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  1. Riders Field

    Telling Friends

    I don't mind if someone finds out. If they're at my house, for example, and see my diapers. The thing about me is that I don't hang out, go to social events or have very many human friends. Therefor, I just keep to myself because I think most people find it odd or gross (even if they don't say so). I'm okay with me and what I like, so I don't care, but don't volunteer info either unless someone asks.
  2. Riders Field

    A german "Hallo!"

    Hiya John. C'mon in and make yourself at home!
  3. Riders Field

    Greetings from Wonderland!

    Welcome Alice! It's nice to have you with us!
  4. Riders Field

    Hello little mel here

    Hello Littlemellife. Welcome to the forum. I too am a DL and a furry. I hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you in your posts! Enjoy!
  5. Riders Field

    How can I avoid leaks sleeping on my side?

    There are definitely a lot of good ideas to try here. I'll add my two cents, but it's ultimately you who will find what works best for you! I have a bed cover sheet in case of leaks. I use Depends because they fit my body shape best of all the brands I've tried. I like them because they have leg guards that hold a booster diaper great. I always trim off the edges of the booster diaper (usually Luvs or Pampers) so it'll lay flat between the Depends leg guards. This way, any pee that goes around the Luvs will be caught by the Depends (and yes...mentioned earlier). Either way, we all have two things against us.....gravity and the fact that ANY diaper will leak given enough fluid. Good luck!!!
  6. Riders Field

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    I've liked diapers all my life. I remember as a kid having my mom put one on me just for the fun of it when I was age 5 to 7. I bought my very own first diapers, which were the green Depends that came in a sample pack, with some allowance money when I was about 11 or 12 or so. I came home on my bike with them hidden in my waistband and hid them out in the storage barn. I loved putting them on. It felt so good and wetting them was such a turn on. It's been this way every since for me.
  7. Riders Field

    Pleasantly surprised with pullup

    I find it interesting, but as usual, some are great pullups and some aren't. I just think it'd be nice if the good ones we find store-side, would be available for more than a couple weeks. Most times when I go back for more, the store is out or stock is no longer available except for online. Eh, oh well.
  8. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Yes, I understood what he said. I just thought that he meant they weren't being genuine.
  9. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Interesting. I wonder why the were faking it?!?! That seems a little strange to me.
  10. Riders Field

    Diapers: Which Brand Are You Wearing Right Now?

    Right now, I'm in a Depends Brief with a Luvs Size 6 booster. Very comfy!
  11. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I would have made the comment: "Oh, cool!, Sounds neat." and hope that she'd have noticed!!!
  12. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I feel the same cause I work early and by the time I get home, I just wanna rest and relax!
  13. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    Yes, I am a pilot.
  14. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    My sn on Yahoo was BabyDragn22 (though I'm a DL) or maybe even just Dragn4207. I do remember meeting you, if in fact you are in Charlotte. Coolness!
  15. Riders Field

    Has anyone ever met a real DL?

    I forgot to reply regarding the post...lol. Yes, I've met a couple people that are DL's, one in Charlotte, NC and the other in Raleigh, NC. Of those, they were very nice. The one in Charlotte I only met with once. The one in Raleigh I knew for a year or two and we enjoyed getting together for a time, just wearing, wetting and trying out diapers. We lost touch with each other after that and I have no idea where this person now is.