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  1. i do some times when i go to the bathroom.
  2. babymikeblue

    Crinklz Astronaut

    i have been wanting to get those. thanks for the Review Mikey.
  3. babymikeblue

    One Word Challenge: Diapers are...

  4. babymikeblue

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    i just got my bike and made sure that it would run and not need the battery tender
  5. babymikeblue

    Any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    I play D&D but i have the 3.5 edition i usually play as a fighter or a pally. like to hit hard or heal the group.
  6. babymikeblue

    What's your favorite weather?

    i like all weather but thunderstorms are my favorite,
  7. babymikeblue

    Name this diaper

    it is from tykables and it is called Pleather diaper think. i'm not sure if they make them any more
  8. babymikeblue

    One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  9. babymikeblue

    Printed nappies

    i wear printed diapers because they wholed more sometimes than the white ones.
  10. was wondering what is some of your favorite things to do at disney world.

  11. i have less than 2 months before i get to go to disney world.

  12. babymikeblue

    Bambino Magnifico PULL-UP

    i don't like them at all. they don't fit right. i have a bag too that i am not going to use unless for a stuffer maybe.
  13. babymikeblue

    Double Diapers or more...

    i have put on at least 3 thick diapers like abena and had a waddle
  14. babymikeblue

    Hobbies- who has them?

    i poay video games, golf, fish, go to different breweries, and love to cook. i also like many sports