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  2. It's a Family Affair!

    Why is that asked the ? Well because I have a daddy and a mommy, they don't yell like my old mommy, I have sisters, all I had before was brothers and they would do things, then blame me and my mommy believed them. I got in trouble for things they did, maybe mommy will find out I didn't do everything they said I did. Chris had to wait while Lisa was given tests. She came out and have him a hug. That test was pretty easy! What do you want for lunch asked Chris? Chicken McNuggets, was her answer! What is it with kids and McDonald's, he wondered? Mr. English said as they were getting ready to leave. You got one very bright girl there Chris, she scored real high on the academic part of the test! Nothing glaring from the physical. We won't hear anything from the psych for a couple of weeks yet. But I think she is pretty well adjusted as far as children go. Did you know I knew your daddy here when he was your age? Really, she asked? Yes and he was a lot like you. I always knew he was going to be successful. He was just that kind of kid. Now when I see him play football I tell people I'm with I knew that kid when I was bigger than him!
  3. Word Association

  4. Baby girl looking for new friends :)

    I want some friends too
  5. Curious about a survey 'about bears' that was recently posted elsewhere. So let's do our own bear survey right here. 1.) Do you have a stuffed bear? 2.) How often do you sleep with your bear? 3.) If you do sleep with your bear, why?
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  7. Danni – Part 6 – Crime and Punishment Being brought up by Julie had made me the boy I was. I wasn’t one for games, in fact, other than with Simon I had hardly played with any other boys of my age. They scared me and with Julie’s protection, I’d never needed to toughen up. Some might say I was lucky to have such a sister, and indeed, I never thought anything other than that but, as we both got older it was as if she didn’t want me to grow up. She was making things up that I did or didn’t do when she spoke to mum, and mum, being mum, believed everything she said or suggested. It wasn’t that mum wasn’t bothered it was just that she’d left me in Julie’s hands for so long, she had no idea how I should be. If I complained to her about having to wear something she always made me remember how much I’d enjoyed dressing up before. When I think about it, I always did have a smile on my face as me and Julie had played her dressing-up games. I didn’t know any better but mum now saw it as “Just the way you are”. I think she thought it was what I wanted and I liked all that kind of thing; being dressed as a girl or being babied by all her friends. In many ways I suppose I did, or at least it never worried me but, I’d begun to want the same as what the boys at school had. At school I was introduced to the choir and found that I loved singing in assembly as much as I’d enjoyed singing in front of Julie and her chums. The teachers thought I was very good and began to offer me more and more songs to take the lead on. I was very nervous about being pushed forward but Miss Simms, the music teacher gently coaxed me and, perhaps because she was a woman, I did as I was told. It was OK if I was surrounded by the rest of the choir and I was just one amongst a group but when I had my solo I became quite scared. I’m not sure why but it was worse if mum or Julie were watching and on one occasion I peed my pants centre stage. Julie saw what I’d done and because of the sudden appearance of a wet spot on the front of my shorts she leapt into action. Even before Miss Simms could come to my assistance Julie was up on the stage and gently leading me off, her words full of sympathy, but her firm grip telling me otherwise. How she knew what would happen I do not know but I was led to a classroom, my shorts and briefs taken down and she rummaged in her schoolbag and produced a disposable nappy. She had no powder or lotions this time but just wrapped me in it, pulled it up between my legs, fastened the sticky tabs in place and yanked me to my feet. A few fellow pupils had gathered in the doorway to watch the proceedings and Miss Simms was trying to get through the cordon. I could see the sympathy in her eyes but Julie just said that she wasn’t to worry, no one blamed her for my distress and that she was sure no real harm was done. Miss Simms was taken aback at this slight but as Julie had already grabbed my hand and was ushering me away from the cluster of kids (and associated parents) she hadn’t formulated a response as Julie hurried me to mother’s car waiting to pick us up. It was my moment of achievement… something I’d done without Julie… or mum and I’d wet myself. I was crying as we got into the car and mum was wondering what had happened. A very empathetic Julie explained how I was ‘brilliant’ and was singing ‘beautifully’, when I just peed myself. Again, all the words she said sounded like she was so sorry for me but I knew that she loved every minute of my humiliation. As I sat down she even apologised to mum that she hadn’t got any plastic pants for me to wear to protect the car seat… and suggested that in future we should all carry a spare pair for just such emergencies. Mum just nodded to Julie, tried to cheer me up with the offer of ice cream, tickled me under the chin and told me that I was her ‘special little boy’. I was sobbing quietly in the back seat with Julie gently stroking my hand and telling me not to worry, and that lots of boys my age had these accidents. Fine soothing words for her but quite terrifying for me as it gave her another excuse to keep me in nappies. It also meant that from that moment on Julie would insist that I wear protection for school, as, she explained to mum, she didn’t see why the teachers should have to deal with my ‘damp spells’. Again mum nodded in agreement and Julie suggested that we call in and get some suitable protection on the way home. As we pulled into the shopping centre car park I didn’t want to get out but both mum and Julie were adamant I couldn’t sit there alone. I weepily suggested that Julie stayed with me but she said that she had things she wanted to buy. There was no way round it… I walked into the pharmacy and to the nappy section wearing my bright and dry disposable. There was absolutely no doubt as to what we were there to buy. Julie found a huge case of pull-ups about my size and took them over to mum. She also found some cloth nappies, pins and a couple of pairs of colourful plastic pants. She added tubs of baby powder and lotion. I was filled with embarrassment and had my eyes glued to the ground throughout the entire proceedings. Even at the cash desk, as mum paid and Julie held all the products, I couldn’t look at the teenage lad who was on check out as I was certain he would be laughing at me. Just before he rang through the pull-ups he asked mum if she wanted to change them as they were for young girls, they had cartoon princesses all over them, apparently, there were some with cars on for little boys. But an exasperated sound came from Julie who was already on her way out with the rest of the stuff so mum just shrugged and the lad beeped them through. Mum had said that we were going to get ice cream but I hadn’t thought she meant in a public place and as we drove into the café that was my favourite location because of its selection of flavours I began to cry again saying I didn’t now want any ice cream. Mum was about to turn around but Julie said that even if I didn’t she would like some and also implied I was lying and that I was just being silly. “What little boy didn’t want ice cream?” The fact was I did but not dressed as I was. Julie was very quick. “Is it because you’re only wearing a disposable?” I nodded. “Would you be OK if we put you in something else?” Again I nodded almost beginning to cheer up at the prospect of the big sundae I was planning on treating myself to. “OK then, that’s what we’ll do.” So as mum went off to order our tasty treats Julie set about changing me in the back of the car. I was relieved when the disposable came off and she wiped me dry with some of the wipes we’d just bought. She powdered me and was all ‘loving’ and ‘sweet’ as she massaged it in, then she delved into the case of pull-ups and unfurled it. At that moment I wasn’t thinking about the image on it, all I knew was that it was more like wearing underpants than a nappy, but once I was in them she opened the door and dragged me out. I was standing wearing just a pair of princess pull-ups and a white school polo shirt. “There,” she said triumphantly, “fit for a… prince… ess” and led me to the café. She gave me that grip and a very stern warning not to upset mum by acting up or crying and said that if I did she would spank me herself when we got home… and… she inferred… after today’s performance and the expense and the embarrassment to her and mum… no doubt mum would spank me too. The café was full of kids all enjoying their selection of fruity flavours and I was just another tasty morsel that they could enjoy by laughing and tittering as I walked by. It was the worst, and longest, ice cream I’d ever had and I did cry and… wet myself. Needless to say, Julie pointed this out to mum and, as I was bawling my eyes out, it was agreed that I was getting worse and perhaps stronger protection may be needed. The princesses, not able to withstand my soggy torrent, meant I had to ride back home in a very wet pull-up. # to be continued...
  8. Cursed gifts

