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  1. While I do wear diapers, I am incontinent and just make the best of it.
  2. I think they are very good plastic back diapers, plain white and very crinkly.
  3. I like to wear in our hot tub, the feeling went it get full is amazing.
  4. I have received many of massages while in diapers always an enjoyable and relaxing time.
  5. We will see where it goes next, I do owe her a lot.
  6. Having been required to wear diaper due to urinary incontinent for over 20 years, I have gotten used to wearing diapers and don’t overly worry about who notices that I am diapered, I only try and make the best of it. Most of the time, I am in a Dry 24/7 or cloth diaper and plastic pants with just shorts and a T shirt on. This past weekend, weather was beautiful in Florida and I decided to go to a local tiki bar on the Intercoastal Waterway. I applied a good coat of baby lotion followed by a dusting of baby powder and changed into one of my thick and trusty dry 24/7 with blue carousel nursery print plastic pants covered by cargo shorts and a T shirt. When I arrived, the place was packed and parking was hard to find. I stepped up to the bars, said my hellos and ordered a drink. I have to say, the first one went down easily and I had forgot or ignored the fact I was in such a thick diaper when I went for another drink. I was just over a half through with the second one when a friend Rachel walked up to the bar. Every time I see her, she is always happy and full of life. I have to say had it been in different times I would have made a move for her. She greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss as I went back about my business of relaxing and people watching. About that time, Rachel came up to me and asked where her hug was as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "you smell nice baby" I only heard baby and blushed as she patted me on my bottom and whispered "you might need a change soon." I stood there blushing and scared wondering how she figured out I was wearing diapers. I started to worry that she might tell everyone as she walked away towards the bathroom. I thought to myself, what I would say next and how I would explain my overly thick diapers due to incontinence to this beautiful women. I saw her coming back out of the bathroom and head straight towards me. She walked up and looked at me and said, “I always wondered why you had such a cute puffy bottom and hardly ever went to the bathroom. She continued with her curiosity and asked if I was really in a diaper as she lifted the hem of my shirt, squeezed my thick diaper and patted my plastic pants. Hoping no one was watching, I replied, obviously I was and I asked if she wouldn't tell anyone. She told me “It will be our little secret for now.” I told her I was incontinent from an accident and had to wear diapers. She continued to lift my shirt and pull my shorts out, when she noticed my blue nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts and asked “why are you wearing baby pants then?” I told her, they are not baby pants, they are just plastic pants. She laughed and said,” I’ve never seen an adult in baby blue plastic pants with little characters on them, so they must be baby pants!” I pulled my shirt back down and asked her to stop as someone may be watching. She continued to ask "do you use your diapers for their intended purpose? Do you need to go right now? Do you need a change yet? I was floored, a little embarrassed and nervous all at the same time. By the time she was done asking her questions I noticed drinks had gone into effect on me and I had to pee adding to my already wet diaper. I couldn't lie to her now about using my diaper so I told her I did have to go and I do use them for what they are made for. I added, “in fact, I am already wet.” She giggled and got a huge smile on her face. Some people, heard and saw what she was doing, but luckily no one I knew heard every word or saw her checking my diaper. We stood out at the tiki bar saying hi to friends as she kept patting my diapered bottom and listening to it crinkle all the time smiling at me. She whispered in my ear, “You know your loving it, I can see your diaper starting to poke out in the front,” she was right, I was loving it! By this time, I had enough to drink and was thoroughly soaked. I told Rachel I had to go home and change as I did not bring a spare on with me. Once again, she pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She snickered, patted my bottom again and said, “I think somebody has a very wet diaper and needs his little diaper changed.” I paid my bill as well as Rachel’s. I turned to say goodbye to her as she gave me a hug and squeezed the back of my diaper while saying “you better bring spare diapers with you next time or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are!” I quickly walked away thinking what had I got myself into this time? Over MLK weekend, I decided to go back to the Tiki bar for something to eat and a drink or two, hoping I would not run into Rachel again and endure more of the diaper humiliation she dished out last time. I think deep down I was really fantasizing about what would happen if I did run into her again and how far she would take it. It was about mid-day and I had an already wet diaper on so I jumped into the shower to clean up before going out. I laid out a thick and crinkly dry 24/7, jumped up on it and dusted myself heavily with baby powder before tightly taping up the diaper. I remembered, the last time I wore my blue carousel nursery print plastic pants that Rachel had noticed and teased me relentlessly about wearing baby pants. This time I thought I would go for it and wear my soft pink nursery print plastic pants covered by a thin pair cargo shorts and a long sleeve T shirt. Once dressed, I took a look in the mirror, realizing that the diaper was a little more obvious than I thought as I walked out the