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  1. I'm not allowed to ask to get my diaper changed. I will be checked from time to time but the diaper must be well used before it gets changed. I can be in a wet and messy diaper all day. I never seem to mind it being on me. One time I tried to change my diaper without asking and I got punished for it. I was made to wear lock on plastic panties. I wore them over thick cloth pin on diapers. This forced me to get used to having a messy diaper on me. Sometimes I still get lock on panties. But I do my best to just wear it. In fact I prefer being in a wet and messy one than a dry one. Diaper rashes tend to go with prolonged wearing of a dirty diaper. So the best I can do is to control my diaper rash but it never goes away. Right now I'm at a wet and messy diaper. I have been in it over 7 hours. I know I have a rash but I don't care. The whole thing about wearing diapers is staying in it, and if you get a rash you get a rash. To me that's life in diapers and I love it. Right now I have my jeans over my wet and messy diapers and have no plans of getting changed right away. Why change out of a diaper when you're still comfortable.
  2. The purpose of the plug is so someone else has control of you. So when you're in diapers and plastic panties and you got to plug in you can't do anything about it. At first I never liked having the plug in my bottom. And now it's done often, that it doesn't bother me to have it in. And it's always in under a diaper or a swim diaper when no one wants me to poop in it.
  3. I have been a messy diaper since mid-morning. It's now mid-afternoon and I have my second load in it. I don't want to diaper change I want to stay in it. I've got to do some grocery shopping so I'm going to wear it to the store. It'll be swishing and squishing around in the seat of my diaper. I have been put in my punishment denim diaper cover I do not have the keys to get out. So I am going to be toting around my messy diaper that will be sticking and squishing around in my pants. That's what diapers are for to have fun in. So this diaper is nice and Squishy and I plan to have fun.
  4. I woke up wet this morning so my diaper needs changing. Once my clean diaper was on, it didn't take long before I pooped in it. It's a nice firm load and a good size. I am glad it's in there and I'm going to stay in a long time. I put on my jeans and you can tell that I have a load in my pants. The smell isn't too bad. So I will keep it my pants
  5. I never had diaper rash before. I was always teased by my sister-in-law that here I am in heavy diapers that are always wet and messy. She never could understand how I could be in cloth diapers that I pee and poop and all the time and not have a rash. My nephew Jimmy who is 11 years old and still full-time in diapers. He has a rash and a bad one at that. He also wears cloth diapers. My sister-in-law moved in with her son about a year ago after a bad divorce. That's why my nephew is in diapers. Once they moved in here he realize he wasn't the only one wearing diapers. I also wear diapers 24/7 like he does. I noticed when she changed Jimmy's diapers,that he had a lot of red on his rear,and in the folds of his butt and legs and some on the front. She puts diaper rash cream on his rash but it never really seems to go away. Me on the other hand doesn't have one. I would tease my sister-in-law about it all the time. My wife told me to stop teasing her about it or I would get one. I didn't listen I just kept teasing. So my sister-in-law and my wife teamed up together to figure out a way to give me a good rash. According to the doctor Jimmy has a thrash diaper rash. It can be very contagious. My cloth diapers were always soaked in washed separately from Jimmy's. About 6 months ago they decided to soak my diapers with his. And to wash my diapers with his. I still didn't get it. Not at all happened they decided to take one of Jimmy's dirty diapers and place it inside of my diaper and pin it on me. I was placed in a pair of punishment plastic pants that was locked on. I stayed all day in his dirty diaper and mine. Later that day I got a rash. It burns and itches. The more I squirmed around and rub my bottom the worse it got. I couldn't remove my diaper do the fact I was locked in. So I wore it all that day that night and all the next day. So when it was time to clean me up and change, I had a very bad rash. I was red and pink all over. From elastic leg band to elastic leg band of my plastic panties and from the front to the back. My sister-in-law teases me now that I have a rash. She likes the fact I have it now because I stopped teasing Jimmy about his rash. It's been several months and I still have the rash I am used to it now. My Wife puts cream on it but the best it does is control it it doesn't get rid of it. So I had no choice I feel like having it. The only time it seems to stop itching is when I have a load in my pants. So when I do I never want to be changed. This also helps the rash not go away. My saw the doctor last he said my rash will never go away as long as I'm in diapers. So I guess this rash that I have will always be there thanks to my sister-in-law and wife. I guess you could say my rash will be a long time friend. Now Jimmy and I are called the rash boys.