    Thanks for the update, I throughly enjoyed it. I wish I could give it a like but I ran out of those early today. This chapter makes me think that Faeranduil will likely get away with his plan. One thing keeps me thinking that there is still a possibility that he could be exposed if the healer had told someone else. I am loving the story and am eager to read more.

    New development and I can hardly wait to see how it goes over!
  10. Rockabye Baby Sasha Rogers was sitting in the living room of her house surfing twitter and instagram. She noticed that a lot of celebrities were doing this new kink called ageplay. Ageplay was when someone adopted a younger person and regressed them into a baby. She'd alwaays wanted a little, there was only one problem: Where to get one 2 days later, Sunday evening February 12. Sasha and the band were in the rehearsals sudion in her house practicing for the Lover's Day Concert at the nearby Stadium. She knew the riff and the words off by heart yet she was still distracted when suddenly an idea struck her, she'd try and get one at the concert. Sasha: "Eli I have an idea." Eli: "What is it? Something to with getting a little?" Sasha: "Yes we could get ine at the concert." Jade:"Yeah but how? We could bring them up on stage and check them out maybe and then we could ask the security to bring them to us at the end." Sasha smiled excitedly. Sasha:"GREAT idea Jade, now let's go upstairs and have a drink." The Girls all went up to the kitchen and chatted until late evening about everything they would do ince they got their hands on a little. 2 days later, February 14th, Valentine's day 7:30 PM Jace was standing by the front of the Reiten City Coliseum with the cold, sharp wind blowing the chill into him. His old ragged Prospero: Beyond hoodie gave him no protection from the harsh cold. He checked his wallet, it was empty except for small shrapnel and the ticket. He'd saved a month's meager wages from his job as a server in a small café for this show it'd better be good. Finally it was 7:45 and the doors opened. He could tell the security weren't too pleased with letting someone as scruffy as him in. He smiled as he came into the warmth of the building, this was gonna be a great night He made his way into the pit and manage to get a spot in the front. He hoped he was near Sasha, he'd had a crush on the singer since he was 14. Suddenly the lights went out and the concert began.... Hi guys it's been a while so I've started this project. Feedback is welcome.
  11. Thinlking about this diaper. Before i buy it

