two options; threaten the thieves with the gun or shoot to kill them if they didn't surrender. At the time that the armed customer took action, he had no knowledge of the previous crimes committed by the thieves. All he knew, at that point, was that they had swiped some stuff from Wal-Mart. By inserting himself into a situation he was not prepared to handle in a non-lethal manner, he made the decision that he would kill another person over a few hundred dollars of easily replaceable merchandise. His better option would have been to call the police and video the thieves. To my mind, the only reason for him to use his weapon was if his or someone else’s life was in imminent danger.
  13. Nope. I tend to agree with Rosalie and the attitudes expressed in the book. Most people, not involved in the DL or AB/DL scene, would find what we do odd, frightening, disgusting, ..., pick your negative adjective. Admittedly, today many people tend to take a more liberal and accepting point of view than in the past, but it is by no means widespread. Just recall our recent election. Do you think a majority of liberal and accepting people expressing their point of view caused the results we got? Unless you happen to live in the coastal states where liberalism predominates, I'd say that the Coffee With Rosie book accurately depicts the attitudes many people would express when confronted with our fetish.
  14. Doctors don't know everything or have experience with with all the various nuances of incontinence. So, why don't you switch your type of diaper for a while? The reason I picked the Seni diaper is that it has a heavier shell that doesn't sag or weep as much as most of the other cloth-like diapers. From personal experience, wearing a compression pant over the diaper also alleviates many of the shortcomings of cloth-shelled diapers, including the need for waterproof pants over the diaper. Personally, I wouldn't completely rely on the doctors to solve the problem, I'd do whatever I could do on my own. It isn't apparent that a change of diaper brand, protective pants, and the use of steroidal cream would contravene anything they are doing or recommending. It's a little cold in your area these days, but I also like to spend some time lying in the sun airing out, too.
  15. I read both the Coffee and the Teenager books. Being an engineer, I prefer a more concise presentation of information than the conversational style allows. I found myself skimming through the repetitive conversations. The books are short and therefore, as a necessity, subjects that have many variances and nuances are over simplified. I found a lot of good information, but found myself wanting more in depth information. I liked the "Teenager" book more. I'm one of those in the minority DLs with no overlap with the RP or AB/TB groups. I found that information about that group is limited.