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  1. Adventure in Tights

    Thanks for reposting, great story.
  2. New favorite diaper

    They are a great disposable that are so thick and crinkle nicely under you clothes. I love them and wear them all the time when not in cloth and plastic pants.
  3. Diaper bulge ??

    I always go for thick diapers and plastic pants that give me the babyish bulge I so love!
  4. A Much Needed Break From Adulthood

    Wow, loving the story and looking forward to more.
  5. I tend to dribble all the time resulting in constantly we diapers.
  6. Diaper crinkle

    While I love the crinkle, I have not noticed an increase in it over the age of the diaper.
  7. Dry 24/7 works best for me, I sleep on my side, back and stomach and have never had a problem. I also wear cloth and baby pants when I am in the mood.

    I almost always go for the balloon fit. I love my plastic pants big and billowy just like I wore as a toddler. They are perfect with just a T shirt and tennis shoes.
  9. New to this, just hoping I can find friends

    Welcome Matt, I am sure you will enjoy it here.
  10. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (complete re-post)

    I think I want to be under the care of Auntie Joan!
  11. Water out, get out the diapers

    Hmm, sounds suspicious to me. I hope you had fun.
  12. Going To Bed At Night: Wet Or Dry?

    Always a dry, It is usually wet shortly thereafter. and often changed twice during the night. When you are incontinent, you learn to change often to prevent problems.
  13. I used to crab out of Alaska and miss it. I would definitely miss my diapers now days.
  14. Musing about living incontinent

    I also live in Central Florida and have to deal with heat and humidity. I wear Dry 24/7 year round and cloth diapers at night. Dockers for work, loose shorts and lots of AC helps other times.
  15. How does it work?

    I usually can go enough and or catheter.