  6. when I leave the house I'm always in thick cloth diapers and plastic panties. I would sometimes wear a bra but now that they've gotten larger I wear it all the time. Sometimes I wear a baby dress with tights. I only wear them when I'm going to my mom's or my sister's house. The other times I wear jeans and a shirt. Most of my shirts are thin and light-colored. When I wear jeans you can tell I'm in diapers by the diaper bulge. Some of my shirts are pullover and our form-fitting. There is no mistake that I am wearing a bra, you can see it to the shirt. I do get some looks but when I realize my boobs are real they understand. My wife tells me I have a nice rack and I should show it off. My wife has gotten me some nice underwire bras from eBay. All of which are pre-owned. My wife teases me and says at least they were broken in by a woman. It is kind of exciting to wear a bra that was pre-owned. My wife gets me very nice colors and prints. So there's no way of hiding my bras. So with my very padded bottom and my rather large chest I am a big sissy.
  7. To me there's nothing like being in a messy diaper. As soon as you feel it you want us sit right in it. It feels so good as it squishes I'm around inside the diaper. I wear a cloth diapers with plastic panties. Sometimes I poop so much in the diaper, when I sit down it spreads up into my crotch up into the front it'll leak into the plastic pants between the legs and sometimes at the top waistband. My plastic pants get stained from the Poop. All my diapers are stained from the poop being squished and forced into the diaper. Easy to tell which is the front and the back when they pinned on. Brown stains to the back. Cuz my plastic pants are staimed, it looks like I've got poop in my pants when I even when I don't. But I love being messy. It's my mess in my pants and I wanted to be there. I usually do two to three loads of poop in my diapers a day. Sometimes all three are in the diaper at one time. I love having it like that. It's comfortable and Squishy. I like having a load in my pants at all times. My wife thinks it's cute and I need to have it. I do get diaper rashes and I have one now. I always have a diaper rash sum worse than others but there's always one in my diaper. As soon as I load the diaper all the itching stops so the load remains in my diaper I am not allowed to ask for a diaper change. My wife knows that I like being in a poopy diaper so she won't ask to change them. The only way my diapers get changed is if I really start to stink bad or I'm leaking into my jeans.
  8. Yes I wear a bar every day. My wife measured me to see what size bra I would wear. I knew I had large breasts but never knew what size. To my surprise I was a 42dd. Then she tells me I need something really good for support. She went online and looked at eBay to see what bras they had. She found bras that were pre owned and ordered me some in my size. Back on my bras are pre-owned. All my bras are underwire. When we finally got them I was surprised how will they fit me. So now that I wear diapers 24/7. I wear an underwire bra as well. I don't even think twice about having these on. So now and I am in the house I have to wear a short dress that is form fitting to show off my bras and large breasts. These dresses short enough so you can see my diapers and plastic panties. I am so glad that you dresses me like a big sissy.
