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  1. I usually wear thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, but when convenient will wear Dry 24/7 disposables
  2. The process is not fast, but it works. You need to explain to your doctor why you need Dry 24/7 vs their brands. For me it was due to my large urine volumes and their brands not being able to absorb enough. I had to try their brands and document that they did not work and eventually, VA special ordered the Dry 24/7 for me.
  3. What a great mommy, he is a lucky baby.
  4. New

    Welcome, good luck with your search just take it slow and have fun.
  5. Welcome back to DD
  6. No hiding of diapers here, as I am in diapers 24/7. Since we live in Florida, I am usually in just a diaper and T shirt at home.
  7. Interesting question, I always new them as the same. They do not do much in the way of advertising or marketing, I guess they just rely on the few retailers and a quality product.
  8. I am currently receiving Dry 24/7 through VA. It took a while to prove the need and show them the difference between Dry 24/7 and their brand, but now I get them regularly. If you need help with this reach out to me.
  9. For me, it is Dry 24/7. once I stated wearing these I never turned back except for good old fashion cloth diapers and baby pants.
  10. I just went through a Diapered Bra Fitting Challenge and had a exciting and humiliating time. Here is a play by play of what happened.
  11. Interesting continuation. I am looking forward to more.
  12. All very good contributions from everyone. It made me think what is sissy and what would be on a sissy disposable diapers. I'll stick with my thick cloth diapers and pink nursery print plastic pants for now.
  13. Going through the ordeal of the fitting and humiliation truly fueled my FAP for many of days
  14. That is great and I am happy for you. It is always good to have a friend who understands and you can participate with.
  15. I usually fall asleep but usually wake up a couple times in the middle of the night with an already wet diaper and even often get up to pee. Never a restful night for me.