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  1. tomviper000

    Custom Diaper Sample

    Wow, shipping to Florida seems expensive. I guess it's pretty far from Colorado, but still. I'm getting about $50 to ship a box with one of each...
  2. tomviper000

    Custom Diaper Sample

    $36 plus shipping
  3. tomviper000

    Custom Diaper Sample

    I've got a bunch of diapers taking up too much room. Also, I know it's nice to be able to try a bunch of different types of diapers if you can't buy lots of different bags or cases at once. So, I'm offering a custom sample of any of the diapers I have below. Just let me know what you'd like and I'll add up the price. All sizes are medium unless annotated otherwise: A+ Level 4 Bambino Belissimo Better Dry Crinklz Astronaut iD Slip Expert PE (small, 24-30") ABU Little Pawz ABU Preschool (plastic) ABU SDK (one large tape each side) Bumooza Alphabet Tykables Waddler Tykables Overnight Bear Hugz Northshore MegaMax (small, 24-34") Rearz Safari (small, 27-36") Cuddlz Nursery Cuddlz Bright Dayz (one large tape each side) Little Rascals
  4. tomviper000

    Custom Adult Diaper Sample

    Ah, sorry about that, I had a couple different people asking me about samples and I thought I got back to everybody. let me see what shipping is and I’ll get back to you.
  5. tomviper000

    3 bags of iD Slip Expert Maxi PE - small

    They are! How many bags are you interested in?
  6. tomviper000

    Custom Adult Diaper Sample

    I do! Shoot me a PM with what your interested in!
  7. tomviper000

    selling on ebay

    I've posted some of the abdl diapers that don't fit on ebay, but recently got a notification that my posting got removed because of adult material. Anybody else have that issue or knows what will happen if I re-post? I don't feel like people will search and find them if it's listed on the adult content section. Also surprised they flagged it as adult content, I don't even list it as abdl diapers...
  8. I've got too large of a stash right now and looking to get rid of some. These are what I have, all medium unless stated otherwise: A+ Level 4 AwwSoCute (Blue in medium or Small in purple) Fabine Gold Max Dry 24/7 (small 24-34") Tykables Waddler Overnight (version 1) Tykables Overnights (new version) Crinklz BetterDry Barebum iD Slip Maxi PE (small) iD Slip Maxi PE (medium) DC Idyl Bambino Bellissimo ABU Lavendar ABU Cushies ABU SDK ABU Pre-School (plastic) ABU Space ABU Simple ABU Kiddo Cuddlz All over Print Cuddlz Nursery Carousel I can set up whatever combo you'd like and let you know cost and shipping. Good chance to try a bunch of premium diapers without the cost of typical samples.
  9. Thought these would fit me better, but not quite right. $24 per bag of 20, plus shipping.
  10. tomviper000

    Diaper Samples

    I have a large variety sample of top quality domestic and import adult diapers. Great opportunity to figure out exactly what works best for you, without buying lots of packs! All diapers are size medium (with exception of ConfiDry 24/7, as their small=medium dimensions). Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids ABU Cushies Tena Slip Maxi (full plastic backing version) Abena M4 (full plastic backing version) Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Super Plus (full plastic backing version) ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Classico Bambino Bellisimo Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme Snuggies Diapers Seni Quatro (best cloth backed diaper) Also, I have Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters and Attends boosters. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Prices vary (but very fair). I can ship, and use Google Wallet for transactions. I'll find the cheapest shipping option I can.
  11. tomviper000

    Abena Abri-wing M3

    Shipping to Florida would be about $18 probably.
  12. tomviper000

    Abena Abri-wing M3

    I found a good deal on these a few months ago, but I have too many, so I'm passing on the good deal to one of yall.
  13. Yes, I still have some available. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  14. I have collected many different diapers, and I need to down size a little.
  15. I have collected many different top quality diapers, but don't have the room to hide them, so I'm getting rid of some.