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I'm THAT old


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Playing games on Teletext.

Being unreasonably excited the first time I turned on my megadrive and heard SAAAAAAAY GAAAAAAAAAH!

Thinking that a Casio calculator watch was the coolest thing ever.

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Explaining why 8-track tapes are called that instead of being called 4-track tapes.

Paying the newspaper delivery guy every month in person.

Explaining the V-Hold & H-Hold functions on old-school analog TVs.

Explaining the difference between trolley cars & cable cars to tourists.


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YouTube streams. No, not "streams" like we know today. I'm talking back in 2007-2008, where you could join a room and just watch videos together while talking to your friends (or even strangers) about whatever dumb bullshit you queued up. It was like YouTube's own personal SyncTube.

I miss them ;~;

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Typewrites, rotary dial phones, encyclopedia sets, ice cube trays you had to fill by hand, The Beatles, cars with manual roll up and down windows, road maps, black and white 13 inch TV's that got only 4 channels, counter top popcorn makers, manual crank can openers for cans before pop tops, milk that came in glass bottles delivered by a milk man, record players that had one built in speaker and played one record at a time, The SEARS and J.C. PENNY'S catalogs, adding machines that did add, subtract, multiply and divide only, schools with blackboards and actual text books with paper and pencil, many more and of course, cloth diapers, diaper pins and rubber pants.

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1 hour ago, ValentinesStuff said:

Using a tape recorder as a memory stick for a computer, right after explaining what a tape recorder is.

Using pkzip to split a file across multiple floppy disks

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5 minutes ago, Little Sam said:

Using pkzip to split a file across multiple floppy disks

@Little Sam

1.  used almost any file archive made since about 1993 over the last 30 or so years:  I even learned how to use Tar, Unzip, Zip, etc:  had to archive and sftp files from home in Barre VT to Tallahassee Florida, so was quite familiar with them.  My favorite was Winzip, and my second favorite was 7Zip ;)  I still like to see my screen show me:


	brian@cardinal:/var/www/eagle.bbdc/public/Main$ ls
Data             wp-admin              wp-cron.php        wp-settings.php
index.php        wp-blog-header.php    wp-includes        wp-signup.php
license.txt      wp-comments-post.php  wp-links-opml.php  wp-trackback.php
main.bbdc.tar    wp-config.php         wp-load.php        xmlrpc.php
readme.html      wp-config-sample.php  wp-login.php
wp-activate.php  wp-content            wp-mail.php

Give me a shell prompt anytime :)



2.  To use Pico or Nano  (Pine/Alpine text editors).  In the Days before WordPress, Wattpad, or any of thse programs that can help you build a website in minutes, I had to use BOOKS that had HTML code and make sure that the tag(s) I wanted  to worked with what I wanted to do.  Then., I would open the pico editor and manually add all the tags (Header/footer) <html> </html> and if you made ONE goof, you may not get your site to do what you want:  Wordpress and all the other solutions have made website construction EASY as peeing your diapers hehehehee.  :)

Now. you don't HAVE to learn to code. you just have to have basic knowledge of html in certain situations :)


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Lots of computer references here.   I have a small (very small) archive of computer storage media at work.  Found most of it while cleaning up the telecom room a few years ago.  1 still sealed box of 720kb 3.5" floppies (not even the 1.44m "HD" variety!).  2 brand new (also still sealed) 150mb QIC tapes (and who else here knows what QIC means?)  One 1/2" tape reel (about 12" diameter), and with write protect ring - used... but in great condition.   I know where there's a stock of new 4mm DAT tapes - will likely grab a few of those for the archive as well.  Also got a near complete spindle of blank CDs. 

Also found a complete box set of Windows NT 4.01!! (yes, I saved that one too)

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Quarter Inch Cartridge.

I remember when Elcasettes were going to be the rage.   They were even more doomed than the slightly-less-popular beta format.

I'd already been working with computers for several years before  5 1/4" floppies came out.

Amusingly, my son when he was a tween got someone to donate an 8 track player to him (this was about 1993 or so).   Once people found out he had a player, people started donating old 8 tracks to him.    He had very strange tastes in music for a while (anything that was out on 8 track):   Steppenwolf, the Partridge Family, etc...

One of my first side gigs that eventually led to me running my own company was writing UNIX drivers for QIC drives.


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21 minutes ago, Babygeebee said:

Korn shell scripting. Now that was fun. @~Brian~, never used pico or nano. I was a pro with vi. Still dive into a shell when doing Linux tasks. 


I have used Korn shell (/bin/ksh) and I believe that I have that shell on Cardinal:  for programming, depending on WHAT you are doing, you can use /bin/tcsh, /bin/sh or /bin/bash.  Each one has it's strengths and weaknesses, and its like having another tool in the toolbox.  I've had to use vi a few times,. mostly visudo when /root.   Pico came with PINE, nano was the replacement for ALPINE ;)  (Mailer)


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8 minutes ago, willnotwill said:

Quarter Inch Cartridge

Ding ding ding ding....  we have a wiener!  .. um.. winner.  😜

9 minutes ago, willnotwill said:

One of my first side gigs that eventually led to me running my own company was writing UNIX drivers for QIC drives.

Quite possible I made use of some of those drivers then.

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My (real) name is in the pdksh docs and some of the other LINUX shells.   For a long time, that's all you found when you googled me.    I'd already been working with UNIX for over a decade when that all came down.    I started programming in 1975 or so and started on UNIX in 1977 (that is for certain).


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Granted, I'm not as seasoned or savy as some of you, but I have a few...

I used (and was decent enough at it for a 5-7 years old) the old operating system Dos! I also remembering when the first Windows OS came out and how easy it was to find my games lol including Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, Commander Keen, and others!

Also "Be Kind, Rewind!" And the smell of the store! Such a unique wonderful smell! 😁

But the biggest for me is a life with no cell phones! Kids truly ran free! 

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