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  1. Hi There, I'm from the central okanagan (kelowna) and i'm selling 2 bags of confidry 24/7. 18 diapers in each bag. I bought 3 bags at a discount off a friend but don't really like the way they fit. Should have just stayed with my tried and tested Rearz products. oh well. Anyways. $20 a bag. Can meet up locally or I could ship. If shipping is the only way it works for you I would like payment in money order and you pay the shipping. PM here if you're interested. Cheers, Robin
  2. Hi everyone, I'm posting this for a specific reason. I'm an abdl boy in kelowna and I'm looking for an abdl girl to hang out with. surprisingly i'm not looking for something romantic, i'm more or less happily married but my wife doesn't support the abdl side of things. So i'm just looking for someone to be friends with. Maybe watch some movies, play some board games, I LOVE designer board games. nap time with teddy bears, maybe you could dress me up like a girl, i dunno, whatever. Go to the movies both diapered up, that could be fun. lots of possibilities. Ideally I'll change your diaper if you'd change mine, only wetting. Living in the okanagan or very near should be a must. (like within 2 hr drive or so). I'm generally pretty shy but using abdlmatch.com didn't work out as it is a pay site and i haven't really found a free option that works. Anyways, being diapered is great, being diapered with a friend would be better. all in all feel free to contact me via pm and we can chat. I'm pretty friendly and don't bite I've been honest with you, please be honest with me. R PS i hope this is appropriate
  3. Hi, I'm in kelowna. I would like to get to know some people. PM me maybe we can arrange something.
  4. Hi, I'm in kelowna. I would like to get to know some people. PM me maybe we can arrange something.
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to say hey from kelowna, bc, canada. New here as a user but visited in the past. Pretty shy.... anyways, Have a nice day Baby Tristesa