  9. This is a great topic ejaculating in your diapers. I seem to ejaculate in all my diapers right after a clean is pinned on. I find my diaper changes very exciting. Right after my plastic panties and pulled up over mydiapers I get very hard. It's not hard to tell that I've got a hard-on inside my diaper. My wife notice is it right away. She says he made you want to make cummies in your diaper? Of course I do. Then she will say you need to have that in your diaper. If I make you come in your diaper what you do a load of poop in your diaper too. I will rub both of them for you to make it comfortable. Plus I want you toting it around in your diaper. To me I just love it when you tote a load of poop and cum in your pants. I just love knowing it's in your pants. Plus I know it makes you happy having a load of poop in the back of your diapers. So come over to me and lean over my lap so I can spread out your load. I want to make sure that it's spread evenly all over your butt. While she is rubbing my bottom I am cumming in the front of my diaper. The more she rubs the harder I cum in my diaper. She tells me she's not finished rubbing out the poop diaper. She says I've got to make sure that it's all even and it's everywhere in the back of a diaper and between your legs. And as she spreads it around I get hard again. She says that's a good boy and good boys wear dirty diapers especially my good boy. So now I have a load of poop in my pants and two loads of cum. Now she tells me to finish getting dressed and she'll help me put on my other undergarment. She tells me to put on a white shirt and a pair of jeans. She says and make sure the shirt is a thin white shirt. I want to see what I have under it. I walk out of the bathroom all dressed. She takes one look at me and smiles.
  10. Do any boys or men get dressed like a sissy. Some boys get dressed by their mothers and others by girlfriends or wives. I have always been a diaper boy changed and dressed by my mom and now by my wife. My wife started dressing me like a sissy. It's kind of exciting for me because I get very hard in my diaper when she puts on ruffled plastic panties. My wife will stroke me inside my diaper till I make a load of cum in the front of it. . But not only the ruffled plastic panties I now have to wear a bra. I was on some medication that made my breasts grow. It's a side effect from the medications that I take for bad back. So I was my breast started getting larger. My breasts started giggling and bouncing and my nipples are sticking through my shirts . My wife measured my chest to get me fitted for a bra . When she did the measurements my bra size was a 42dd .So when I get dressed now I wear my cloth diapers plastic ruffled panties, and a underwire bra. These are my new undergarments that I wear everyday. They are under all my clothing at all times. Sometimes my wife will dress me and address that is short enough to show off mydiapers and tight enough to show off the fact I have breasts. Sometimes I'll even wear pink or white tights over my diapers and then my dress but you can still see the diapers. The bra gives me a lot of support so I'm glad to be wearing it. I knew I was going to be in diapers all my life but never thought of a bra too. My wife buys my bras from eBay they are all used bras. She says it's good that I know but these have been worn by Other Woman. She tells me that these bras are broken in right and I'll be more comfortable wearing them. I have to agree with her and they are comfortable and it's kind of exciting knowing that some other woman wore these used bras before me. I do like being dressed as a sissy and love my wife dressing me. So my undergarments will always be my thick cloth diapers, ruffle plastic panties, in a used underwire bra. Right now as I write this topic I am in my thick diapers ruffled plastic panties in my underwire bra. As I write this article I got very hard and shot a load of cum in the front of my diaper. What a sissy I am.
  11. I was still in diapers at age 4 and 5. I was always wetting and messing in my pants. I never complained about being in diapers. My parents were trying to get me potty trained before I started kindergarten. It was the summer before I started school my parents were working with me to get potty trained. I still needed diapers at night because I was bed-wetter. As the summer progressed my potty training was very slow. My parents didn't know what to do with me because I would still have daytime accidents. And then I'll be put back in diapers. And once I was put back I would use them. So is the end of the summer and I still wasn't really potty trained. So my parents sent me to school in diapers. If my diapers were wet or messy I would go to the school nurse to get them changed. My parents were getting frustrated with me because I still use my diapers. But it was less and less for daytime. But I needed them at night because I'd wake up wet and sometimes messy. By the time first grade roll around I was in training pants with very few accidents. Then in the second grade I was put in in big boy underwear. It was about two months after the school started again and I pooped in my Underpants and my pants. I was embarrassed that the fact that I pooped my pants but I was afraid to ask the teacher to go to the nurse. I sat there in my dirty pants for the whole afternoon till I went home. When I got home my parents seemed to know that I pooped in my pants I'm assuming the teacher called. My dad took me into the bathroom to clean me up my under pants and pants were ruined. My mother was so mad at me she put me in diapers right there after I was cleaned up. At that point I realize I really like mydiapers. I was glad to be put back in them I felt really secure. So I wore my diapers that night and at night like I always did. The next morning after I got cleaned up and ready for school I was put back and double cloth diapers and plastic pants and my mom knew that my clothes wouldn't fit she was up during the night making me new pants. My mom knew how to sew really well so she made me pants with elastic waist and snaps in the crotch. They were brown corduroy and they fit over mydiapers. I did my best to try to stay dry while in school but it didn't work. I had wet my pants or I should say mydiapers. I never minded being in the wet diaper. But as I walked home from the bus stop I pooped in my diaper it felt good. That was so good for me but I wanted to stay in diapers. My mom asked me if I wanted to stay in diapers day and night. I never really said yes but she thought it was a good idea that I stayed in them. So to this day I'm an adult still in cloth diapers and plastic panties. I use them as intended and never use a toilet. My wife likes me in my diapers and she says I'm her big baby. How's am writing the response I am in a messy and wet diaper and in no hurry to get changed.
