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Accidents At School

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I started school late due to having trouble with getting potty trained, had wetting accidents all through school but they diminished as time passed. The last accident I had was my sophomore year in high school and was the most embarrassing since the nurses office was full and I had to sit in the office lobby till my mom brought me some underwear, pants and socks.

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I always had accidents at school, growing up I had over active bladder as a kid but didn't wear diapers or pull ups but eat school there was one time my parents weren't home to bring me a change of clothes and all the nurse had was pull ups and sweat pants, so i wore those the rest of the day.

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I had accidents almost daily in kindergarten and first grade. I could not make it through the day with dry pants. A teachers aide came by like three times a day to take me to the bathroom  or change my pants if I needed it. I had a special locker in her office where my extra clothes and supplies were kept. I remember all the way up to fourth grade getting sent down to her  because I peed and pooped my pants at recess.

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