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  1. Island girl looking for diaper playmates

    Sure wish you were closer to me . I think we could have fun together. I love big bulk wet diapers, could wear them all day , I live in Florida .
  2. Dale's Story 1-5

    Very good story. Love the way it started keep going please.
  3. Wrong Size Means Your Fortune?

    Interested but do not know where to send the money. I would use money orders if this is ok with you. [email protected]
  4. Something funny

    That is my Mommy. Ya Good luck. I love it.
  5. I will buy the mediums from you if you want to sell them.
  6. Vintage nuk bottle nipples

    Thank you sweetheart.
  7. Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I just love them and have for over 40 years.
  8. Vintage nuk bottle nipples

    Ship to Darrin Droz At 125 West Clower street, Bartow, Florida 33830. and thank you
  9. Vintage nuk bottle nipples

    I am still interested. [ PLEASE ]
  10. From girlfriend to mommy

    Cool keep going. Good start.
  11. Vintage nuk bottle nipples

    I am interested in your bottle nipples, would love to have them I live in Florida USA
  12. Do You Drive?

    Yes I still drive at 71 and still hold a CDL class A
  13. Don't Get Caught!

    Very Good more, more, more, please
  14. Happy Independence Day!

    Happy 4th back at you . Diapered all day and loveing it.
  15. Fostered

    Nice start please do more.