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  1. Showing Off Your Diaper

    I have worn to nude beaches and hot springs. I also have let the top of my diaper show at adult book stores .
  2. Diapers

    I was a bedwetter till 12 and i wore over size cloth training pants with cloth infant diapers inside or large pin on diapers with cloth infant diapers inside and plastic pants. What my parents did not know was after about age 8 i only wet in my sleep about 1 or 2 times a week but i always was wet in the morning because i liked the warm wet feeling of a wet diaper. I did wear after 12 for long trips . About age 26 i found attends in a drug store and i was back wearing diapers any chance i could. At age 56 i was disabled by two rare autoimmune disorders an small fiber polyneuropathy from them and found that incontinent was one of the problems they could cause. From that day i was in diapers 24/7/365 and have been for 15 years since only peeing in my diapers and that has lead to urge incontinence. Its nice not to have to get up at night to pee and not have to find a restroom when out during the day.
  3. New diaper options

    Most of the time i wear A+ from xp medical with there 2x booster. But if i am going to a nude beach or hot springs i wear a Bambino Bianco UltraStretch Diaper because i can take it off and put it back on without any problems
  4. Surprise while taking out trash

    Not really. If you buy something like depends or any of the drug store diapers you get one good bladder full in them. So you have to change every few hours. With abdl diapers with a good booster you can sometimes only have to change every 12 to 16 hours sometimes 24 hours. I wear XP medical A+ diapers with there 2X booster and can go as long as 24 hours The xpmedical A+ diapers are as absorbent as bambino's abdl diapers. I wear the bambino's bianco ultrastretch with the XP medical to X booster when traveling to the nude beaches or hot springs i go to because they fit so good and thick.and they are easy to take off and put back on..
  5. Surprise while taking out trash

    Some people that are incontinent and not abdl do buy abdl diapers. I know of at least two and one even buys the printed abdl diapers. They both buy abdl diapers just because they are the most absorbent adult diapers on the market
  6. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I was a bedwetter till age 12. But by age 6 i knew i loved the warm wet feeling of wearing and wetting a diaper.
  7. orientation

    bi but about a 2 on the Kinsey scale. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinsey_scale
  8. when I retire...

    I live in a class A motorhome and its cheaper to live in one in just about any state. I have friends that travel a lot in there motor homes and beat state income taxes because the claim NV or TX as there home state but only stay in NV or TX a couple week a year. Stay away from KOA and like type campgrounds and look for the small mom and pop RV parks. https://wandrlymagazine.com/cheaper-on-the-road/ http://www.whenwerv.com/campgrounds_destination/cheap_campgrounds.jsp Another trick is only move once a month, as you get the best RV park rate for monthly stays.
  9. How open are you about ABDL?

    Family or friends no way. People over 50 miles from where i live i could care less and i am very open about wearing diapers.
  10. Gun advise

    i have a old Walther P38 that my father got from a German officer at gun point during WW2. its a rare Spreewerke P38 with a FN frame and matching serial numbers. only 1500 made. i use 9mm Glaser safety ammo the same ammo US air marshals use for inside aircraft so my misses will not go through walls.
  11. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    I have a day bag for my diapers. And yes i had a thief steal it from my car one day with a very wet premium diaper with booster. I drove around the block looking for the thief and found my bag at a bus stop where the thief had left it after finding my wet surprise..
  12. Faking incontinence

  13. I like a velcro type tab diaper. But only bambinos makes one that works and does not slip There Magnifico/ Bianco UltraStretch Diapers are the best abdl diaper ever made and fits me perfect without slipping all day
  14. What is your favorite adult diaper?

    Bambino Bianco UltraStretch Diapers is my new favorite. they fit perfect and the tabs do not slip.
  15. Bambino Diapers Brand

    I just tried the Magnifico Bianco UltraStretch and i have to say they are the best fitting diapers i have ever worn in the 48 years i have been wearing diapers. And they are the first velcro tab adult diaper that the tabs did not slip i have ever found. They are now my go to diaper when showing off in public.