  12. I wear cloth diapers and plastic panties. My wife likes me in these diapers and panties and will change me as needed. She never wants me to change my own diapers. She said she likes the determine when they need changing and when they are completely used. Because of her being in control of my diapers I am used to being wet and messy. I don't mind being wet and messy cuz I like the feeling that it creates. Because of the diapers being full they tend to sag. My wife likes to come up and check the diaper. The best part when she checks to see if I've done a load in my pants she will come up and grab the seat and then squish it against my bottom. Then she will Pat it and tell me I'm a good boy and then go put my pants on. If she likes to make sure that I wear my messes for a while. It can be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours after I pooped to get changed. My wife will help me get dressed ,she likes to make sure that my saggy diapers fit well into my jeans.
  13. Being in diapers all the time wet and messy ones are natural. Sometimes I'll stay in a wet and messy diaper a while. At first I never liked being in a messy diaper. But after a while pooping in my diaper so often I got used to having it in there. In fact I pooped my diaper so often I don't mind it being there. Sometimes I will be asked if I want to change and I will say no I just want to stay in it. Sometimes while I have a load that's already in my diaper and have been wearing it a while I will do a second one. Most times having a dirty diaper on feels more comfortable than a clean one. I love how it squishes and moves with me and when I sit in it it squishes. I do get rashes from time to time. But to me nothing beats a dirty diaper.
  14. Right after my morning shower. My wife comes to me and says it's time to get your diapers on. It's so as she's diapering me I get very hard she says that you were excited about your wearing your diapers today? would you like to wear a load of cum in your diaper for me today? I say yes to both with a smile. I also want you to wear something special for me too. She bought me plastic panties with ruffles on the seat. I want you to wear these over your diapers. So I do what she requested. Now I am getting harder and hotter by the minute. Then she tells.me it's almost time for my.morning poopy. I want it in your diapers. Today is special , I want you with a load of cum in the front of your diaper and a load of poop in the back. I will rub the front to make you cum while spreading your poopies in the seat. I want to make sure you have a double loads in that sissy diaper. As she rubbed the front of my diaper I started filling my diaper with poop. I want to make sure you enjoy this as much as I do. As she rub my seat and spread the poop around inside my diaper it didn't take long before I came in the front. I was really enjoying all of it, I just love the fact I had load of cum in the front and a load of poop in the back. now I want my sissy boy to put on a pair of shorts over the top of it. Now we are going out to have breakfast, I instantly became hard again. She rubbed and masturbated be for the second time. Now I have two loads of cum in the front of my diaper. I got dressed while she stood there and watched. I just love the feeling of having a load of poop and two loads of cum in my diapers. On the way home she made me come a third time. She said if I knew this was going to make you this horny I will keep you in a messy diaper more often. I just smiled and said I love you.