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  1. Diapers446

    selling my stash :(

  2. Diapers446

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    75% dl and 25% ab I love it all.
  3. Diapers446

    A question for the guys

    Oh yes down by all means
  4. Diapers446

    A Pampered Life

    Very good keep going I would like to read more of this. Such a lucky Paul.
  5. Diapers446

    Diaper lover or adult baby

  6. Great story please keep going with it.
  7. Diapers446

    Today I realized I am the bad driver

    Keep your end up baby rl you are doing the right thing. Do not let the real bad drivers get to you. BIG HUG
  8. Diapers446

    Selling 2 bags of Large Fabines

    20.00 you ship to florida 33830
  9. Diapers446

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  10. Diapers446

    Oldest abdl

    I am 71 years young and the diaper desire is as strong as it ever was. Still loving it.
  11. Diapers446

    Merry Christmas

    Bet you were diapered under that Santa suite. Merry Christmas. I need a diaper change myself
  12. Diapers446

    Hi peeps!

    Welcome to D&D I think you have found the right place. Have fun and enjoy.
  13. Diapers446

    ABU XL long onsie 20.00

    Interested in your oneie . Where do you live and how much shipping to Florida 33830 ?
  14. sorry missed that. still have them? need address to send money order to.
  15. Ok But what is the price of the diapers?