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    • I would say I'm quite experienced going 24/7. I like to simulate incontinence and I have trained my sphincter muscle to pee at the slightest urge. This has the added benefit as the little drips and dribbles are better absurbed in the nappy so I only need to change every 4/5 hours. I wear Molicare Slip Maxis and find that when I've drank normal amounts of fluid one Molicare nappy can easily last me 4/5 hours and more. I like to change regularly to keep smells down. I choose Molicare nappies as I find them very comfortable, they have a soft back sheet and soft pulp so they don't feel bulky between my legs, I like this as this gives me more confidence as they feel discrete. I don't feel like I've got a nappy between my legs anymore I'm that used to wearing. I have 100% confidence in Molicare nappies. Going back to keeping my sphincter muscle unclenched and dripping/dribbling urine all the time. I wouldn't recommend you doing this if you want to keep your continence, it will slowly slip away if you don't regularly exercise your sphincter muscles. When you've practiced enough times and learned to keep your sphincter relaxed and opened it stays that way with muscle memory. You soon have to purposely clench to stop the peeing. I noticed with my 24/7 wearing and urinating at the slightest urge my bladder become super sensitive and as soon as my bladder fills a little I would feel a urge to pee, this almost becomes a constant urge only getting relief for 5 minutes after peeing, then the urge to urinate comes back. It become very easy  too wet in any position. I noticed that I have most post micturition dribble, this is most noticeable I'm using the toilet for a number two as I'll drip and dribble uncontrollable on the floor and this is without straining to poo. I then noticed that after wetting (I only wet in little drips/dribbles/gushes) I would I have after-dribble in my nappy which feels like a post micturition dribble like a gush when I think I've stopped peeing. It is this point it feels alien to clench so you just let it happen. This is the point I stopped wearing 24/7 as I got scared. Transitioning back to underwear was hard. Although I was continent I still had a constant urge to urinate, I was going to the toilet every 30 minutes just to release maybe less then a cup of urine and the stream very weak, the flow was uneven and more like a gush which splatted all over the place. After peeing I had to psychically clench my sphincter. When I didn't have have easy access to a toilet I would soon be bursting to pee and this is when my sphincter would involuntary spasm and realise a drop of urine then clench again. I also always felt like I had damp pants after using the toilet. The constant urge to pee stopped after a weeks weeks but my bladder capacity has diminished.  I've hit a binge phase and am wearing 24/7 again. This is after about 11 weeks of early wearing and my wetting abilities have started off the same as I left them. With muscle memory I can still wet at the slightest urge. Have a constant urge to pee all the time. I don't know how long before my continence does give in after yow-rowing between constantly remaining relaxed and then bladder training again. I have differently noticed a progression in lesser control over my bladder. I'm going to try and keep at the 24/7 nappy wearing. I like the thought of being incontinent. My lifestyle fits well into living an incontinent lifestyle. My housemates think I'm incontinent. But in a purge I get a strong dislike too incontinence. I think if I can manage to get through the purge cycle and not stop wearing I'll be in a better position with trying to become incontinent. What I have learned is not to have any visual reminders with incontinence paraphernalia such as packet of nappies laying around. I would keep everything out of sight. I would wear cloth backed nappies to bed like Abena premium nappies as these feel like normal underwear to me know. I think having visual remembers makes me more horny and more inclined to masturbate which makes me lose interest in wearing. I think if I just get  out a nappy when needed it'll become routine when changing and I'll get a less sexual stimulation and hopeful nappies will not make me horny all the time.      
    • I peek out from Tyler's chest, but only just a little.  "I'm Taylor"  I mumble, and then turn back into Tyler's chest.
    • The woman behind the counter noticed Regina not making a ton of progress on the form. She made her way over after Regina seemed to have stopped working on it. "Hi Regina, I'm Cindy." She said with a slight smile. "Are you all done with the form?" The woman took it and turned it around looking it over. "Hmm..." She spoke softly. "Would you like a little help?" She again smiled softly. "I like your hair by the way, it's sooo cute..." The woman took note of the pacifier hanging from Regina's outfit. The woman opened up the counter so that Regina could come behind it. "My desk is right over here...we can work on it there." She smiled again and offered Regina her hand to hold.   
    • I play till it is time for bed