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    • Thanks for taking the time to respond! Im hoping someone writes a story about it. I did not know that about the diaper dimension! So hopefully this gets brought up more. I always wished the littles had more hope and a chance in life, and here it is.
    • i bring out a huge bag of dog food "yes"
    • She sets a bowl of water down which the puppy begins lapping up. "Umm, did you happen to get some dog food too?"
    • i follow behind wondering if you got me anything
    • Push-button babies     Dianna, Tom, and Dave had been walking for what seemed like hours. It was cold, dark, and the woods all looked the same, they were lost for sure. Dianna turned to Dave and said, "Well, I hope you're happy, "Mr. I Can't Get Lost". This is your fault, if you'd just stopped and asked for directions, we wouldn't be tromping through the woods on this beastly night!" "Oh now, who told me they were in a hurry and had to pee? I could've asked directions if you hadn't insisted on finding a gas station." Dave said sarcastically "Will you two cut it out? It's bad enough we're lost. Let's not get into a blaming contest." Said Tom, trying to catch his breath Suddenly, Dave spotted something through the trees. An old cabin. Probably deserted for quite a while, from it's dilapidated looks. "Hey! There's a cabin up ahead, we can probably shack up there for the night and find our way back in the morning." They walked up to the worn and weathered door of the cabin and tried to open it, but it wouldn't move. "What the hell? It's stuck." Dianna said "Here, let me try it, little missy" Tom said with a very fake John Wayne accent. Dianna and Dave rolled their eyes and began looking around while Tom worked on forcing the door open. They searched for the better part of half an hour when Dianna shouted for them to come see what she had found. Dianna pointed at a small board that looked out of place on the dilapidated building. They pried it off and were amazed at what they saw. Under the board was a metallic control board with several flashing buttons on it. Only one of them was labeled though. The brown button clearly said, "DOOR", on it. Dave quickly pushed it and they heard a loud click from the front of the cabin. When they opened the cabin, they gasped in shock. The inside was very clean and looked extremely modern. There was wall to wall carpet, a large sofa, two padded arm chairs, and a floor lamp. Dianna, who had been trying not to wet herself for the last hour, rushed in and began searching the small cabin for a bathroom. She ducked through one of the doors leading from the living room and a few minutes later, Dave and Tom heard a flushing sound. When Dianna finally came out, she had a look of extreme relief on her face. Dave laughed, "Almost peed yourself, huh? Maybe we should have packed diapers for you sis." Dianna gave Dave a withering look and replied, "Oh really? I seem to recall that you weren't potty trained till you were 5 years old, LITTLE BROTHER!" Tom quickly got between them again, "Ok, we all know about each other's "toileting problems", let's not bring that up again. We're warm, and drying off now, let's just relax and find out what's with this weirdo cabin." They all agreed and sat down on the comfortable furniture. Tom glanced around the room and noticed that there was another section of wall that didn't quite match the surrounding wallpaper. He walked up and felt around it for an access. As soon as he pressed on the panel, it slid back and up, revealing another control panel, but none of the buttons were labeled as the door button had been. Curious as to what the buttons were actually for, tom pushed one of the dark green ones and suddenly the sound of gears and motors running filled the room. "What the heck's going on Tom? What did you do?" Dianna looked over to Tom, clearly annoyed Before anyone could get another word our, the floor began to shake. They looked down at the floor and were amazed to see the carpet change color from the light brown it had been, to a dark, forest green. "Aw cool!" Tom said Dianna looked upset and glared at Tom. "Don't go pushing any more buttons. We don't know what they do and it could be dangerous." Tom and Dave both agreed to leave the buttons alone. "We'd better take a look around this place. You know? This cabin looks much larger from the inside. Weird, isn't it?" Dianna said The three of them split up, Dave went to the basement, Tom to the upstairs and Dianna checked out the first floor. Dave found that the basement was stocked with buttons and some appliances. There was a washer, dryer, and a tall, thin machine he couldn't figure out what it did. The machine had a control panel with a numbered knob. Dave remembered Dianna's warning about pushing buttons, so didn't touch anything. He turned to leave and was startled by Tom, standing right behind him. He fell back into the mystery machine, hitting the control panel. The machine began humming and suddenly they heard Dianna begin screaming curses at the top of her lungs. They ran upstairs, following the sound of Dianna's shouting. When they entered the room, they almost burst out laughing. Dianna was standing there, dressed in a very short, "little girl's" dress. The hem of the dress was so short that they could see a pair of thick underpanties as well. Dianna looked at the two, glaringly. "If either one of you says a word, or tells anyone this happened, I