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  1. He is located in Ohio, I do not think he will ship ,he would rather have them picked up by receiver ,but maybe he would do this here is my email ,email me and I will give his email to you through email , I do not want to post it here as it is not my email address to do so ,. Mine is [email protected]
  2. I am.online now I will wait in chat for about 30 min or give me an exact time to be in chat
  3. Post a time here that we can so we can hook up in chat ,please remember I am eastern standard Time thanks
  4. Hi dl forever I was asked to directly give you the email address by the guy selling these ,his area is being hammered by bad storms at the moment and he can't get online so he emailed me and asked if I can contact you and give you his email please let me know asap . We can go to chat here and go privatethanks glenn63 . ( I am a good friend of seller)
  5. glenn63

    Vintage Attends; 1985

    I remember actually wearing those way back when ,they were recommended by my doctor after I had major accident which left me totally diaper dependant ( which I still am today) .they were probably the best fitting and most reliable diaper I have ever worn until the last few yrs once the high priced diapers of today have been on the market
  6. glenn63

    Go Steelers

    Lol ,.
  7. glenn63

    Craig's List Find

    And it's greatly appreciated
  8. glenn63

    Hobbies- who has them?

    The way to learn is just get out there and be persistent ,practice ,practice ,practice ,I now have two boats and a kayak
  9. glenn63

    Hobbies- who has them?

    My favorite hobby is bass fishing ,I have been doing since I was a kid and have never stopped . I have won a lot of money over the years fishing tourneyments and have met quite a few big names in the sport along the way ,I have been doing this for well over 40 yrs now
  10. glenn63

    ABU Onsies

    Before you put the diaper on always grab both ends and stretch the diaper ,this will force the leg guards to stand up also take the diaper and crease it from one end to the other
  11. glenn63

    How long have you been incontinent?

    I have been incontinent going on 29 yrs now ,due to an accident
  12. glenn63

    When did it all start

    I joined January 5 2005 but have been online back when dpf was still around ( I was a member there)
  13. glenn63

    Trying to contact a member

    Glad to hear your reply ,I havnt heard or seen you here since your last email ,I was starting to worry about you ,you put my mind at ease . Thanks for letting me know your ok,..
  14. glenn63

    Trying to contact a member

    FYI, Amyuser is a male not a female
  15. glenn63

    Trying to contact a member

    Thanks for letting me know it's well appreciated