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  1. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    I get a rash from wearing wet diapers. The summer wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants there is more heat inside. Depending on how much you drink your urine can be stronger. I too know what it's like to be sore in between your legs.
  2. Anyone use swim diapers?

    I wear swim diapers all the time when I go swimming. In may we went on a 7 day cruise. I wore my swim diapers everyday. Before we left on vacation I bought swim diapers from a company in England called Splash about. I bought my swim nappy and a pair of swim Jammers too. I wore a disposable liner in the swim diaper then pulled a Jammers up over that. No one even noticed that I was in swim diapers. They work very well and they were several times I had to wear my load or BM for a long length of time. They never leaked for all the times I was in and out of the water with a soiled diaper on. While I was wearing them I never minded being messy. I like them so much and was so impressed on how well they worked, I bought an adult size swim costume to wear over my nappy. I like the swim costume so much it's a one piece swimming outfit that fits well. It's designed to fit over the swim nappy and it's a nappy itself so it's like being double diapered.
  3. Being spanked on a pooey nappy

    You are right about that. If the spanker knows what they're doing you will get a rash. I have had my pants pull down, leaving my diapers and plastic panties exposed. Iwear cloth diapers and plastic panties. My pants are pulled down around my ankles and I am to bend over the arm of the couch. My my diapers are wet and messy and I'm about to receive my spanking. I get spanked with a wooden spoon and received several snacks across my back side. As I get struck by the spoon I can feel my poop spread inside the diaper. Every time I get hit my butt becomes sore. She hits me several more times and my butt is inflamed. She goes I know you like dirty diapers on. So today you will make me happy wearing your wet and dirty diapers and having a sore butt. Watching you walk and move around your going to be sore. So pull up your pants and let's get going. We have lots to do today and you're not getting changed until much later. So now I have to go out with a sore bottom and dirty diapers. I kind of have to waddle as my load of poop swishes back and forth inside my pants. My wife just watches and smiles.
  4. Dominent Men getting Their Diaper Changed

    I'm a dominant male that lets his wife change his diaper. I am completely incontinent, I wet and mess in my diapers. My wife know about my diapers before we were even married. Most of our friends and family know that I wear diapers. I am perfectly capable of changing my own diapers. My wife says I don't do a good enough job. She volunteered when we were dating to change my diapers. I asked her I said you mind just changing wet ones are dirty ones too. She says it doesn't matter. She says only one thing I'm going to ask you to go by, is that you can't change your own diapers. That will be my job and always will be. She tells me in the other rule is I don't mind leaving you Messy I know you like it. But if you start to stink badly I will change you no matter where we are. You will always be wearing cloth diapers and plastic panties and carry a diaper bag when we're out. Those were her rules and I agreed to it. It's been many years we've been married and I've been changed in front of family and friends. Sometimes it can be embarrassing and humiliating but I wear diapers. As the years have passed my friends and family know I'm in diapers and need them. They are used to me and I'm happy for it.
  5. How many times in one diaper

    I have done up to three times in one diaper. Three loads in a diaper is quite an experience. It makes for a heavy diaper. Iwear cloth diapers so when they get wet and full of poop they're heavy. I actually enjoy having several loads in my diapers. It causes the diapers to sag and rub in between your legs. The nice part about wearing loaded diapers, it is your tote everything with you.
  6. When You Fill Your Pants...

    For me it's 1, 4, 6. As it happens I like to sit right in it. I'm not allowed to change it. My wife will make the ultimate decision how long and when. The minimum amount of time is it least an hour to an hour and a half. But if I'm not stinking up the place too bad she let me stay in it.
  7. Have you ever been caught with diapers?