swear, I'll tear off your sacks and shove them up your noses." Dave immediately fell to the floor, laughing. "Guess you're my "little sister" now, huh?" Dianna ran up and kicked Dave right in the privates. She then turned away from them and began crying. Tom walked up to her and placed his arm on her shoulder. "Hey, Dave was only kidding. It's ok. We know you're more mature than that. Now, tell us what happened." Slowly, her crying subsided. She even managed a quiet apology to Dave, which he accepted, feeling he really did deserve it. After a few minutes, she composed herself. "It was so sudden. I was looking over this room, when I heard a whirring and two arms popped out of the wall. They undressed me and quick as a flash, put this stupid thing on me and took my clothes. I didn't touch anything, so why did this happen?" Dave and Tom hung their heads, then Tom said, "I think it might be our fault in part. I didn't find anything upstairs but a lot of empty, so I went down to the basement to check on Dave. He was looking, but not touching this weird machine. He turned around so suddenly that I must have startled him. He fell backwards and onto it's controls. There was a humming and then we heard you scream, we're sorry." Dianna looked at them for a moment and then said, "Lets go have a look at this machine, I wanna know where my clothes are. I feel ridiculous in this costume." They all went back downstairs to the basement. Dave showed them the machine controls. the numbers on the dial went from 1 to 30 but, it was set on number 3. There was still no indication as to what the machine actually controlled. Suddenly, Tom had an idea. "Dianna, go back up to the room you were in and wait there, I have a plan." Tom said, while studying the panel. "Alright." she said, "But be careful, remember, this is my dignity we're dealing with. I don't wanna end up in something worse." "Don't worry, I've believe I understand what this thing does." Dianna walked back up to the first floor and found the room she had been investigating before. She yelled down to the duo in the basement, and Tom turned the dial to Dianna's actual age, 19. The machine began humming again and Dianna yelled then gave a shout of joy. A few seconds later, she came running down the stairs in her old clothes. She ran up to Tom and gave him a kiss. "Whatever you did, thanks a lot. I'm glad to be out of that costume." Tom blushed and said, "I figured that the machine is the control for that room, probably a bed or dressing room. The dial on the machine is the age of the occupant. You just happened to be in the room when the controls were activated. If it had been set on, say thirty, you probably would have been dressed in a house dress and heels. You're just lucky the dial wasn't turned any further or you would have ended up in diapers and a footed sleeper." They all gave a nervous laugh, and it was Dianna's turn to blush.. They all went back up stairs and sat down, the day had been very trying so they decided to stay the night here, (without touching anything) and try to find civilization in the morning. As they slept, a strange humming began to circulate in the house. Bleeps and boops rang out every now and again. Down in the basement, the "dressing" machine's dial began turning backwards, 19, 18, 15, 10, 8, 4, 2, and stopped. Chapter 2 They all awoke to strange noises coming from what was assumed to be the kitchen, though they hadn't found any food in it the day before. They crept up to the archway and peeked into the kitchen. At the counter top were two mechanical arms, chopping carrots, celery, onions, and dicing a chicken breast. The trio slowly walked into the room to watch the arms do their thing. A panel on the counter slid aside and a blender rose out of the hole. The arms dumped the carrots, celery, onions, and chicken into the blender and liquefied it. "Alright, who touched a button?" Dianna said Both boys replied they hadn't touched anything since the previous night. As they stood, watching the kitchen go through it's paces, a red light emerged from the ceiling and began shining on them, going up and down their bodies. Dianna was the first to turn around and see the light as it retreated back into the ceiling. "What the heck is going on here? What was that red light?" Dianna was suddenly cut off as, what appeared to be a dressmaker's dummy rolled out of one of the back rooms, straight toward them. As it approached, mechanical arms emerged from the shoulder of the dummy and began grabbing at Dianna. Tom and Dave ran to help Dianna but they were shoved away as if the thing was swatting flies. The dummy picked up Dianna and rolled toward the wall, which opened up and quickly closed after it entered. Tom and Dave picked themselves up off the floor, ran to the wall, and began pounding on it, calling for Dianna. The dummy held Dianna tight as she struggled to free herself. It moved quickly down the inky black passage. It then stopped and placed her on a table. Before she could run, manacles clamped down on her arms and legs, and straps were tightened over her chest. She twisted and wriggled, trying to get loose, but froze when a deep mechanical voice spoke to her, out of the darkness. "Do not struggle child. This is for your own good. We wouldn't want you injured." Who are you? I demand you release me right now. When I get my hands on you, you're gonna be one sorry bastard!" Dianna screamed The voice responded, "You are an