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  1. Waynes

    One Word Challenge - Poopy Diaper

  2. Waynes

    Cloth diapers and Rash

    Thanks Thad. I know it's crazy I've got diaper rash. But I have it! I know it's not completely healthy to have. I have red blotches on my bottom in between the butt crack and all over parts of my privates. It constantly reminds me that I'm in diapers. I love wearing my diapers and having a rash that goes with it. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse but it never goes away. My Wife puts on the rash cream at every change. The rash cream seems to keep it under control. I have gotten used to having a diaper rash. My wife and I plan on me keeping the rash. I like the fact I know I've got one and my diapers gave it to me. My wife and I plan on me keeping it permanently. I never thought I would say that but I do love it. It doesn't go away as long as I keep wetting and messing my diaper. I am completely incontinent and need my diapers. Thanks for the input on my diaper rash, but my rash and diapers are there to stay.
  3. I always love my diapers. So I would never stay in them. So my wife got me some locking plastic panties. This way she would pin on my cloth diapers pull up the plastic panties and lock me in them. She would keep the keys and I wouldn't have a choice but to Wet'n messing my diaper. She told me it seems I love my diapers so much and I want you to wear them all the time. You are to use them as they are intended. I want you using the diapers for everything. That's why I'm going to lock you in them so you get used to having it in your pants. I'll after while my diapers would start to sag from all the weight from the wetness and poop. I didn't like the way it felt walking around the in a sagging diaper. She did some research on the internet and found a diaper harness. So she ordered me one. When I came she couldn't wait to get it on me. It has a wide strap that goes between your legs, and a waistband that locks the straps in place. It diaper harness doesn't allow the diaper to sag. It keeps everything close to the body so it grinds and spreads inside the diaper as you wear it. There is no way out of my diapers. Between the Locking panties and the Locking harness my wet and messy diapers are there to stay. This process has helped me become diaper dependent. It's much easier for me to just go in my diapers. I do like to wear my diaper harness a lot. I have been wearing lock on panties and my diaper harness for over 4 years. I like the feeling when I poop in my diaper, the harness keeps it tight against my bottom and spreads it out. Also wearing a back zip knee length onesie keeps you away from any of the locks. But I'm dressed like that there's no way out. I have learned to enjoy what I do in my diapers.
  4. Waynes

    Cloth diapers and Rash

    Thad your right. My wife has tried everything. I still have my rash. And she even bought me new cloth diapers for Christmas. Those were washed with my other diapers and I believe the rash is in those diapers too. The only time I don't itch is when I have a load in my diaper. So I do my best to keep wearing it for a long time. I know this may sound crazy but I actually like having the rash. As long as it doesn't get any worse I plan on keeping it. I like the fact that my diapers gave me a rash. So I will continue to have diaper rash and enjoy it.
  5. Waynes

    Diaper Masterbation

    Yes diaper masturbation is a good part of my sex life also. My wife just finished changing my wet and soiled diaper. Now that I am all cleaned , putting back on my cloth diapers she always likes to make sure that I have diaper rash cream put back on my bottom hand between my legs. As she rubs it in I get very horny. As you pins on my double cloth diapers I got a big hard on poking the front of my diapers up. She says this boy looks very happy. Would you like me to help you with that she said. I said you need to think I need to cum? Then she says I think you need to. And I would like it in the front of your diaper. After all you got fresh diapers on so you need some cum in them. It didn't take long for me to orgasm in my diapers. As she rubbed the front of my diapers. She said all diaper boys need fresh load of cum in the front of their diaper and wear it. So you could see the wet spot in the front of my diaper and plastic panties. Now my wife helps me finish getting my clothes on. She just smiles and says I am so glad that I make you cum in your diaper cuz it makes you so happy. And I am happy because I sex you up and you're wearing it in your pants.
  6. I usually wear to bed too thick cloth diapers what plastic panties. Over that is my long leg onesie that zips up the back. I take my pacifier and put my mouth and go to sleep.
  7. Waynes

    Accidents At School

    I remember having accidents in school. I went to kindergarten in training pants and plastic panties under my pants. Lots of times my training pants will be wet school wasn't for that long so I would just wear it until I got home. Then first grade game, I was still up bed-wetter and wore Diapers at night with plastic panties. My parents put me in big boy undies and sent me to school. Then one day I pooped in my pants. I was too embarrassed to say anything. So I just sat there in my chair with a load in my pants. I remember squirming around in the chair to flatten it out as it spread all over inside my pants I sat in it to the end of the school day. When I walked in the door at the house my parents were both waiting for me and notice that I had pooped my pants. My dad took me into the bathroom and clean me up while moms went into the bedroom took away my Big Boy Underpants. When I came out of the bathroom my mom immediately diapered me again. She was so mad at me having an accident. She put me in double cloth diapers with plastic panties and a t-shirt. I wet my diapers again that afternoon. He told me to use my diapers when I came in so I had to go potty. She told me from now on I will be wearing my potty from now on. That night I was diapered for bedwetting and was put in nighttime diapers. And the next morning came I was diapered and put and plastic panties for school. I wore them every day under my school clothes. Most of the time I came home wet and Messy. Potty training for me was very frustrating. My parents decide to leave me alone and keep me in diapers I stayed in diapers right through high school and college. To this day I am full time in diapers. I wear them 24/7 as an adult.
  8. Waynes

    Diaper bulge ??

