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  1. nenog613

    Your favorite printed diapers

    rearz princess and abu barebum if limited to what i've worn, but what i really want to try are some bambino magnifico
  2. nenog613


    i was seven (or almost seven) and had an accident at daycare. as punishment i was taken to the back, stripped down and put into a diaper (which included touching), then sent outside for everyone to see. fast forward to puberty where during arousal i developed an urge to be diapered and humiliated. so i'd say it had a direct influence
  3. nenog613

    What started you on wearing diapers?

    a traumatic episode of psychological/semi-sexual abuse as a child where i was forcibly diapered and sent outside for everyone to see as punishment for having an accident at daycare. not long after i began a short period where i would steal diapers to take home to wear, then stopped until early puberty when i developed a strong urge to be diapered and humiliated
  4. right now, since i'm living back at home temporarily, three: - training pants are hidden behind a box in my closet - bag of cheap store-brand diapers are hidden in a pillowcase under my bed right next to a nightstand - all my abdl diapers, plastic pants, pacifiers, etc. are locked up inside of trunks stuck in the far back corner (blocked by a bed, couches, coffee table, etc) inside a locked storage unit
  5. nenog613

    Anyone here was ever punished with diapers?

    i had an accident at daycare and as punishment was diapered like a baby and was not given anything to cover up with so everyone could see it, which was extremely humiliating. the experience not only led to my attraction to diapers, but was also a huge contributing factor to my social and sexual anxieties
  6. nenog613

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    i do. what turns me on about diapers is the risk of humiliation if being caught wearing them, so the greater the humiliation the better. it'd be more humiliating to be caught wearing a diaper covered in baby animals than a plain white one, and it be more humiliating to be caught wearing a diaper covered in princess and unicorns than it would one covered in baby animals.
  7. nenog613

    Adult training pants recommendation

    i've got some rearz training pants as well as some baby pants ones. they are extremely comfortable and fun to wear, but i wouldn't recommend pottying in them as it'll quickly soak through and come pouring out like you're wearing regular underwear
  8. when i was seven, i had a traumatizing experience where i was forced to publicly wear a diaper at daycare, and a few weeks later i stole one and took it home to wear.
  9. nenog613

    Diaper Masterbation

    the main reason i wear diapers is to masturbate. its my biggest turn on
  10. nenog613

    How open are you about ABDL?

    2. so far the only people i've told in real life are a woman at an abdl store who doesn't know my name, and my therapist (though we haven't really talked about it yet)
  11. nenog613

    ABDL Diaper Stores In FL

    if you can't find one in Florida, you can always take a day trip up to Atlanta and visit The Diaper Depot. they've got abdl diapers, onsies, plastic pants, pacifiers, and the lady that works there is really nice and supportive
  12. nenog613

    Tips for beginners?

    something i've recently learned (and i've been wearing since my early teens): plastic pants are a good idea if you plan on wearing longer or are worried about leaks
  13. nenog613

    Crinklzs on sale at Northhore

    just placed an order for a pack of Aquanauts (and a North Shore Supreme)
  14. nenog613

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    how exactly does he go in your diaper? do you hold your diaper open and he just aims, or does he actually slip himself inside your diaper and goes?
  15. nenog613

    What Diapers do you wear?

    any kind really. preferred choice for play is any abdl diaper (Rearz, ABU, etc.), followed by plastic-back diapers, training pants, discreet cloth-back diapers, and lastly pull-ups. for need, which i've started doing nightly for bed (scared of bed wetting so peace of mind instead of actual need), cheap store brand diapers or pull-ups. no reason to waist a nearly $4 diaper for that.