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  2. I finiah rhe milk and some is dribbling down my face. I look at you. "Me go look cute?" I ask
  3. "Right today we are going to see your grandma okay. My mommy. She is really looking forward to meeting you"
  4. You crawling around outside
  5. I hold it and drink the milk from the bottle looking around.
  6. Today
  7. "Ooh bless you, my darling." Sam said and giggled
  8. Theresa brought Roy to play with Phil as they played together Thalia carried Blake as she followed Kryan. "Hey Geoff. I have a little wandered it seems." She said
  9. "Aww okay baby okay.." Trish cooed as she took him back in her arms and cuddled him "Haru. We gotta finish up your homework." Hana reminded
  10. Lila chuckled softly. "I love you all my babies." She cooed and kissed all of them
  11. All the boys pressed into Lila slightly.
  12. "Why do I have such cute boys?" Lila cooed as she sighed softly and held her baby boys close.
  13. Tony cooed softly from his wife/mama's touch. He sighed as he started to soak his diaper.
  14. Lila smiled a little as she looked at her big baby. "My big baby Tony." She said as she reached over and softly stroked his cheek
  15. Tony was clearing out. He was making progress again at his training. He still wore diaper for the comfort they provided. He did still wet and mess, but it was most in his sleep. He would still use his diapers if he felt too busy or was in his regressed state.
  16. "That's right, baby boy. Mommy's right here, my precious." Lila said and smiled as she held him warmly against her side
  17. Max cooed softly as he felt his mommy's arm. "Mommy" He cooed softly.
  18. "Awww..." Lila pulled him close to her side and placed an arm around him. She kissed his head a little. "I love you.."
  19. Max was way too sleepy to care. His eyes weren't even open. He laid his on his mommy's pillow. He thought it was her and fell asleep once more.
  20. Great story! I love that Kate Lynn is so committed to her diapers. Fun fact: you can wear some thick diapers through airport body scanner and not set it off, at least if your diapers are dry. I've done it many times.
  21. Lila looked at him, a little concerned cause she knew how he was when she saw her with Anakin.
  22. Max started to wake up earlier than he should have.
  23. "Awwww.... Too cute. Sweet dreams, my little Jedi.." Lila said as she kissed his forehead and then laid him on top of her
  24. I smile at you and goes into the kitchen and makes you a bottle of warm milk and hand it to you
  25. The energetically Anakin quickly drained as he listened to his mommy. Shortly after he was asleep.
  26. Lila enjoyed her time with her new baby as she bended her knees up and laid him on her lap and gently held his little hands and started to sing nursery rhymes to him
  27. Ani babbled to his mommy.
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