    On Christmas Eve morning I was put in triple cloth diapers and lock on plastic panties that had a denim cover on it. I was also wearing a Longline bra with a tight white poly-cotton top. It was designed to make sure that you could see my diapers and what I was wearing on under the top. My wife dressing me this way cuz she said she didn't have time to change me during the day. The reason she put me in lock on so I couldn't change myself either. There is plenty of room for my very thick cloth diapers to fit under the my denim lock on panties. But soon as you looked at me you knew I was in thick diapers by the Bulge. The diapers gave me a very puffy looking bottom. As the day progressed I wet and messed in my diapers. This made the Bulge in the seat of my diapers and denim lock on panties show even more. You could tell they were locked on cuz you could see the lock in the chain in the back of the waistband. Everyone that saw me knew I was in diapers and had a load in my pants. As the day went on there was more than one load in my pants. They were nice full and puffy. But by looking the Bulge gave everything away no hiding the fact I was in very thick diapers and had poop my pants. I stayed that way all day till bedtime. It was a great day.
  9. Waynes

    Do You Carry a Diaper Bag?

    Yes I carry a diaper bag. My diaper bag has cloth diapers, pins, and plastic panties. Sometimes my plastic panties are replaced by rubber pants and rubber bloomers. Also I have a wet bag and a changing mat as well. It's a colorful bag in my name is on the bag. I don't mind toting it with me cuz it's my diapers.
  10. Waynes

    How Does Pooping Feel To You

    I like how pooping feels in my dispers. I like how my diapers feel with a nice big load in them. I got a nice big load in my diaper right now. I like the nice warm squishy mess pressed against my bottom. You can see how nice and big my load Is by looking at the seat of my diapers. As I fill my diapers and you can feel the weight of the poop pull down the seat of my diaper. Between the smell and looking at my diaper you can tell I've got a big load in it. I am never in a hurry to get it changed. I love walking around with it as it's swishes around inside the diaper. Then to sit in it spread it around inside the diaper feels right. I don't even care if people notice. I wear diapers and that's diapers are for. To me there's nothing like wearing and toating my dirty diapers around with me. To me I find it comfortable and exciting. My wife just checked my diaper and said I got a nice big load in it. Since you said you want me to change it or do you want to stay in it? We have Christmas shopping to do and you'll be wearing it for a few hours if you decide to stay in it.( with a smile on her face) I got her message and pulled on my jeans over my loaded diaper. As I walked by her she patted my bottom.
  11. Waynes

    Sleeping While Messy

    There are occasions I go to bed with a messy diaper on. Few nights ago my wife a change me put me in my thick cloth night diapers in my rubber bloomers. And the she helped me put on my onesie that has long legs and zips up the back. How we go back into the den and finish watching TV. Before we leave the couch I nurse on her for about 30 minutes. As I am nursing I feel the urge to poop. I start to fidget and I start to push your load into my diaper. She has me laying across her lap as she has her hand between my legs as I am nursing on her breast. She feels me pushing the load into my diaper. She starts to pat and rub my load into my bum. It feels good as she rubs the warm sticky mush around in my diaper. And she says come on let's go to bed I'm tired. I say aren't you going to change my diaper? No I think you'll just sleep in it. You'll be just fine. We get into bed I kiss her good night she places my pacifier into my mouth with the band around my head so my pacifier doesn't fall out. Then she snuggle next to me. I slept very well sucking on my pacifier with a load in my diaper.
  12. Waynes

    Shapewear And Diapers

    This morning I got my diaper changed and my wife put me in a nice thick cloth diapers and plastic panties. Then she helped me put on my long line bra. Now I need you to pull up your long leg panty girdle to go over your diaper. While I was bending over to pull up my girdle did a load in my diaper. I noticed I pooped when I got the girdle half way up my legs. My wife's all my face and she said what did you do? I said I think I just did a load in my pants. She told me to turn around and to let her check it. Upon her inspection she said yes you did. And she says I don't have time to change you now. So you're going to have to wear it in your diaper. Then she told me to bend over and started to rub my load the flattening out inside the diaper. When she got it spread out enough she helped me pull up my long leg panty girdle over the dirty diaper. The girdle kept it in place and the load didn't move around much inside the diaper. I put on my socks, pulled up my jeans and put on my shirt. The girdle kept it tight against my butt and it didn't bother me to have it in my pants. It was nice being all clean and having a fresh load in my diaper. I didn't have much of a choice but to go in my pants. I stayed in it so long I forgot I had it in my pants. The shapewear kept everything in place and diaper never saged . I'm starting to wear my shapewear more and more everyday over the diaper.
  13. Waynes

