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  2. I lay you down and start to mobile
  3. Leo: I drive us to the diner to meet you Jen: I hope you will be coming home with us today
  4. I poop alot
  5. Emily drops her cup and it breaks
  6. Kelly: I start to smell something
  7. I am doing sit ups
  8. Elizabeth: I eat till i finish
  9. I yawn
  10. Tracy: I come into your room
  11. I reply meet me at the local diner I'm buying breakfast for us
  12. I get a onesie and put it on you
  13. Leo: I write back and ask when you want to meet
  14. I giggle
  15. Edward: I call and order
  16. I suck on it
  17. I giggle
  18. Elizabeth: I put it in a bottle and give it to you
  19. I shiver
  20. Tracy: I get up and come to check on you Peter: I get in the shower
  21. It gets posted everywhere
  22. "YAY PIZZA"
  23. I take you into your room and take your clothes off
  24. griffith

    welcome aboard Zach there are lots of hoosiers here, just a heads up there is going to be another AB/DL open house in august at personal care medical supplies in Fort wayne its a great place to meet others.
  25. I cry and she hands me it
  26. Leo: Honey i just got a hit Jen: Is it from our little boy
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