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  1. New to this, just hoping I can find friends

    Welcome Matt, I am sure you will enjoy it here.
  2. Panty Thief Punishment

    Loving the story and looking forward to more!
  3. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (final)

    I think I want to be under the care of Auntie Joan!
  4. Water out, get out the diapers

    Hmm, sounds suspicious to me. I hope you had fun.
  5. Adventure in tights

    Great to see the story back, enjoying the new chapters. Thanks for sharing.
  6. The Adventures of Alex

    Love the recent updates, thanks for sharing the wonderful story.
  7. New progress

    Enjoy it, I wear Confi Dry 24/7 all day everyday and often with plastic pants over it. No one pays any attention. unless you truly want it with double diapers, short shorts, etc. Go about your day and be confident and no one will give you a second look.
  8. How the babysitter changed my life...

    Great start, looking forward to more.
  9. Untitled at this point

    Loving the start of this.
  10. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Always a dry, It is usually wet shortly thereafter. and often changed twice during the night. When you are incontinent, you learn to change often to prevent problems.
  11. I used to crab out of Alaska and miss it. I would definitely miss my diapers now days.
  12. Musing about living incontinent

    I also live in Central Florida and have to deal with heat and humidity. I wear Dry 24/7 year round and cloth diapers at night. Dockers for work, loose shorts and lots of AC helps other times.
  13. How does it work?

    I usually can go enough and or catheter.
  14. What is Worse, Diaper or Nude?

    I would much rather be seen in a diaper vs nude.
  15. The Adventures of Alex

    Well done update, looking forward to what is next for Alex.