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  1. wb bug we missed ya
  2. i would gladly submit to a spanking from flo..
  3. sounds like someone who didn't have a way to engage in his need to wear diapers and things exploded. The worst part is it just makes all of us that wear diapers look like a freak show once again. another sad episode
  4. so sad.. just one more person that knows how to sew but doesn't make good looking little boy clothes.. little girl stuff.. awesome.. little boy.. not so much
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=adult+sized+stroller&rlz=1C1CHFX_enUS548US548&espv=2&biw=1270&bih=650&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjs2__985_RAhVrzFQKHQBSB7kQsAQIiAE#imgrc=9o409eeR8uzWBM%3A do you mean something like this??
  6. you mean to tell me.. you can wake up dry.. why hasn't anyone every told me this???
  7. Ok.. for me I have to have something on over my diapers. This probably comes from my past. My mother used to punish me with diapers for wetting and messing accidents and I wasn't usually allowed to wear anything over my diapers. She felt it was a better way to embarrass me by not allowing anything other than a t -shirt over my diapers. That way the world could see I was wearing them. So I feel it is a must to have something covering my diapers. I love when a diaper plays peek-a-boo out of my onesie or when you have a couple inches of diapers sticking out the back of your pants.. The whole less is more thing. I also hate when you go to walmart and you see the baby in the shopping cart in nothing but a diaper. So trailer trashy. I think people that do that to their kids, should have to go to walmart in nothing but their underwear.
  8. i joined in july of 2005 and I have always loved this site.. Best in the abdl community in my opinion
  9. sounds to me like you get along like peas and carrots.
  10. you need to tuck your " taliwacker" in the down position..
  11. yeah I hated those too. The plastic backing used to fall apart at the bottom of the legs and the stuffing would fall out.. besides all that, after like two hours of wearing. all the padding fell down into a lump in the bottom... other then that. they were great diapers
  12. we need pictures.. lots and lots of pictures
  13. abi.. let me first say I will miss you. You always make me laugh.. I have always enjoyed when you came around.. That being said.. I completely understand your feelings on this. I hope you get everything you ever want.. I also hope you can sneak in and say hello from time to time.. You will make a fantastic teacher.
  14. I love this site.. i have made a ton of friends and I feel like it has helped me along the way.. This place is the best abdl website to ever exist

    1. DailyDi


      Thanks so much!

    2. ruuuuuuuuu1


      berry true same here, as its free and helps so many on earth:groupwave:

  15. adult diapers

    I have had several surgeries on my right foot and ankle. I shattered it in 2003 when I fell from a 14 foot A frame ladder. I am a bed wetter and I have limited day time control. I wore diapers during my first surgery and I needed to be changed once I woke up. The second and third surgeries, the nurse doing the prep asked me very matter of fact if I was wearing my diapers or did they need to provide me with one. I told her I was already wearing and the subject was dropped. The point I am making is. They already had it in my records I wear them. no one cared at all. They just wanted to know if I was prepared. According to my wife After the second surgery. The post op team went to the lobby and asked my wife if I had any extra diapers with me because I was soaked and needed to be changed. They said they could provide diapers if she didn't have any. My wife went to the car got my diaper bag for them. The story my wife told me is she went back with the nurses and Two rather good looking nurses changed my diaper. Sadly I wasn't awake to enjoy it. Oh well I guess I got my dream.. too bad I I don't remember anything about it.