door. The bar was packed usual, I said my hellos and took a seat on a stool at the end of the bar noticing just how thick and noisy my diaper really was. I was talking to a bartender named Julie when I felt someone’s hands slip something over my head as I looked down to see a necklace with a baby’s pacifier on the end of it. I turned around to see Rachel smiling at me and tell everyone that she had just attended a baby shower and it was one of the party gag gifts. She laughed and said “you like it don’t you baby?” I went to take it off as she whispered in my ear that I better keep it on or she will tell everyone what a diaper boy I really am. She turned to give everyone hugs and a kisses and then walked back up to me and said “well baby, are you going to stand and give me a hug or not?” She gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek and said "you always smell so nice and fresh like a baby." She then proceeded to pat me on my diapered bottom and whispered "What's a big boy like you doing in diapers and baby pants, huh? You look just like my two year old nephew. I love patting his cute bulging diapered bottom too." I was blushing so hard I could feel my cheeks burning as I prayed no one saw what she just did. In order to avoid any further humiliation, I grabbed her a barstool and slid it next to mine. She sat down and looked at me with a beautiful smile as she started patting my crotch, and said. "How are my baby's diapers? Are they wet?" I told her no, that I was dry. She looked around to make sure no one was watching as she lifted my shirt and quickly spotted my pink nursery print plastic pants sticking out the top of my shorts laughed and said “I guess you’re a baby girl today if you’re wearing pink baby pants then.” I looked at her and said “I told you last time, they are not baby pants, and they are just plastic pants for incontinence.” She giggled and said, “Why don’t we ask Julie if your pretty little pink plastic pants with little characters on them are baby pants or not!” I pulled my shirt back down and as she turned and told Julie she has a question. I turned bright red and said “please don’t do this to me, what do I have to do for you to keep this our secret?” She continued to pat my diapered crotch, laughed and said, "I love to tease you and make you blush," just as Julie walked over and she said “can we get a large ice tea for my baby here?” I blushed at the thought of constantly being called baby, but was glad she did not take the humiliation any further. About twenty minutes later, I started squirming in my seat. She looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “What's the matter, baby? Do you need to go potty?" A couple people gave me an odd look as she said this. "Yes," I replied. "I got to go real bad." She giggled and responded, “Your wearing diapers and baby pants, so pee.” By then my bladder was aching. I couldn't hold it any longer. I stood up and told her I was going to the restroom as she grabbed my hand and told me to sit down or she will pull my shorts down in front of everyone. She looked at me and said “Do you really want everyone to see what a big baby you really are in your diapers and pretty pink baby pants, then sit down?” I sat down quickly just as I started wetting my diaper. It came out so fast you could hear an obvious hissing sound coming from my baby pants. I had to admit to myself that the hot, wet diapers gave me a tremendous hard-on. Rachel noticed the bulge in my baby pants and started to pat my diaper and said, "So that's why you like to wear diapers, huh?" I couldn't answer her because I was on the verge of tears. Now she knew every shameful detail and I hated to think what would happen next. I was thoroughly soaked and humiliated as I told Rachel I had to go home and change. She smiled and lifted my shirt and pulled the back of my shorts out to perform a diaper check as I prayed no one was looking. She laughed, patted my bottom and said, “It looks like the big baby has a very wet diaper and needs his diapers changed.” I paid my bill and told her I would see her later. She gave me a glaring look and responded, “I told you last time that you better bring a change of diapers and plastic pants with you or I will tell everyone what a sissy diaper boy you are. Did you bring them or not?” I told her have spare diapers and plastic pants in my truck, but did not really want her to see me in just diapers and have to change me. She laughed at me and replied, I have changed many of baby’s diapers in my life and seen many little boys wee wees. I blushed and stood to go out to my truck with her behind me squeezing and patting the seat of my diaper and telling me how much fun this is going to be as she took hold of my hand. Luckily for me, my truck was parked against a hill and next to some tall bushes. I opened the back door near the bushes and showed her my backpack with everything in it. She took out a Dry 24/7 diaper, commenting that it looked like a big boy pamper, a pair of yellow plastic pants, baby wipes and powder. “Well” she replied, “It looks like the big baby is ready for more than one diaper change.” I saw the yellow plastic pants with bears on it that that she picked out and got a raging hard-on again. She noticed my reaction and started laughing. "I know what baby wants to wear,” said Rachel as she rubbed the bulge in my baby pants. I nearly came right there. I stood there staring at her as she said, “that diaper is not going to change itself, so let’s get them big boy pants off first.” She started to unbutton my shorts as I tried to stop her and tell her we cannot do it here. She laughed and replied “it’s either here or in the ladies bathroom, you choose.” Rachel then pulled my shorts down and told me to step out of them and hop up on the seat as she patted my plastic panties telling me how cute they were. She guided me up onto the back seat and massaged the front of my plastic pants saying, "I bet baby