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    • Jim nodded. "Make sure the others are kept quiet downstairs.  I don't want them interrupting your mother at the moment." He frowned at her. "If you saw anything, concerning your mom, I want you to forget it.  It's none of your business, if you saw."
    • "It's not the same," he told her, "Because in one instance, you are asking permission to be excused.  When you ask permission, it is more polite, and it means you have to wait for permission.  If you just excuse yourself, it is less polite because it implies you are going through with something even if the other person doesn't want you to.  Think about how you enter the teacher's room.  You always just say Excuse me, and try to come right in.  It gives the teachers very little time to react.  It is difficult for them to tell you 'no.'  If it was more Japanese culture for you to ask and wait at the door, then the teachers would have an easier time reacting when they have something out you shouldn't see, like when they are preparing for the next test." He smiled. "Anytime you ask permission, you give the person you are asking a little bit of power, and depending on how you ask them, you give them more or less power.  When you don't ask them at all, you are taking the power.  You wouldn't tell your teacher at school to give you something in the same way you wouild tell your younger sister, would you?  In English, in the same way, you don't tell your teacher you are leaving the room unless you really can't help it.  You ask to leave the room if you can help it.  That's why you say May I?" He then dropped her hands and went to the whiteboard and wrote out five requests from most polite to most direct. Could I go to the bathroom? May I go to the bathroom? Can I go to the bathroom? Excuse me, I'd like to go to the bathroom. Excuse me.  I have to go to the bathroom. "In our situation, you are a student in a classroom, but you aren adult.  Normally, in America, adults don't ask directly to go to the bathroom because it sounds childish, so they often say it this way instead...." Could I take a break, or could I be excused for  moment? May I be excused for a moment? Can I be excused for a moment? Excuse me for a moment. "Could I is often used to when you speak with a very important person, or when you are being extremely polite.  You are giving the other person all the power, and they can even say 'no' without any explanation even if it sounds mean.  You should use could when you talk to the Dean of your school at college, when you talk to your principal at high school, and to important people.  May I is often used with superior people that are not in your family, but that you trust are there to do something important for you.  You would use May I with me as your teacher because we are in a professional place, and you are trusting me to teach you English.  You would use May I with your teachers at school, and with people you even feel equal to, but you are disturbing because they are trying to help you with something important or professional, but you need to do something else.  Can I is used with parents, close friends, and people under your status.  It still lets them say no, but it gives them less power.  It means that even though you are asking, you are only asking to be polite, but that you might decide to go anyway if they are just being mean.  Excuse me, you are not even giving them any consideration.  It means you don't think they are doing anything that important at the moment, so there is no reason to ask permission." He waited to see if she was following or not.  
    • Mine was Emergency, I actually became a firefighter/ emt because of that show. When I blew my knee out and they wouldn't let me play anymore (sob). I eventually became a Corrections Officer. I've got about a little over 6 years until I can retire. I'm eligible at age 62 which is in about 3 3/4 years but I won't have my 20 years in until 6 more years. I can retire 4 months before I turn 65.
    • Thanks Christine. I thought I would not see RTT and Rusty again
    • Hans went out walking to seek his fame and fourtune. He had only made it about a mile or two when he encountered a lady trying to get her cow onto the roof of her thatched roof to eat the grass. He watched for a few minutes and said why don't you cut the grass and throw it down to the cow? The lady said why don't you mind your own business? She got the cow up there then put the road down the chimney and then tied it around her wrist. Sure enough that cow fell off the roof and that lady was pulled up in the chimney just hanging there by the rope tied around her wrist. Hans went and assisted getting her out of the chimney. She was covered from head to foot in soot. After he got her down and was on his way he thought to himself, that's one silly!  He waked until he got tired and he stopped at an inn for the night to get dinner and a bed to sleep in. The inn was full so he was told he would have to share a room with three other brothers. He was sound a sleep when just before daylight he heard a commotion in the room that awoke him. The oldest of the three brothers had his pants on the knobs of the dresser. He would go all the way across the room and run and then jump and try to get his legs through the legs of his trousers. Hans asked him what he was doing? The guy was out of breath and said brethlessly you think that they would make these trousers easier to get on. It takes me about 2 hours every morning to get them on. Hans said why don't you put them on the normal way like this, he put his trousers on in seconds not hours! The guy said this was the way my dad put his on this is the way I put them on! If it was good enough for dad it's good enough for me! Hans went down for breakfast. He was just getting done when the guy came down looking tired and wore out already. Hans thought to himself that two sillys!  Hans returned to his travels and walked all day and into the night before he came to another town. People were running around in a panic. Hans thought that maybe the whole town was about ready to g up in flames. Hhe grabbed a guy running by him and asked him what was wrong? The guy said the moon has fallen into the pond and we're trying to rescue it. Hans looked up the moon was still up in the sky. He watched the people with rakes and shovels and pitchforks digging in the pond. One guy said you almost had it Otto! Hans saw the guy with a shovel lifting the top layer of water and then watch as the water ran off his shovel to ahs of disappointment from the crowd. Hans tryed to tell them that the moon was still up in the sky. Nobody would listen to him. He thought well there are a lot more than three sillys. So he returned and married Elsa. If you didn't think the lived happily ever after then you would be a big silly also. Stu looked all three of his baby girls were asleep. The only problem was Denise was the only one in her own bed. He had to move Monica and Rebbecca into their own beds. He knew his poor back would be singing in the morning he got Monica into her own bed and gave her a pacifier to suckered on and she was on it right from the git go. He tucked her in and from behind the pacifier he heard thank you daddy. He kissed her forehead, and was rewarded with a smile from behind the Pacifier.  Anytime Princess,  he told her. Next was Rebecca and he got her into her bed and tucked her in. Again he kissed her this time since it was was his own lovely wife he kissed her on the lips again he was told thank you daddy from a half asleep person he turned to get her a pacifier and as he turned she had already slipped her thumb into her mouth and a was going to town. She was defiantly in her little space. He went and pulled the covers up on Denise again. She also had her thumb in her mouth and was rivaling Rebecca for suckling her thumb. Being dad he was worried that when she gets older she will need braces due to the fact she sucks her thumb. He reminded himself don't sweat the small stuff. He needed to get his own diapers on and take some of his med as yes his back was singing he kissed Denise on the cheek as he couldn't get to her lips with that thumb in her mouth. Thanks for the story daddy she was a bit more awake than her mommy and aunt and gave him a bear hug around his neck and he gave her one around her back. Yes his back was screaming more, Denise said I love you daddy! What's a little sore back compared to that?  Soon he was diapered, and had his pain meds and was sound asleep himself.