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  2. I wear bras ever day , I must have at least 20 of them all from Victoria secret to of course, my favorite line is the body by Victoria brand
  3. Well, I have changed diaper suppliers now. I am going with NorthShore now. They have really good prices on their diapers, their home brand is good and they ship to the house extremely fast.
  4. You had been nice enough to me earlier so I went along with it, though that smirk should have told me you were enjoying the chance to help make sure I stayed in these diapers, I just didn't know that yet. "Um ok, if Mommy talked to you I guess it's ok" I said, waiting for you to lead the way to the car
  5. Belle rings the doorbell to her parents house as dan and the rest of the kids join her
  6. ( that was aurora taking to holly and mb) aurora felt herselfnstart to wet her diaper as she held holly and harry. She could feel her tummy getting ready for a poopy soon as well
  7. you then take my to my old room
  8. I think he was going by who was closest. I guess that I hadn't established that fact.
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  10. In modern times the "facilities" have been known as "the head" and In "hit the head" and I believer are now in the front of the ship in the Navy
  11. I smile
  12. I move a little but I still sleep
  13. I kiss you
  14. Yes it is
  15. Keep one ting in mind. !00 diapers will gradually diminish with each use of one, unless they are reusable cloth! You can start out with 100 but after a day there may only be 97 left. Then the next day in might be down to 94 and so on!
  16. Ebay has lots of samples listings or if you know the specific brand you're wanting to try, many companies offer samples of their own products.
  17. sweetie no thumb sucking. Aaliyah said as she got up and went to get a pacifier. Alex I am listening and look Elaine is not going to tell everyone your hairless down there and she is going to see down there when she changes your diaper. Alex blushed at someone else changing her diapers
  18. LOL! Since the ship moves forward, if the head hatch was in the bow all the poop would splatter back on the ship's bow! Think of the smell on a hot day as the ship moves forward with loads of excrement stuck to the bow and the breeze wafting it back through the rest of the ship! With the head hatch in the stern, you could do you business and it will just float away! Like "chumming" but I don't know for what fish!
  19. Hi-if I post something for sale in the store can I later delete my post (once it's sold)? Just figuring it would save everyone trouble...and frankly I don't want to be getting PMs months later nor be "that guy" that leaves everyone hanging... Thanks!!! Joe
  20. I soon go to sleep
  21. Your life sounds a lot like mine with the exception that my mom diapered me for bed every night in cloth diapers and plastic pants, which she also called "rubber pants". I also wet the bed until I was about 6 years old and in my teens did the multiple underpants and plastic bags. The other difference is I grew up as a DL, not AB and have no interest in baby stuff, just diapers.
  22. Este unul dintre românii care îi place să poarte scutece sau un copil sau adult Diaperlover?
  23. This is a great story of a mothers luv, and a boy who needs it. I hope you continue with more chapters, and the two of them continue to nurture this love-me thinks it is almost time that mommy starts to lactate (maybe that is what is happening in her enchantment room), as what better way to create a tight bond than to nurse her baby.
  24. Bulklover I'm from Poland-Poznań
  25. I like to try as many positions as I can. I find it always relieving to try a different position when messing my diaper
  26. SubSpaceLeathers now have a growing VEGAN Range of AB/DL items for sale via our Etsy store, and a Bespoke service for those wanting something in a Vegan material. After many requests from our customers to create some of our popular items like our pacigag in Vegan materials, we have now re-created them in a choice of 7 strap or 11 paci colours here; https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/509292299/vegan-friendly-abdl-sissy-pacigag?ref=shop_home_feat_3 There's also a re=tweaked design 5 point adjustable head harness pacigag; https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/499950558/abdl-sissy-5-point-fully-adjustable?ref=listing-shop-header-3 We also have Paci holder clip straps; https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/509450803/vegan-friendly-pvc-abdl-sissy-paci?ref=shop_home_active_4
  27. Thanks for the story by the way as always.
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