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  1. I googled this, and it appears to be legit. I'll send him a card!
  2. It seems to depend on what position I've been in. Often, I wet a little at a time. Sometimes, it seems like my entire bladder is emptying all at once.
  3. Back when I wasn't incontinent, it happened to me once. It was because we weren't able to leave class, not because the bathrooms were yucky.
  4. *hugs*
  5. Any diaper more absorbant than what I have on might make my life more livable.
  6. Stay after the degree. I'm sure, if it's in the right subject, it might get you better pay.
  7. ROFLMAO!!! He was wearing a t-shirt with WoW on it. He was a walking stereotype. I hope somebody talks him in to buying Windows Vista. *pop* "You are eating your 3rd case of cheezy poofs. Allow/Deny?"
  8. My boss waits till we get home to hit on me and break out toys. ROFLMAO!
  9. ..and of course, then they wouldn't have to worry so much about the diaper rash issue!
  10. Some paper towel, syran wrap, and scotch tape, and I could make a diaper that works better than hospital diapers! You'd think a place that needs to be so hellbent on cleanliness would have REALLY absorbant diapers so they don't have pee all over.
  11. Wait wait wait... So the POSSIBILITY of diaper rash is worse than a rash all over from being covered in pee and/or poop, as well as being exposed to uncontained germs, and all the extra cleaning, not to mention the detriment to patient comfort and dignity?! I'd have been like "I am not about to be sitting in a pool of my own mess! You want to talk about diaper rash, discuss it with my lawyer!" So infant patients... they can get diaper rash. So do they just drown in pee also? Ugh, makes me mad.
  12. Yeah, he finds that letting people bring thier whole self to work produces harder working employees who produce higher quality work. It also seems to bring a level of honesty I don't see in most workplaces. I'm sure company size has much to do with it also. It's really not a strange place to work, and I don't see the diversity as kinks. It's pretty much the same as anywhere else, except that the people are nicer, we work together instead of trying to out-do each other, and we have no employee theft. Well, at least not since we got rid of that one jerk. Eh, Robin works faster than the jerk ever did anyway.
  13. It was Robin who was called "faggot", not me.
  14. I love Robin. I love it when somebody calls zer "Ma'am, oh sorry, I mean sir" and ze's like "No, you were wrong the second time too". LONG hair (better managed than mine sometimes *envy*), skirt, sometimes a moustache, usaully no facial hair. Sometimes nails painted, sometimes not. Usually earrings. Somedays ze's like one of the girls, somedays the guys, often neither or both, and can change throughout the day. I'm kinda facinated by Robin.
  15. Awesome, somebody was paying attention! *feels loved* Yes, they are one in the same. He'd have stuck up for any employee, not just me.