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    • Actually it would have been interesting if we could see LG or LB
    • 119.)   "Do you miss him?" The boy asked, almost out of the blue, but also not entirely unexpectedly — after-all, the topic had come up only a little while before. "You had someone, too. Someone who told you what to do." It hadn't been hard to figure out, from the way the girl spoke the name Doctor Lorie to the way that she got so downcast when Rew spoke about his experiences. She knew what it was like. That's why she was here. Rew was submissive, but not at all stupid, and he could manage basic math. 2+2=Subby Girl.   "I'm not sure what you mean," I said quietly, staring more intently at my dolls.  Rew had been following me around non-stop since he'd gotten here, and though he'd always stand in corners, Marta and Mommy hadn't yet gotten him to… well, do anything.  Maybe he wasn't a patient after all.   "Well… you said that Eleanora is kind of a doctor, and she helps people, isn't that so? So… what did she help you with? What happened to you, and to Anni? And maybe to Marta, though she's a maid so I'm not certain about her." He was bright and verbose with Josie, though it seemed as though he'd had to work up to that — he hadn't been at first. Maybe it was her smile, or the way she hugged the plushie in a way that made her seem as scared as he was.   "…well, it's…" I shifted uncomfortably in the diaper.  I'd been so wet for so long.  Dinner had to be soon, right?  Marta would change me, then.  I wasn't even aware of my accidents anymore - they just happened. "I just did some bad stuff, is all… but I'm better now..."   "What bad stuff did you do?" He wasn't pushy, just curious, curious in the naive way that children could be. "If you did bad stuff you'd be in jail, so maybe you didn't do bad stuff… maybe bad stuff was done to you." He was not an affectionate person, not by initiative — when instructed was a different story, but he wasn't, so there were no cuddles here. No reassurances. He played with the bandages on his arms quietly.   "I…" I looked at the dolls, my heart pounding in my chest.  I felt a little sick.  I shuffled again in the diaper and closed my eyes. "…I'm getting better, so it doesn't really matter… Mommy says thinking about it when I'm not with her is bad…" She said it in bigger words.   "But how will you get better if you avoid it?" More innocent lines of question, the sorts of things taught to him by the man who'd made him, the man who was once Father but was now and forevermore Daddy. "Maybe it would be okay to talk about it, just this once, because maybe I'll understand?" He continued to caress the overlaps of the wrapped bandages. "I could tell you about him if you want, tell you first, so maybe you can trust me?"   I quickly shook my head, looking down at the dolls.  Spots showed up in my vision when I opened my eyes. "Mommy says not to talk about it, and Mommy knows best… so I'm not gonna talk about it." My chest was hurting.  How was I supposed to explain? "You shouldn't talk about it either.  Please…" The last word was a courtesy.    "Uhhuh." He nodded. It was a direction, an instruction, and in lieu of someone better, he'd obey. Obedience was normal and natural for a boy his age. "Would you like a hug?" That was an offer, one he wouldn't follow through with unless asked or agreed upon. He smiled, encouragingly. She needed it, but he couldn't force it on her.    "…um… okay…" I got up from my place on the ground and brushed off my romper.  I brought Catcat with me, looking up at the boy in the corner.  I bit the inside of my cheek.  What a weird kid.  I put my arms around him and he put his around me.  First hugs are always weird…    Rew was a very good cuddler, he'd been taught how to be affectionate when it was called for in a dozen different ways. And yes, he enjoyed it, too! But what he enjoyed meant so little, and even though he winced when he wrapped his arms around Josie, he continued to hold her warmly despite the pain. "I've never met someone in my situation before, I'm sorry if I hurt you." Not to say that he didn't know other subs, or slaves (they were different, so said Daddy, and he should be grateful to be the former), but he didn't know any others who'd been left to fend for themselves.   "Uh… it's fine… I just wanna get better, and that means following Mommy's rules." The hug broke and I shuffled awkwardly in place, looking at my feet.  Marta broke the silence a second later: "Dinner's ready.  Josie - let's go get you changed." "Okay." I waved after the boy and Anni ushered him into the kitchen.   Changed? Changed… the boy frowned a little bit and thought about the stimuli — the girl waddled. She smelled of ammonia. She needed to get changed. The boy thought about Josie's attire and the pieces were put into place. He'd seen that in a few slaves, actually, it was a sign of ultimate submission. There was no way she wasn't an escapee like him. "Are things going okay with Rewrew, Little Princess Josie? He's quite the troubled one, I hope he hasn't upset you." The maid hefted Josie up onto the changing table as she often did and smiled, kissing her forehead.   "…he's okay… just… a bit weird…" I curled uncomfortably against the changing table, looking up at the ceiling.  Marta started changing the diaper as expertly as she always did. "I think… if he's staying here like me, that he's gonna be a very good person.  'Cause he doesn't fight it like I did.  It won't be any work for Mommy."   "Well, sometimes that's not always best — because you fought at first, Josie, you learned the mistakes you were making, and it's helped you to become such a beautiful little girl now. So affectionate, and charming, and absolutely beautiful."  This was something that Marta would often do, nowadays; praise the girl, for many different things but always without fail for the fact that she was beautiful. It was something she'd noticed early on, that Luzy would never accept a compliment. This was to be Marta's contribution to her treatment.   "I guess… still, I think he's pretty normal.  