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  1. PrincessUnicorn

    Found out my boyfriend has a diaper fetish. Advice?

    I understand fully, as my boyfriend told me about his fetish shortly after we got together. I was already curious about age play, which has made it easier for me to understand I think. I would say browse at your own leisure. I think the best way to understand is try enjoying it yourself, and you will probably be pleasantly surprised. At the start I was just going off the idea that he was being pleased by it. But now I would be lying to say I didn't enjoy it myself.
  2. PrincessUnicorn

    What Other Fetishes?

    Any kind of BDSM - so like choking, spanking, discipline, rewards. Just overall pleasing daddy :D.
  3. PrincessUnicorn

    My Introduction

    Hello Christopher!!! I love your name, I also love My Little Pony!!! I have just bought the Equestria girls dolls. I got applejack, rainbow dash and twilight. But pinkie pie is also my favourite too!!!
  4. PrincessUnicorn

    What do you prefer?

    I like my caregiver to be my partner as well. To me it comes hand in hand with my relationship, but that might just be because we are both into it, and gets us excited :3.
  5. PrincessUnicorn

    masterbating in a diaper or maxi pad

    I have never masturbated in a diaper, but I have had sex in one
  6. PrincessUnicorn

    How Often Do you Wear?

    I do it whenever I want too... or daddy wants me too. I go through phases of wanting to wear them all the time! and then just now and again. :3