can't help but cum in his little baby pants. I bet he even likes to sit and squish in his cum, huh? Wouldn't that be nice and shameful? She watched with glee as I exploded into the front of my diapers. It was the greatest orgasm of my life. I didn't think I had that much cum inside of me. She laughed at me and said, “Now we can change those wet and sticky diapers,” as she sternly told me to lift my butt, and proceeded to pull my plastic pants down and then un-taped my wet diapers "My, you are wet aren't you?" She exclaimed as she pulled the diaper from under me. Noticing my pacifier she placed around my neck earlier, "Lets pop this in, it'll help calm you down" She said. And before I knew it she'd popped the pacifier into my mouth. Almost without thinking I began to suck on it, the soft rubber nipple almost filling my mouth. Things were happening fast now, the pacifier had subdued me into submission, and Rachel was in full control, she slipped her fingers between my knees and gently forced my legs apart. I continued sucking on my pacifier as she unfolded the diaper and placed it on the seat between my legs. "Just lift your bottom up for me baby." She said softly. I did as I was told and she then slipped the diaper under my raised bottom. "There we go," She cooed softly. “Now let's get you cleaned up and make sure you’re nice and powdered shall we?" Rachel was smiling down at me as she twisted open the top of the powder bottle. I turned my head to one side as she began to sprinkle liberal amounts of powder over me. I laid right back and looked up at the roof of the truck, I shut my eyes tightly with embarrassment as she carefully rubbed some powder around my penis, lifting it gently with her fingers. Then she began to sprinkle fine layers of it all around my bottom, which fell like fine snow and filled the air with a sweet perfume. "There we are," she said "Baby's all ready." And so the moment had arrived, the moment I had been dreading with ever increasing frustration and shame. Here I was, a grown man, naked, lying on the seat of my truck with a pacifier in my mouth, about to be dressed in a diaper. I looked up, Rachel was smiling down at me, and behind that smile was a look of satisfaction and joy, like she was enjoying and reveling in my shame and embarrassment. She was in total control and I was utterly powerless to stop her. I closed my eyes tight shut as she gently pulled the diaper up and over my crotch. Then she reached across and removed the little tab from one of the side tapes. I felt the diaper tighten on one side as she stuck the tapes together. The plastic of the diaper rustled and crinkled as she pulled the other tapes across, pulling the diaper tightly around me. I remained in my exposed position as she then began to fiddle and adjust my diaper. She slipped her fingers under each side of the leg elastic and ran them all the way round, making sure that the elastic was not tucked in or twisted. I remember her 'pinging' the elastic against me, in a sort of mocking salute to a job well done, a pleasing smile on her face. The diaper rustled loudly as it was pulled about and adjusted, I could feel the bulkiness of it immediately, the thick mass of soft plastic diaper pushed against the insides of my legs, enveloping me, making it impossible to close my legs to any degree. The thin plastic edge at the top of the diaper came up quite high, almost to my belly button, she ran her fingers around the top, and giving my diaper a little tug to make sure it was fitted correctly. She lifted my legs once more as she picked up the yellow nursery print plastic pants. Then she gave them a shake and proceeded to place them over my feet. The plastic was soft yet rustled loudly as my feet were guided through the leg holes. I felt the elastic gradually tighten around my legs as they were pulled up to my thighs before being stretched and pulled up over my thick diaper. She then brought my legs down and proceeded to adjust them, she pulled the plastic pants up as high as she could, and tucked the diaper under them wherever it poked out. Then she once again spread my legs wide and closely examined the leg holes, paying particular attention in making sure the diaper was securely under the plastic pants, and each time she tucked the diaper in she would release the elastic with a snap. "There we go," She said proudly. Babies all done." And with that she leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead before taking my hands and pulling me up into a sitting position with my feet dangling over the side of the truck. I looked down at my diaper, hardly believing what I was seeing. It was so large and obtrusive. The plastic pants were stretched smooth over the diaper, and was shiny enough to reflect the light from the sun. The diaper was so thick between my legs. I opened my legs and caught a glimpse of the elastic around the leg holes where the plastic was bunched up and wrinkled. It felt so babyish. She took hold of my hands and pulled me out of the truck as my eyes darted around hoping no one could see my babyish attire. She threw my shorts at me and told me to meet her inside the bar as she turned and walked away and said, “you might want to take the pacifier out of your mouth first diaper boy.”
  7. I get diapers through VA, for incontinence among other things that are part of my disability from VA and the military.
  8. So true, talk to a Dr.
  9. You just need to be up front with the MD and tell them all the symptoms. I took about a year to truly find all my incontinence issue causes and I am still in diapers, but that OK.
  10. I say stock up on diapers and wear when you want or for the whole weekend and see how much you like it!
  11. Yes, I have no desire to be treated like or act like a baby. I just love to wear diapers
  12. Whatever I feel like at the time!
  13. Great story, looking forward to more.
  14. All very well said, thanks for sharing.
  15. Very well said!