    Times You Actually Pooped In Public

    This time we were out in public I didn't have a choice but to do it in my diaper. My wife and I were doing some holiday shopping and before we left she said my double diaper you. So she changed the wet diaper I had on and pinned 2 new cloth diapers. She says the reason I'm double diapering you today cuz I don't want to take your diaper bag because they're going to have a lot of bags to carry when we shop. So she pulled up a pair of rubber panties and then a pair of rubber bloomers. I pulled up my jeans and they barely fit over the bulk of the diapers. You could tell by the bulge that I was heavily diapered. The extra thickness between my legs cause me to waddle a little bit. As the day went on I wet my diapers twice so far. After about 4 hours of shopping I had to poop. Here we are in the middle of Macy's and I've got to go poop. So I told my wife that I need to poop. She says all we can't use the restroom we got all these packages and you're in diapers. So that's what the diapers are for poop in your pants. I fought it for a while I can feel the pressure building and the more I tried to stop it the more I needed to go. So we went into one of the Departments that didn't have too many people. So now I am standing there needing to poop. So I bet my legs a little and started to push. Then a lady walks up and ask my wife if I'm okay? She says yes he's just fine. And the lady replies looks like he's trying to poop. He's got that poop face and he's kind of red in the face. Lady turns and looks at me and I'm doing exactly what she said. My wife says to her don't worry he's got diapers on. The lady walks away. After a few minutes of pooping I now have a big load in the seat of my diaper. My wife asked me if I feel better. I say yes I do but I've got a load in my diaper. She says I'll be okay and we still have a lot of shopping to do. It'll be awhile before we get home and when we do I will change you. I spent the rest of the afternoon with the load in my pants. As I walked around the load spread out inside the diaper. I didn't mind it too much cuz I had on rubber bloomers. It controlled the odor and kept me comfortable. It was kind of fun and embarrassing at the same time. Never thought I'd have a load in my pants and have to stay in it for a long time.
  14. Waynes

    Shapewear And Diapers

    I wear thick cloth diapers with plastic panties all the time. Sometimes the Bulge is too much for the clothing so I resort to wearing shapewear. I like wearing the long leg high-waisted panty girdle. It covers the diaper while it created a bulge above the waistband of the girdle. The bulge was between the waistband and my bra. Then it was suggested I go to a Longline bra. I helped me a great deal and eliminated the bulge lines. I don't have any leaks and it gave me a nice flat midsection and eliminated the bulge of the diaper. In addition it made my boobs bigger and the support of the Longline bra has helped make them show up more. So now no one asked about the diaper, unless I have a load in it. But I feel it's a good trade-off no one notices the diaper but they sure do notice the large breasts.
  15. This past Saturday what is my birthday. My wife rolled over and gave me a nice big kiss and check my diapers. They were wet as usual. She said it's time for you to get up and let's get you changed out of those wet diapers. So I walked over to the changing table and laid down. My wife's let down my pajamas and then the plastic panties. She goes my you're really wet this morning as she unpins my thick night cloth diapers and drops them into the diaper pail. She says I'm going to diaper you back up so you can enjoy your day. She grabs the diaper rash cream and rubs it over my butt between my legs in over my genitals. She tells me that I'll be wearing thick diapers today and she doesn't have time to change me all the time so I'm going to be in them for a longer time. As she's pinning my diapers on, I get a huge erection. She says would you like Mommy to take care of that for you? I say with a smile on my face sure! So she finishes pinning on my double cloth diapers. Then she pulls back up my plastic panties and starts to rub the front of them. After a few minutes I shoot a load of cum in the front of my diaper. And I she says that's a good boy. I will help you get dressed I have an outfit that I want you to wear today. So while I'm still laying on the changing table she pulls up a pair of white tights over my plastic panties and diapers. Then she has me sit up and puts my bra on me. Then she has me stand up and puts a nice new frilly pink dress on me. If it's me nicely and shows off my breasts and diapers. The dress is short enough that it doesn't cover the diaper and you can see it through the white tights. She helps me put my Mary Jane shoes on. Now I am all dressed up looking like a big sissy. I tell her I am hungry I would like some breakfast. My wife goes and sits on the couch and tells me to join her. She reveals her left breast and tells me to suckle on it. It's hard to resist breasts that are full of milk and it's just for me. So I lay across your lap and start to suck on a big nipple. After I empty the left breast to tells me to start on the right one. She's holding me on her lap with one hand behind my head and the other between my legs. As I am feeding on the right breast I start to fart. She is patting my bottom cuz her hand is between my legs. Soon the farting stopped and I began filling my diapers with poop. As I am nursing I am also feeling up my pants. I can feel a diapers expand that's the tights of keeping it tight to my butt. She then says that I did a beautiful big load in the back of my diaper. I am now finished nursing and she still has a hand in between my legs feeling the load that I did in my pants. Then she says I know how much you like a messy diaper so happy birthday you will be wearing it all day.