excellent specimen. The right height, weight, and even the hair and eye color match the order perfectly. Yes, you'll do nicely. Computer, prepare the subject for the process." Dave and Tom pounded on the wall for several minutes, believing they could reach Dianna. Tired and frustrated, Tom slumped to the floor. "Cut it out Dave. We're not gonna get to her that way. We gotta find a different entrance or..." he stopped in mid sentence as an idea struck him. "CONTROLS! There's controls for everything in this freaking house! There's gotta be controls for this door, wall, whatever! Dave could see the logic in the assumption and both of them began to franticly search the walls, floors, and even the ceiling for more access panels. They searched every room in the house, basement to attic, until they came to the room where Dianna had encountered the "dressing machine". They hesitantly entered and found several control panels easily. Dave and Tom looked at each other and carefully, Tom reached out and pushed one of the buttons on the panel. A whirring sound filled the room, and both men ran for the door. There was a flash of red light as they exited the door and the whirring stopped. "Dude, this isn't gonna work, we can't run out of the room every time the dang thing starts up, we gotta see if it opens up a way to Dianna." Dave said Tom nodded. He knew his friend was right, They stirred up their courage and walked into the room. The control panel stood open and Tom pushed a white button. The whirring noise sounded again and the red light filled the room, then the noise went silent. Tom turned to Dave, who shrugged and pointed to the panel. Tom reached out to push another button when, mechanical arms slid out of the ceiling above them and held them firm. Tom was too shocked to respond, but Dave began thrashing and screaming. Another hand lowered out of the ceiling and shoved something into his mouth, effectively gagging him. Tom realized his friend's predicament and kept his mouth closed. Dave was screaming behind the gag as it expanded inside his mouth. The arms lifted them off the ground and they could hear something happening below them. They were lowered into what looked like huge cribs and held down against them by the huge mechanical arms Dave and Tom struggled against the arms, but were held tight. A feminine mechanical voice began to sing some strange soothing, wordless, lullaby. The more they fought, the more soothing and gentle the voice became, lulling them into a relaxed and submissive state. The arms released them and carefully began stripping their clothes off. As the arm reached down for Tom's underwear, he snapped out of the trance and bolted out of the room. Dave lay in the giant crib while the arms completely disrobed him and began to redress him in an extremely large version of a baby diaper. It had only two tapes and cartoon figures on the waistband. As Tom stood outside the room in his underwear, he heard the female mechanical voice call out to him from the room. "Don't fight it child, this is for your own good. Lost children should be cared for, and you are definitely too little to care for yourselves." "What the hell are you talking about? We're not babies, I'm twenty years old. Dianna, my girlfriend, is twenty two and her brother is almost eighteen. There's no way we could be considered babies or even children." "Physical age is unimportant. A child is a child even if their bodies are fifty years old. This domicile has been modified as a wayfarer station for children of all ages. You are children, as demonstrated by your actions, and shall be kept until suitable parents can be found for you. You, seem to be the most mature of your group, so your age shall be designated as four years."   Chapter 3 Back in the hidden room, Dianna was struggling too, but also to no avail. "Let me go, you SOB!" "My, what a little potty mouth we have here. That will never do, your parents won't want their new baby spewing foul words at them." As the voice spoke, another mechanical arm came down out of the ceiling and produces what appeared to be a huge pacifier. Dianna's mouth was pried open and the pacifier was inserted, then her mouth was held shut while the insidious device was inflated so she couldn't remove it. The pacifier inflated so large that it almost made her gag, but it was certainly not coming out any time soon. Dianna's muffled screams and cries sounded more like the gurgling of a 10 month old, than the calls for help of an adult woman. Dianna thrashed and twisted, kicking at the mechanical arms that held her, but to no avail. The arms lifted her and then lowered her onto a large, padded table. Her arms and legs were restrained in manacles, effectively pinning her to the table. Seconds later, the manacles pulled in opposite directions, causing Dianna to become spread eagle on the table. The mechanical voice spoke over the intercom, "You'd better close your eyes little one, we wouldn't want to damage those beautiful baby blues of yours. A thin red light shot out from the ceiling and danced across her body. She could feel the heat and suddenly realized what was happening. She cried behind the pacifier as she felt her body hair being removed. She was turned over and the light again fell over her body, this time taking the remaining hair, leaving her with only the hair on her head. "You can open your eyes now, little one. We're finished, now it's time to get you dressed for your nap. You've