I mean, not normal, but I think he'll fit in here… normal for here…" It wasn't like me to think this much, not anymore.  I shook my head and found the pacifier, pushing it between my lips.  The rest of my diaper change was in silence, and Marta helped me up and back into the kitchen.   There wasn't much more that happened that day — the five of them had dinner, and afterward, Rew went for his first real talk with Nora. He didn't come back, not out into the house proper, not that evening. In fact, Marta was very absent as well, which left Anni and Josie in the playroom, the lights dim, the air still, as bedtime inexorably approached. "Josie, there's something I want to tell you. And I know Mommy will tell you, too, but you're my sister and I'd like to be the one to." It was important, too, to her and to Josie — as of tomorrow, Anni wouldn't be living here anymore. She'd be babysitter on weekends, but she'd no longer be a resident. No longer be a patient. After all, she'd been ready for a few weeks now, but with Rew here, it meant her time was over.   "You gotta go…?" I looked up at Anni with a pout, but she nodded her head.  I looked down at the dolls in my hands and rubbed my eyes.  I turned toward the hallway again, for the hundredth time that evening, and sighed.  Rew.  He was replacing her… my new sister, of sorts.  I didn't want a new sibling… "I'm gonna miss you..."   "I'm going to miss you, too, Josie!" The irony wasn't completely lost on her, though, and she couldn't help the spreading smile. "I'm going to be your new babysitter, though — on weekends. Marta and Mommy have some new plans together, and so I'll be in charge when they're not available. Remember how Marta has been teaching me to cook?" She was brimming with excitement, and it was hard not to be pleased, even if the turnabout was all too obvious. This was Anni, the most babyish girl to ever come through here, until Luzy that was. And now she'd be in charge.    "…well, at least you'll visit…" A soft dig at Rissa and Koi, who had been absent for over a month, now.  I played more actively with the dolls.  I hated that I still thought so much about those two.  I hated that it mattered as much as it did.  I shouldn't even want them to see me like this!  But… I missed them both…    "I intend to pay our little corseted friend a visit, too, on the topic of visits. She's been so busy lately, and I think she needs a reminder of the important things. Mommy says she'll come over in her own time, but I think I should be a little more pushy, because she's being a brat. And you know how we handle brats here, right, Josie?" Anni picked up one of the dolls and lightly swatted it on the behind with a giggle.   I couldn't help but laugh a little.  Even if the idea of Koi getting in trouble on account of me wasn't exactly desirable, I still wanted her to know how bad I felt that she wasn't here.  I wanted to argue with Anni, that Koi should come at her own time, but I didn't.  I missed her… "I guess you're right… are you gonna stay with Rissa?"   "I'm actually going to live with my parents." It was a concept that hadn't really been visited, and she smiled weakly. "I was a different case to most here, and I've been here for years, not months. I miss them, and they miss me, and it'll be nice to get back into the world and just try to live life… not even a normal life. Just life. I guess it took my being here for me to appreciate just how much Nora does for us…"   "I guess that makes sense…" I looked down at my hands, at the bracelet on my wrist, and then down at Anni and the bracelet on her ankle.  It was so hard to remember we were one in the same, still.  She was every bit a patient as I was… "Do you like Rew?"   "I think it's very sad what happened to him, and I'm really glad that he's here. But I don't really know him… I mean, he doesn't talk to me. He seems to like you, though, and that could be a really important thing. Trust. Like… I think trust is how this all works. You gotta trust someone here, or you'll never be able to get better." Anni was worried, though, worried about the boy and what little she knew, worried that he's ideations were… problematic.   "…yeah, I guess that makes sense…" And I went back to playing with my dolls.  I yawned one more time before Anni decided it was time for me to sleep.  I crawled into the crib and looked at the one beside it.  Empty.  Would Rew be sleeping in there tonight?  Was he to be put in place like I was?  I knew so little about this place… "Sweet dreams, Anni…"    Anni smiled, bit her lip, and leaned into the crib. She kissed Josie. Not on the lips, not like an adult, not romantically — she did it on the nose, and smiled, and then rested her head against the girl’s forehead. "Thank you, Josie. I'm so glad I met you, I'm glad I got to know you. And even though after tonight, I'll be your sitter and not your sister, I'll never forget what you've done for me. And you'll remember one day, too, and you'll get to have something so great to be proud of." It was the most profound thing that Anni might have ever said, and she left it at that. "Goodnight, Princess Josie. Make sure to take good care of your new sister.”
    • I don't think that Wendy is actually torturing Aimee. She is manipulating her. Much like an interrogator will manipulate their subject. When you torture the subject you don't get what you really want or need because the subject will give you whatever they think you want to stop the torture. An interrogator will break their subject down  psychologically. Water boarding, which is mow very controversial, was actually a good example. The interrogator isn't actually causing any physical harm to the subject, yet at the same time the subject believes  are drowning and when they continue to experience this feeling yet realize nothing bad is actually happening they will break. Wendy isn't after information like an interrogator would be but she can get similar results. 
    • Not to be disrespectful, but this was hard to follow. Who is who's mom?
    • I think Josie's talk with Momma will really help both her and Rew. Maybe Josie will be the key o helping Res get over his trauma. Beautiful addition you two.