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  1. Truth or Dare (part 7 Conclusion)

    Wow, I am loving the story, thanks for sharing.
  2. modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch4

    Very good start, love the idea.
  3. Baby of the Class, Chapter 5 added 2018-01-23

    Good writing and reading. Look forward to more.
  4. Doctors today

    All Dr's are different, my Urologists recommended I stick with diapers over catheters that seem to create more of a problem. He feels it it works for me then great.
  5. Bed wetting in the Army

    I became incontinent while in the military and had to wear diapers. I was also allowed to remain another 6 years before being medically retired.
  6. New Year's Baby

    What a pleasure to read, I do hope you continue.
  7. What do you Wear?

    Typically I wear Dry 24/7 with plastic pants and or cloth diapers and plastic pants
  8. BDSM Test

    Interesting review! == Results from bdsmtest.org == 99% Degradee 98% Boy/Girl 97% Slave 97% Brat 94% Ageplayer 92% Rope bunny 91% Submissive 75% Masochist 65% Exhibitionist 60% Primal (Prey) 58% Experimentalist 53% Non-monogamist 50% Voyeur 42% Pet 18% Vanilla 0% Switch http://bdsmtest.org/r/7213446
  9. Dry 24/7 or Rearz Overnights

    Dry 24/7 for me. Being wearing them 24/7 for years.
  10. I wear thick diapers everywhere all the time, and do not worry about it. Part of being incontinent.
  11. A Visit from the Diaper Lady

    Another great start, I look forward to more.
  12. The Proffesionals.

    Loving the story, thanks for sharing.
  13. Wearing Bras

    That is so evil of you, but sounds so delightfully humiliating and exciting to wear with just my short shorts.
  14. Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    They do, they are cloth diapers from Babykins. I love them, as they are so soft and thick. Yes, short shorts are what I wear most the time over my diapers in the Florida heat.