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  1. DLBiker

    Sissy in the Sky with Diapers (One-shot!)

    Wow, that was one hot story, thanks for sharing.
  2. DLBiker

    Baby Sunshine

    Interesting story, I do hope you continue
  3. DLBiker

    Babysitter to sissy baby

    Interesting start, looking forward to more.
  4. DLBiker


    I thought I would post some photos of DLBiker through the years.
  5. DLBiker

    Doctors Visit

    I wear 24/7 due to incontinence and have been seen by many of doctors and nurses. No big deal these days.
  6. DLBiker

    The Visit 1-6

    Loving the story and look forward to more.
  7. DLBiker

    New School 1-4

    Very nice start
  8. DLBiker

    Its time to start.

    I could not agree more, it is second nature to me and diaper are just my underwear. I go about every day as if nothing is different.
  9. DLBiker

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    Its always riding weather in Florida
  10. DLBiker

    Behind Closed Doors

    Good start, enjoying it.
  11. DLBiker

    More than she expected

    Great start, looking forward to more.
  12. DLBiker

    Truth or Dare (part 7 Conclusion)

    Wow, I am loving the story, thanks for sharing.
  13. Very good start, love the idea.
  14. DLBiker

    Baby of the Class, Chapter 5 added 2018-01-23

    Good writing and reading. Look forward to more.
  15. DLBiker

    Doctors today

    All Dr's are different, my Urologists recommended I stick with diapers over catheters that seem to create more of a problem. He feels it it works for me then great.