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  1. Happy Equinox

    Tell me about it!!! I agree!
  2. Happy Equinox

    Good morning everyone & Happy Equinox!!! It's the Equinox today and I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Spring! In my part of existence, the Royal Sisters will trade rule of each hemisphere. Nights, a time for inward reflection, self improvement and meditation, will now be longer in the southern hemisphere. Days, a time for outward giving, positive action and spiritual warmth, will now be longer in the northern hemisphere.
  3. Sunrise Coffee

    It's another weekend. I only have today (Sunday) off, so errand day for me. I just wanna get back home so I can enjoy the rest of my one day off! I can say this much though... it was nice to be able to wake up diapered this morning!
  4. Sunrise Coffee

    I know the feeling. That thought come through for me about half way through the day!
  5. Sunrise Coffee

    Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is starting their day off well. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, checking the net and looking forward to sunrise! What does everyone have planned for today? Care to share?
  6. Burlington, NC

    We should chat privately. I don't mind helping you out and hope that you realize that all things happen as they must. I don't feel you should punish yourself for whats going on though. I'll chat with on PM! Talk to you there soon! Oh cool! Nice to meet you! Please don't feel obligated, but can you tell me a little about yourself? Would you ever like to hang out some time meet for a chat sometime?
  7. Reuse of a wet diaper?

    Sometimes, if I only wet a little (like overnight), I will reuse a wet diaper. The thing is, I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I don't want to go too wet for too long. Sometimes, I'll just wear a wet one that I've used just to have my fun, then dispose of it. It's kinda exciting for me to use one that's just a little wet. Just my style I guess.
  8. Depend's Brand

    I love using Depends. For me, they are far superior and even more so now that they are back to full plastic. I like the way they're made because the crotch area is longer and that seems to allow the front panels to come up further and wrap my waist better. This, of course (or at least for me) provides a much more snug fit. I also like how they resized them with the latest edition. The 19 in to 32 in fits me great.
  9. Favorites - what are they?

    Okay, here's mine... Pizza topping: Pepperoni Ice cream flavor: Vanilla Movie: Disney's Robin Hood TV show: My Little Pony Actor: Sean Connary Actress: Nichole Oliver Band: Solarstone Drink: Ale Place: Arizona Cheese: Provolone Fiction book: Holy Bible Non-fiction book: How To Think Like A Horse Hobby (other than kink): Animal (horse & dog) Training
  10. New to diapers!

    Welcome and nice to meet you.
  11. Looking for Friends or Like Minded People!

    Hi Boomer. I hope you find some people to talk to!
  12. Diapered Senior

    Hi and hello and welcome!
  13. Hello from Texas

    Hello and welcome!
  14. Increasing a Disposable's Absorbancy

    I like just trimming a Luvs along the elastic and using it inside my Depends. Works great as a booster and I haven't had any trouble with pee not getting around it. Every now and then I'll even snip a few holes in the plastic backing of the Luvs so when I wet, it transfers to the Depends faster. Either way, boosters or doubling is less work.
  15. I Feel Like There'S Nobody In Florida

    They're around, you just have to give it some time. You'll find others when the time is right!