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  1. was wondering what is some of your favorite things to do at disney world.

  2. i have less than 2 months before i get to go to disney world.

  3. Bambino Magnifico PULL-UP

    i don't like them at all. they don't fit right. i have a bag too that i am not going to use unless for a stuffer maybe.
  4. Double Diapers or more...

    i have put on at least 3 thick diapers like abena and had a waddle
  5. Hobbies- who has them?

    i poay video games, golf, fish, go to different breweries, and love to cook. i also like many sports
  6. my nephew came into my room and didn't notice that i was wearing a diaper

  7. Creating accout at abUniverse

    i have never had a problem with them. i made my account with them and it is fine with me. I have no problems with them. you could call your order in.
  8. Wearing and showering

    yes i have it is fun to do.
  9. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    i woluld say a diaper beacuse nude is ok and a diaper would be kinda weird to some people
  10. One Million Posts!

    that is cool
  11. Visiting AB Universe location

    i want to go to one to. there is one about 5 hrs drive for me to go but to pick some up would be cool. It is the one in Everett or seattle.
  12. any gamers here?

    i play everything from pc to my xbox 1 message me if you want my gamertags. PC i am playing hero of the strom right now
  13. I was looking at my profile i have been here for a decade. wow ten years here and it is still a nice place to come and see what the community is doing, and mike is doing a fine job on here,

  14. Do you all ever give diapers a break ?

    i do to once and in a while i am like nope.