had a trying day, and a nap will do you good." The mechanical voice said Dianna was indeed tired, but she struggled again as the metal arms adjusted her and began to wipe her down with baby wipes. She knew what was coming next, as she saw the huge diaper being lowered towards her. The arms lifted up her bottom and gently placed her onto the diaper. Suddenly she felt a cold hand on her privates and it began moving down to her bottom, spreading some kind of lotion on her, then the diaper was pulled up and carefully taped on. Dianna felt she couldn't possibly be more humiliated than she had been already. She was wrong She was quickly dressed in a footed sleeper. It had padded feet and mittens. The mittens seem to be slick on the inside but dry on the outside, she couldn't grasp anything. Next, what appeared to be a huge female mannequin, sitting in a rocking chair, rolled into the room. Dianna didn't want to even think what was going to happen next. The dummy picked her up from the table and effectively held her against it's shoulder. A lullaby began playing and the dummy started rocking in the chair. It's touch was as firm as it was gentle. It coddled her and caressed her back and bottom, just like a mother would with a real baby. Dianna eventually began to feel tired. She could hardly keep her eyes open. The dummy switched her to a cradling position and began to rub her tummy and face. Just as she was about to fall asleep, she felt a warm liquid entering her mouth. Her eyes shot open and it appeared that the dummy had removed the back of the pacifier and attached a huge baby bottle to it. The liquid filled her mouth and began to choke her. She tried to spit it out, but the pacifier prevented that, so she swallowed. The pacifier gave way and the liquid proceeded to her stomach. Then, more liquid filled her mouth. She could see that the only way to keep from choking on the stuff was to nurse on the bottle like a baby. It took some time, but Dianna finished the bottle. The bottle was removed and replaced by the regular back of the pacifier. Dianna was full and quite tired by now. The dummy placed her into a huge crib and raised the sides. There was some type of netting across the top, probably to prevent her from escaping, but she was far to tired to even attempt an escape. Chapter 4 Tom watched as Dave went through the same process as Dianna had just experienced. He was diapered, dressed in a sleeper, fed a bottle, and placed into an escape-proof crib. Tom was mesmerized as he watched Dave be put to sleep by the mechanical arms, rubbing his stomach and rocking the crib. He was watching so intently that he almost didn't hear the footsteps behind him. A vibration on the floor behind him shook him from his trance and he whirled around to see an old man and woman standing in front of him. He jumped back and took a defensive stance he had learned from his sensei. "Who the hell are you two? Are you the freaks in charge of this place?" he said, teeth clenched in hate "Now see here young man. That's no way to speak to your elders, but no, we're not in charge of this cabin. We just invented the original designs. This place was to be placed in New York city to be tested as a waystation for abandoned children and infants." The old woman said "Then why is it trying to make babies out of me and my friends?" "As I said, it was originally supposed to be set up for children and infants, but our partner decided to use it to make money by taking people and forcing them to become babies and children for certain clients. A rather lucrative deal. There are a lot of people who would pay great sums of money to have a teen or an adult to treat as a baby, strange as that may seem." Tom was about to wrap his hands around the guy's throat when he felt the sting of the taser the man had been hiding. Tom went down like a sack of potatoes. The last thing he heard before the darkness took him was the old woman, speaking in soothing tones. "Don't worry little one, you'll be much happier when you meet your new mommy and daddy."   Chapter 5 When Diana woke up, she found herself laying in a gigantic crib. There were bars on the top, probably to prevent escape. Her arms were bound at the elbows, making it very difficult to do anything with them. She was dressed in a form fitting one piece sleeper and, from the bulge at her waist, a diaper. She shifted her weight and discovered a nasty surprise, the load in the back of her diaper squished and moved with her. The pacifier/gag prevented her from screaming, so only muffled cries sounded. When she began crying, a video monitor blipped on and two mannequin like hands extended down from the ceiling and opened the crib top. Before Diana could get up and make a run for it, a strap was placed over her chest and the hands began busying themselves with changing the diaper. While this was going on, an old woman appeared beside the crib and began stroking Diana's hair. "Well, hello there sunshine. It's good to see you're awake.” The old woman said Diana, still barely awake, struggled against the restraints, but without success. The old woman reached down and began to rub and pat Diana’s tummy. “Don’t fight it sweetie, you’ll feel better once your diaper is changed and you’ve got a full belly.” The fight was futile, Diana was soon rediapered and dressed in a onsie. The old woman reached down into the crib and placed mittens on Diana’s hands and soft, padded booties on her feet. With the