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  2. I look forward to your next story!
  3. great story
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  5. Commenting here because something my sister said last night made me think of this thread. This is removed from context, but she said to me "Maybe I should be your mother." -- Basically I was just saying to her that when she says stuff to me it makes sense and I do it. Anyway... as you were...
  6. "'Nana and baby pwaed we slide and we's swing." he said in his best baby talk despising it all but he didn't want Mandy to spank him. He wondered if Mandy was going to tell her about his comments about her getting turned on by the control she had.
  7. "Nap no baby don't like nap!" she whined She was looking forward to sissy coming home but not a nap!
  8. "Aren't you going to change me?" she cried as she didn't want to stay in a wet diaper for any amount of time. Once she got downstairs she was placed in the highchair she turned around when she herd a man's voice. "He can't see me like this!" she said trying to unclick the tray.
  9. Little Annie Chapter 3 Stepping out of the shower, Ann dried herself before wrapping the towel around her. She always too care to wrap towels under her armpits in the approved fashion. She had to tuck the towel in tightly, because her modest breasts didn't really really help hold the towel up. Even if Ann didn't have anything worth hiding from view in the mammary department, she was jolly well going to pretend she had. It helped make up for the jibes of 'Flattie!' she'd endured, and being asked, for example, if she wore a bra yet by a helpful shop assistant in a clothing store when she was about to try on some new tops. Being able to buy bras online was a godsend to girls like her. She had even bought adhesive pads to fill them out. Back in her room, Ann dressed, putting on another pair of briefs after arranging a pad in the gusset and hooked herself into another padded bra. Thinking again of Cally's boobs, Ann cupped her hands under the padded cups and tried to lift them up a little. She looked at herself in the tall mirror on the wardrobe door and turned sideways to it, thrusting her chest out a little. A little better, she decided, nudging the cups upward again before putting on a clean blouse and slipping on another skirt. She slipped on a sweater and after brushing her shoulder length blonde hair she felt ready for lunch with her new employers. It was a short walk across a small patch of lawn surrounded by flowers to the main house. Despite her usual confidence, Ann felt excited and nervous. That was not a good thing for her, she knew, and although she had peed as hard as she could both in the toilet and in the shower, she could feel the slight little twinges through her nervousness. Ada and Cally were in the big kitchen as Ann entered through the door from the garden. 'Hello, Ann!' said Ada. 'Don't you look lovely!' Ann knew she presented well, and didn't blush. 'Thank you,' she said. 'Over here, Ann,' said Cally, motioning to one of the four chairs around the table on one side of the kitchen. It was set for three. Ann followed Cally's instruction, and scowled at the cushion someone had placed just on that chair. Ann took the cushion off the chair and placed it on the chair at the empty place next to it. 'I have quite a long torso,' she said, and sat down. 'Do you now,' replied Ada, smiling at the sight of Ann's defiant little face and shoulders just visible above the table. Ann felt another strong twinge, and flexed her thigh muscles. Control, she told herself, taking a deep breath. COngtrol. She'd lasted much longer than this before. She realised she should have asked about the bathroom before she'd sat down, but it was obvious she'd just been in the bathroom having a shower, and she didn't want to appear disorganised. She'd ask after lunch, she told herself.
  10. Hoping to be around this weekend 27th, 28th, 29th May.  If you see me online, PM me!

  11. "that I'm looking at a pretty girl"
  12. I had put the trousers in my purse right before you grab it. I follow you just in case, to help provide a shield from other people seeing your wet clothes
  13. I give you a look "you lied point blank about your grades, was that not on purpose either?" I say as I drive to the daycare. When we get there I get out first and lead you by the hand inside
  14. Nope. You'll just have to wait and see! Chapter 5 should be coming out next week, but don't get your hopes up too much as we're both quite busy.
  15. I give you a look from across the room "you were hiding because I found you out there in a corner. Don't hide from me Dan, I don't like finding you like that." I say as I come over to you and pull your trousers down and get to work cleaning you
  16. I went to bed with a bit wet diaper and woke up with a fully soaked diaper,my bed pad was soaked and the front of my t-shirt was wet helf way up. I wet the bed for the first time in many years. : ) . Well I am not 24/7 yet but trying harder in June.
  17. Trying to be subtle, hmmm? The older story reference is the room number '1017AB', all the way back from 'Dante's Infanzia Chapter 2. "From 0101A, 0102A, etc., all the way down until at some point, the numbers started over at 0101B and so forth. Eventually, the alphabet ran out, and started over at 0101AA, 0102AA. Dante was carried for what seemed like a long time, but he didn't care, though he wasn't certain why. Finally, they came to a door labeled 1017AB. Judy knocked with her free hand, almost comically holding Dante up while he was resting on her hip." And while I'm at it, the 'AB' part of the name stands for Adult Baby, right? ~FlamingCreeper
  18. Good for you,I started trying to go 24/7 the fist of May ,I did good the first week,I wore day and night the first week and wore to work for a week,but I stoped wearing to work after the first week ,but I am going to try harder in June,my first goal is to be in diapers all the time,I wear most every night and wet,I am starting to mess my diaper more often witch I never use to do like twice a week ,I am trying to become diaper dependent,good luck let me know how it is going,let's do it,become 24/7 I love my diapers.
  19. Steven smiled. "It's really eating you up that you don't know, isn't it? You will know when we wake in the morning. For now, lets get some rest." Steven dressed down to a white t-shirt and boxers and then slid into bed. "C'mon sweetheart."
  20. Nick nodded. "Me wanna color mommy! Color for daddy!" He said. Nick waited for his mommy to grab the crayons and paper that she kept hidden.
  21. Hey everyone! I just recently have been brave enough to make an account on this website - so I'm sorry if this is under the wrong forum just tell me and I can move it. Anyways, I kind of have a different type of situation so let me explain... I've almost always been interested in ageplay and abdl but non-sexual and only as a mommy but, I come from a very important and high standing family so I've never been able to indulge in my interests. So my situation is particular because though I'm looking for a little boy, I will never actually be able to meet up with them - the relationship is going to have to be strickly online and through calls/texts. Though I would love to live with and look after a little boy, I know my family will never be able to except the lifestyle. So basically, I just want someone I can comfort during hard times and help them when they're little by guiding their actions through text, online message etc... Because I can't be there physically someone that falls into the mental age of maybe 3-5 would be best and obviously also someone who isn't constantly in headspace. Feel free to message me! Even if you don't fit the "requirements", I am a mommy and helping other especially through hard times helps me relax! PS - Yes Charlotte is my real name. You can call me Charlotte or Charlie I don't have a preference!
  22. 17 weeks of hrt
  23. so Alex how was your day
  24. "Aww " Alex says and goes back to playing with her toys
  25. Hi, I too am looking for the first story that justme101 mentioned above. A guy is hired by 4 women to be a baby girl for a time. At one point he is really depressed and the girls come to an agreement they will allow him to be an adult i think its once a week so long as he is dressed like a girl and they take him out to restaurants and other places. I think the last time they take him out before his time is up, they take him to a baseball game. Thank you in advance
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