    Caught with diapers by my mom when I was 12. I always wore cloth diapers and plastic pants. I forgot to pick them up in my bedroom and I must have kicked them under the bed. My mom came in to clean and found my diapers. When I came home from school I found my diapers washed plastic pants washed and folded on the foot of my bed. When I walked into my bedroom to put my books down from school my mom follows me in. She asked me if I still need it diapers? I stammered and I was so embarrassed to say I just like them. So I told her yes I still wet the bed that's why I have diapers. She asked me a lot of questions about it, then asked me if I wanted to wear diapers all the time? She told me it's okay if you do I'll make sure that you have them. I told her yes I would like to have them and I want cloth diapers. She was very calm and okay with it and she says well I'll make sure you have them. She told me it's no time like the present to get started getting me back into diapers. Here with you clean diapers and pins and plastic panties at the end of my bed. She told me to lay back take off my pants and my underwear and she would pain on my diapers and pull my plastic pants back on. She told me that they would be conditions for me to wear them and I would be wearing them all the time. One of the conditions was I was not allowed to use the toilet anymore. I was only allowed to use my diapers and use them for their intended purpose. I didn't have a problem with that, in fact I was happy that I didn't have to use the toilet. The next day I was sent to school in diapers. No one even noticed. When I came home all my big boy underwear was removed from my dresser and replace with cloth diapers and different color and prints plastic panties. I never minded being in my diapers or using them. After about 6 months of wearing full-time I became very dependent upon them. I wasn't toilet trained anymore. I would just go in my diaper. It's many years later and I'm still wearing my diapers 24/7 and not potty trained. My wife doesn't want me out of diapers either. My wife doesn't want me to even change my own diapers. She must do it all the time. The only thing that my wife likes me to do is when I come home I dress like a sissy. So I wear a lot of girly clothes with my diapers. I never thought I'd love being dressed in a dress. I even wear tights and a bra. So being caught was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. It has kept me in my diapers all of my life.
  8. Wearing Diapers at the Beach

    Iwear swim diapers to the beach. I also wear a swim costume that I bought in Europe. Due to the fact that have large breasts this is a one piece swimsuit. Iwear an elomi underwire swim bra under it. The swimsuit is designed to wear a swim diaper underneath. The swimsuit is also a swim diaper that is built into the bottom. So in essence I am double diapered. No one ever notices the fact that I am wearing a swim diaper and it's full of poop. I don't get any leaks so I'm able to stay in it. I do get comments about my breasts being so large. But they are all mine and I'm not about to change that.
  9. Buttplug And Diapers

    I feel butt plugs are made with to go with diapers. I wear an extra large plug I like the way it feels when it goes in. I am fairly well stretched out and have poor control over poop anyway. So when my plug is pushed in,it stays. I do love it shoved up in there. I have been wearing my plug for over 5 hours today with diapers.
  10. Diapered At School

    I was diapered in school.I wore training pants in kindergarten and first grade. Then when it came time to go into the second grade I was still wearing training pants cuz I was having accident. I was very glad for the training pants and the plastic panties worn over it. I was a big mess that day cuz I sat in that for more than 3 hours. When I got home my mom noticed a messed myself. She had my dad take me into the bathroom and clean me up. When I got out of the bathroom my mom diapered me. She said you like wetting and messing in your pants? You're still wet and sometimes messing your pants during the night. So you must like it. So Mom put me back in diapers during the day, as well as at night. The next day my parents sent me to school in diapers. I was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants under my jeans. I was so embarrassed that I was wearing diapers again that I never went to the bathroom to go. I didn't want anybody to see my diapers. The very next day I came home in wet and messy diapers again. My mom said to me I'm glad I put you in diapers you seem much happier to just go in your pants. So the rest of the school year I stayed diapered and every afternoon I came home with a wet and messy diaper. After while I never minded being in a wet and messy diaper and actually I started all of it . So I stayed in diapers from that day on. I never really got potty trained I just wore diapers and still wear them today.
  11. Time Warp (open role play)

    That would be wonderful I would love to be changed by you.
  12. Who changes you?

    My wife likes to change me. She tells me I can't do a good job to get the diapers back on right. So I'm not allowed to change my diapers. If I am wet and messy and she's not home I have to wait to be changed. It's been like that for years.
  13. Diaper Rash On Adults?

    Yes you can get adult diaper rash. I know what it's like to have one. I never had one and then once I got it, it seems like I can never get rid of it. I got it so bad I had to go to the doctor. I am using, creams that the doctor has prescribed. I am always in a wet and messy diaper it seems. So it's hard for me to get rid of it. I have a diaper rash now and I'm kind of used to having it. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it itches. But I know it's something you get when you wear diapers like I do.
  14. Multiple Diapers

    Iwear double diapers most of the time. Right now I'm wearing two prefold cloth diapers and plastic panties. My prefold diapers are thick have 16 layers between my legs. You can tell that I'm in thick diapers by the bulge in my jeans. I am comfortable wearing them this way cuz I'm a heavy wetter and pants pooper. I use my diapers for their intended purpose. So with them being double I can wear them longer.
  15. Sissy hubbie

    I am a sissy hubby. My wife likes to dress me up. My wife is good about making sure I look like a sissy. Today I am wearing my underwire bra and a tight white T-shirt. To make sure that I'm good Sissy today, I have my extra large butt plug in my bottom. Plus I have on my thick cloth diaper and plastic lined Red Rumba panties.