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  1. Damdam

    Hi! Newbie Nerd, lol!

  2. Damdam


    hello and welcome
  3. Damdam

    Hi, i'm new here....

    hello I like some stuff you like too
  4. Damdam

    I'm new here...

    Hello Emily, welcome Just relax and talk... We enjoy this lifestyle, so there's nothing you need to worry about
  5. Damdam


    Hi everyone... I'm not so new here, but still lonely... if anyone wants to talk with me, I'm glad I want to find a long term friends here, who are like me
  6. Damdam

    New from Italy

    Hey, welcome I adore Italy, love everything about it, and I'm also a DL like you... I'd like to talk with you, so feel free to contact if you like it too... I speak a little Italian, so it could be a good chance to improve it to me
  7. Damdam

    New to this site

    Hello and welcome If you want to talk, feel free to contact me
  8. Damdam

    Member from sweden

  9. Damdam


  10. sitting in my dirty diapers for an hour
  11. Damdam


    Hello and welcome
  12. Damdam

    Post when messy.

    Very messy
  13. Damdam

    Who likes pooping in their underwear?

    yeah, it's a nice feeling to poop my panties... but cleaning can be really hard... so I usually do it in diapers....
  14. Damdam

    DL girls?

    I totally understand you
  15. I pooped my pull ups for the first time few minutes ago... I like to be in messy diapers, but these pull ups started to leak (urine) My stool is always hard, so I took dulcolax today, but it didn't help much... I'd like to poop my diapers with soft poop or even diarrhea...