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Do you have any toys from your childhood?

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crys_138    15

Lost pretty much all of my childhood stuff between an overbearing father trying to force me to grow up too fast, moving around a lot, and a hurricane. I recently got back the video game consoles I had as a kid, but I've mostly gotten newer stuff to fill the rest of the void.

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id0ntknow    25

I still have some legos, and want to get more of them. I also have Knex from when I was younger, and these are still fun to play with. I still have my old Game boy and the Color one I had too, but I'm not really remembering much other than that.

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Although I don't identify as an AK, I do have quite a few toys from when I was younger, most from around the time I was ten or older, and a few from around age 8 as well I would say. I also have several vintage video game systems, mostly from Nintendo, as well as the games that I purchased for them, many of which I still play when I have the chance.

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barnburner    21

Up until around 8 years ago, I did have a few toy cars that my mom couldnt throw away when she kicked me out of the house when I was 18, Gave them to a friend after I got more detailed diecast cars.

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On October 4, 2014 at 0:26 AM, abrichiebc said:

I still have my large Tonka trucks and a small plastic suitcase full of misc. Legos

TONKA TRUCKS  I had 9 trucks.  After Christmas sales made me a winner with February birthday.  So much fun in the sand box.

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Tom14    3

I'm still the proud owner of sesame street dolls. I stil have elmo, Bert & Ernie left. I also have a bunch of lego and commic books left.

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Just my baby blankey

I still have mine too.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk

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wetdiaper222    14

I still have my plush duck my Dad bought me when I was 1 month old. That would have been in April 1988.

He said he bought it at walmart and I was there with him and mom. Of course I don't remember that part though. Wish I could.

I used to carry it with me everywhere I went until I was 7.

I had the duck with me when we went to my Grandmas house March 4th 1994. 

We came back that evening to find our house on fire. "found out later someone arson'd it"  and the fire department was there putting it out when we arrived home.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had my duck in my arms and remember a firefighter sitting me on his lap and talking to me while my parents were talking with the fire marshal. 

I also had one of those power wheels jeeps that my dad bought for me in Christmas of 1993 when I was 5. 

The front tire melted a bit but a friend got it off our porch and saved it for me before the house went up too much in flames. 

The house was still standing after the fire was put out. But it was a total loss and was torn down and we moved into a mobile home my dad bought with the insurance money. 

I don't have the power wheels anymore because it broke. 

Can't believe that house fire was 23 years ago, Well it will be in March of this year. 

I still have that duck. It has stitches in it's legs one by me and one by my Grandma. 

If I do ever get married and have kids one day I will give that duck to my kid/kids and hope they cherish it like I have. 

I'll try and remember to get a picture of it sometime. 

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