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What Other Fetishes?


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I'm new here I like to pretend that I am disabled crippled blind deaf or both a quad would like to have sex in wheelchair with no movement like a quad and blind is anyone else in to this

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Sorry no, being even partially disabled really sucks so I absolutely do not want to even pretend to be worse off. But hey, what ever floats your boat.

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Have to say I only have 2, Obviously diaper wearing, and fursuiting, everything else really falls into hobbies (Movies, Video Games, etc., the usual stuff)

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For myself its just been diapers and panties. But its not always just woman's panties. Several years ago there used to be a couple places I could get bigger girls size panties that I could fit into somewhat comfortably. Kmart used to have girls JoBoxer panties in sizes up to 16. And they were polyester so they looked and kinda felt like satin. J C Penney used to have a good supply of girls polyester panties and polyester satiny camisoles too. I would always buy the largest sizes in either. Then when I had a day off work I would spend most of it at home in my teen girl panties and sleepwear. Sometimes I would wear a diaper with a camisole and after a good wetting would go back to panties. This was also when Gerber had Toddler sized plastic pants too. If you carefully stretched them without ruining the leg and waste seems they could fit someone with a 30 waist snuggly. So that would be my underwear sometimes too. I miss having the resources and time to dress up like a girl or baby girl or full on baby all day

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Besides the abdl side of me wich isn't a sexual thing for me most of the time , I wont to woch author man with my wife will I wate on them hand and foot will wearing a nappy .I think this may be connected to humiliation. I don't really understand it but my wife is coming around to the idea.

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I have one fetish that is a mix of ABDL, devotee and mind control fetish. I'm turned on by the thought of using mind control to turn someone into a mentally disabled adult with incontinence.

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3 hours ago, diapered_1974 said:

I have other fetishes, like bondage (straitjacket and segufix), footed sleepers, gags and fur clothes. Of course combined with diapers. emoji6.png

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Aside from the whole diaper thing (I hardly consider it a fetish for me, due to overall lack of sexual satisfaction. It's more emotional for me), I enjoy being talked to dirty, and I mean no holds barred. BDSM stuff. I like to be used :P. Sometime I also like wetting my bed/underwear without a diaper (I do not have an actual bed wetting problem... yet? Lol) but I like the idea of having to clean my sheets because I had an "accident". Again, not really sexual in nature, but I would think most people would consider this to be a fetish

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I turned on by being forcible given Electric shock treatment and made mentally disabled and incontinent. I read that the US army gave some soldiers ECT back in the 50s and they were left drooling and unable to support themselves to eat. I would like to be like that plus double incontinent. 

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On 3/26/2018 at 9:50 PM, nenog613 said:

other than diapers women's clothing (mainly panties)

It's known as "under-dressing" and it might be the most common non-S/M fetish of all. It was my own start into the world of the unusual :blush: I still remember clear as day when I first bought my own the first time after feeling guilty about 'borrowing' them from my sisters. 

All the girls I've spoken to who told of their male partners doing this noted that it seemed to "bring out the man in them", especially in bed :rolleyes: My own theory behind this is that the guy not wanting to be discovered in panties by the rest of the world becomes more "alpha-male" aggressive as a means of making people keep their distance to reduce any exposure risk. Such a behavior pattern would also reduce the credibility of a person claiming the guy did this; can you imagine someone like Chuck Norris in panties? Nobody would ever believe that :P 

With my own fluid gender I could always "bring out the girl" by dressing as one, and even now with my life well-settled there's still a little bit of that happening when I put on a nightie, skirt, or dress :D It just feels more like "me" and makes me feel good somehow in a special way that nothing else can do :girl_happy:


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5 minutes ago, Mo. Baby boy said:

New to this site..I need help,  I love wearing diapers 

Umm, I think you are in the wrong section.

But since you're here, feel free to message me and I'll help in any way I can. If I don't have the answers you need I probably know where to find them. :)

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On 7/30/2009 at 6:43 AM, BBB said:

OMG! I seriously thought I was one of the only people that liked trash bags! thats totally awesome... I like the black garden style, followed by unscented small white kitchen bags....




all that aside...


Mild CBT, Pegging, Forced Pregnancy (has been on my mind latey, kinda coincides with rape fantasy?), rope bondage, crying, suffocation, domestic discipline, femdom, forced nudity...

I am going to try that..  sounds like fun


oh, just a few.


2 minutes ago, Mo. Baby boy said:

I am wearing a diaper now( very wet) but I am going to try the trash bag


50 minutes ago, Wannatripbaby said:

Umm, I think you are in the wrong section.

But since you're here, feel free to message me and I'll help in any way I can. If I don't have the answers you need I probably know where to find them. :)

Well thank you so much

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