help of the mechanical arms, a strap was placed above Diana’s elbows and pulled tight behind her, effectively restraining her arms. The old woman then surprised Diana by lifting her out of the crib and placing her in a stroller. Diana was wheeled out of the room, down the now lit hallway, and back into the kitchen. She saw Tom and Dave, both dressed just like her, sitting in highchairs, with bibs. They were being fed something, she couldn’t see exactly what though. There were stains on the bibs, as if they had moved around and the spoon missed their mouths. Seconds later, Diana was unstrapped from the stroller and placed into a highchair, next to her boyfriend and brother. A bib was tied around her neck and two mechanical hands lowered out of the ceiling with a sectioned plate and what looked like a baby spoon, the only difference was it was the size of a normal one. The pacifier suddenly began to deflate and the old woman pulled it from Diana’s mouth. The second it was out, Diana let out a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush. Suddenly one of the mechanical hands slipped a spoonful of some disgusting mush into her mouth. She was about to spit it out when a third hand came down and held her mouth shut. The old woman reached over and pinched Diana’s nose closed. “Might as well swallow your food sweetie. This and a bottle of formula are all you’re ever going to be eating from now on.” The old woman laughed and rubbed Diana’s tummy again Diana looked over to Tom and Dave, but the boys seemed to be in some stupor, they ate the mush without any resistance. “What did you do to them, you bitch?” she yelled at the old woman “You’ll be feeding just as easily in a moment. The food you just swallowed contains a depressant that mollifies babies so they can be cared for easier. It’s effects aren’t long lasting, but they are potent.” Diana found the old woman was right, she was beginning to feel drowsy and lethargic. Soon, she was eating just like Tom and Dave. She didn’t even care when she suddenly pooped herself. When the meal was over, three female dummies rolled into the kitchen and pulled Diana, Tom, and Dave, out of their highchairs. The three were carried into the nursery where Diana had been held earlier. Inside the nursery, there were three women, sitting on loveseats. The dummies dropped their charges in the hands of the women. Each woman pulled their baby close and slowly unstrapped their blouses. The three charges knew what was coming, but had no power to resist as the women slowly placed the nipples of their breasts into the three charges mouths. They were nursed and slowly fell asleep. Diana woke up some time later, she shook the cobwebs from her head and looked around. She immediately noticed that she wasn’t in the nursery she had been in before, it was a new one. She tried to sit up, but her muscles wouldn’t respond correctly, she grimaced, and suddenly realized, her teeth were gone. “How long was I out?” she thought to herself She tried to yell for help, and found that she couldn’t speak, only guttural noises came out. She thrashed about the crib, trying to get out or stand up, but it was no use. A few minutes later, a woman and man walked into the nursery. The woman bent down over the crib and gently rubbed Diana’s tummy. “Well hello there sweetie. It’s ok, Mommy’s here baby.” The woman reached down and unsnapped Diana’s onsie, exposing her wet and messy diaper. Diana was shocked to find she hadn’t even realized she was wet and messy. The woman cooed and patted Diana in the most babyish way as she changed her diaper and redressed her in the onsie. Once she was clean, Diana looked up at the man and woman questioningly. They looked at each other then back down to Diana. “I’m your new Mommy.” The woman said “This is Daddy, we adopted you from the agency. We know you weren’t a baby when you went into the cabin, but you will be our baby now. There are lots of people out there, who can’t either have or adopt children, so this is our only recourse. You’ll learn to love it here. In a few weeks, the drug regimen will make you a little bit smaller and more babylike. It costs us a small fortune, but it’s worth it to have you with us honey.” Diana tried to ask where Dave and Tom were, but all that came out was, “Harr ss dom nd dabe?” The woman smiled as she lifted Diana out of the crib. “Oh look honey.” She said, turning to her husband “She wants to know where her little playmates are. Isn’t that sweet?” Her husband nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about your friends pumpkin, they’re safe and sound with their own mommies and daddies. I’m afraid that you won’t be seeing them for a while though. They live on the other side of the country and the agency reunion won’t be for six months, to allow the drug regimen to take full effect and the babies to get used to their new lives.” The woman bounced Diana in her arms then took her over to a padded rocking chair. She sat down, with Diana on her lap and began to unbutton her blouse, then her nursing bra. Diana remembered the old nursery and the breast feeding she had been forced to endure. She tried to fight, but it didn’t help, the woman’s nipple was slipped into Diana’s waiting mouth and the rich breast milk flowed. Diana was held so close that she had to swallow or drown. Diana lay there on the woman’s lap, nursing, but in her mind, she was screaming, which soon turned into the panicked wail of a newborn baby.