    Its on amzon. Put the same wording I have. Above in the search engine
  12. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    Are you telling us it is not everybody's cup of tea?
  13. Looking in delaware

    Hi im a newer dl in delaware looking for friends
  14. Thinlking about this diaper. Before i buy it

    Which one? There are several blue ABDL diapers.
  15. Diapered defense

    I was active duty Air Force from 1990-2012. I hid my diaper desires, even after I developed some real issues. I wore to work a few times, even once to a large meeting with the MXG commander. About a year before I retired, I let my doctor know that I had developed bladder problems. I only deployed once, and I had some diapers sent to me while I was gone. The walk to the Cadillac at night was far too long... I quickly learned I wasn't the only one doing that.
  16. Anyone interested in helping me get these in a larger size?
  17. Luvs 6

    Hi there. Im sure this has been posted a bunch of times before and if so I apologize. Im looking into getting some baby diapers. I know they wont hold a lot, would probably use as a stuffer if they dont fit. I really just want for the scent most of all. Would they fit a 32 waist without modding? And by fit I dont mean fine if you lay perfectly still and only wet a little. Was also looking into getting a,pack of goodnites. Where would be cheapest to get a small pack of the luvs bear hug 6's? Thanks!
  18. Can these be made in bigger like plus size?
  19. The boss baby( private)

    Michael sat reading when he heard his little boy walking around. He looked up and couldn't help but smile. He opened his arms in invitation "come here baby, come to daddy"
  20. Unconventional Solutions - 9

    Loved it. The end of that chapter makes me wonder if Allen didn't take matters into his hands and get her some diapers more appropriate for her. At any rate she knows pads suck and she needs to stick with real diapers. Iam waiting for the next chapter.
  21. Nick stroked jakes cheek again and wiped his mouth "such a messy little boy, nothing major baby I just mean I already know that your just a little boy and about your routine and stuff I also get that little boys act up some times and that they need a lot of help with things so I really just mean that you can count on me to help out and whatever happen while we are together stays with me. I'll never make fun of of you for being little, it's just who you are and that's ok I just hope you'll trust me baby"
  22. Becoming the Bully's baby (Private)

    Alex just rubbed the little boys back as the rocked he hummed a little " such a good little boy for me after your nap we can move to the sofa and maybe watch a move ok baby"
  23. " oh my baby" Ben rubbed travis's " getting your reading better is our priority and school is a big part of that the teacher will notice and you might need extra help we will just have to see ok sweetie, we'll just do whatever you need"
  24. College parents (private with hya123)

    Liam woke up and crawled around and nudged James to wake up and James yawned and carried Liam to the kitchen smiling at breakfast and coffee "hey something smells good" as he kisses Hailey's lips and her stomach and Liam sucks his pacifier and yawns slowly waking up as he waves at Hailey
  25. One big busy family (private with hya123)

    Adam sucked his thumb and nodded as he felt better being clean. He was still learning to use the potty but he did know he hated being in a dirty diaper or pull up. james held Kenzie and covered her up with a blanket letting her continue to sleep
  26. A Typical Day

    Thank you so much for the compliments on the story! I was never raised using or wearing plastic pants. When I tried them here a couple years ago the legs were too tight on my big thighs so I abandoned them. I can't relate to plastic pants, so I can't write about something I don't know much about! Sorry! Vielen Dank für die Komplimente über die Geschichte! Ich wurde nie angezogen mit oder tragen Plastikhosen. Als ich sie vor ein paar Jahren versuchte, waren die Beine zu eng an meinen großen Oberschenkeln, also habe ich sie aufgegeben. Ich kann mich nicht auf Plastikhosen beziehen, also kann ich nicht über etwas schreiben, von dem ich nicht viel weiß! Es tut uns leid!
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