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  1. I would suggest that you not worry about sticking to any particular schedule or program. Just wear diapers when you feel the need or just want to enjoy having them on. Use them, again when you feel the need. There is no urgency to achieve a physical loss of control. Over time you will learn the pleasures and drawbacks of wearing diapers. If you really enjoy it, then you'll continue and use them more easily and naturally. If not, the desire will gradually pass or you may just wear them intermittently for fun.
  2. Might have to give them a try. The standard reusable bed pads I use are hot to sleep on, especially during the summer. I doubt that they'd be a substitute for wearing a diaper, though. A one liter capacity sounds good, but that is probably for the entire pad. What happens if you empty on liter in a very localized spot, as would be the case if you sleeping on your stomach and your bladder emptied all at once?
  3. If it were me, I'd remove the stent for the few hours that the surgery will take and just wear a diaper. Then, I'd put it back in afterwards. I wonder what would be lost by going without it for a short period of time.
  4. I was told that my surgery to remove a lipoma was going to be with local anesthetic, too,. However, the surgeon can change his mind during the surgery if it becomes more complicated due to the way the lipoma has grown. Mine had a tail that went deeper between the muscles resulting in the need for more anesthesia in order for the doctor to remove the entire tumor. By leaving the stent in place during the surgery, you are taking a risk.
  5. Miss hearing from you :/ hope you're doing well. 

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    2. HotDogg55


      I was guessing so. I wish I could make more happen around you. Just like hearing from you. 

    3. Craisler


      We need a place to start the discussions.  I would like to hear more about you; what you're doing; and how you're handling your IBS and need for diapers.  I've pretty much exhausted my background with diapers in our previous exchange of messages.  So, unless you have questions or comments, I don't think I have much I can add to what I've already said.

    4. HotDogg55


      You know you can always email me. I know you don't have much to say to me but I can try. I just missed hearing from you, that's all.

  6. Interesting. I suspect that if kids were allowed to wear diapers indefinitely, then high quality diapers would become the norm as these untrained kids grew to adulthood.
  7. If that is the case, has the quality of diapers improved to the point that toilet training of children is no longer necessary?
  8. My personal experience is that the longer I wore diapers, the more sensitive my bladder became to holding smaller and smaller amounts of urine and therefore the more frequently it emptied. Also, the strength of the stream became increasingly weaker. Today, if I'm wearing a prefold cloth diaper, I don't need a plastic pant over it except to protect the furniture. The diaper absorbs the urine as fast as it comes out.
  9. That's sounds all well and good, but economics is the driving factor. Businesses are not charities; they are in business to make money. If there is insufficient profit in a certain product, it won't get made.
  10. Manufacturers will produce what the market demands. In general, Medicare is the primary mover in this market, because they can set the price they will pay. So, the manufacturers will produce what they can most economically sell to the medical market. The AB/DL market is so minimal in comparison that our desires don't even enter into their considerations.
  11. That's true. However, I'd be willing to bet that their primary appeal is to customers in our age category or older. Comedians like William Bendix, Red Skelton, Carol Burnette, etc. don't exist anymore. Comedy has evolved from clean form the existed in the early 20th century to the kind we have now where "comedians" pepper their act with f*** words four times in every sentence. Apparently, audiences had a pent up demand for swearing and vulgar stories. Once the censors were eliminated during the 1970s, comedians were able to accommodate that demand and they've done so with a vengeance.
  12. It's not an either/or decision. Mostly, I prefer cloth since that's what I grew up with. However, I use premium disposables, at times, also. I pick a diaper that's appropriate to the situation.
  13. Only people over 50 years old are likely to remember the old radio shows unless they listen to them on YouTube or some such archive.
  14. I would not encourage suppressing the compulsion to wear diapers, my answer was based on eliminating whatever event or action that caused the compulsion to wear diapers in the first place.
  15. My guess is that diaper loving is pretty much a 20th century phenomenon. It wasn't until the early 1900s that practical waterproof pants were coming into widespread use and it wasn't until the late 1800s that the safety pin and cotton diapers (as we know them) were invented. Prior to those two inventions diapering was a messy, inconvenient business.