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  1. I have mixed feelings about my childhood. The happiest time in my life was probably the period before I started school; after that, I was often bullied by other kids (and a few teachers as well.) I pretty much equated being a child with being powerless, and couldn't wait to be older. That may well explain why I imagine myself as a toddler when regressing--I was in my own private little world then, with few intrusions from the outside world.
  2. Ironically, I just purchased a pacifier identical to the ones pictured. Same color, even. I like coming here simply because this is the one place in this vast entity called the internet in which I can comfortably discuss being ABDL. (The sole exception being Toddy's podcast--and even that has somewhat of a connection to here). I haven't felt this secure discussing this aspect of myself since the days of the old AOL "diapers" chatroom--the period between then and my discovering this forum was a period of self-loathing and fear. I come here because this place is relatively troll-free. I'm more likely to receive support than an insult. It's a place to vent when I read yet another biased article elsewhere, or hear another shrill YouTube rant condemning us. Most importantly, I come here because there are people here I consider my friends.
  3. I woke up dry. But boy, was I soaked yesterday morning! I was really lucky to have my best plastic pants on.
  4. I did pretty much the same thing, but it was the baby section of the Sears catalog. I used to imagine lying in one of the cribs while having one of the Sears cloth diapers pinned on me. Thanks to that catalog, I learned at the age of ten what birdseye weave was.
  5. About half an hour ago. I went into a coughing fit (recovering from a bout of pneumonia) and pooped instantly. It seems I'm having an increasing number of stress-incontinence accidents these days
  6. Yesterday afternoon. I'm recuperating from some sort of upper-respiratory mess that has diarrhea as one of the symptoms. Fortunately, a CNA was on hand to clean me up (I'm currently hospitalized for something unrelated).
  7. Incontinence aside, I enjoy wetting for that reason as well. Less the "helpless" and "trapped" part, that is. The whole "Oh, no, I'm about to wet!" scenario was never an attraction for me. Already having wet is.
  8. Oddly, I have memories of being in diapers and having my diapers changed, but absolutely none of my being toilet trained. Tried to block it out, perhaps?
  9. If I haven't been online much in the past couple of weeks, it's only because I broke my leg in a freak accident 2 weeks ago. Will elaborate when I have time--right now I'm waiting for the  nurse to change my diaper.


  10. I had daytime accidents starting in 1991, while nighttime wetting started about five years ago.
  11. I did the same. (Well, not the wearing when drunk part, anyway). I waited until I needed to wear before I had the guts to actually wear a diaper. Though in fairness, there were extenuating circumstances--I lived with my folks until I was thirty, and there was no way my mother would have allowed me to wear diapers. (Even if I had a good reason). Mainly, though, I was just scared, and felt I couldn't justify wearing for its own sake.. Even now, I feel I have to hide behind a medical excuse.
  12. Add me to the list of side sleepers who use cloth. Over the last few years I've developed, through trial and error, a near-foolproof method for stopping leaks. I wear a cloth diaper with plastic pants, put two or three blue Chux pads underneath me, and under that I put one of my worn-out cloth diapers. The worn-out ones are no longer usable as diapers, but they still work wonderfully as a backup underpad when the first line of defense fails.
  13. I adore them--especially the turtle. I can remember being terrified of baths, if only because I thought getting soap in my eyes would make me permanently blind.
  14. I don't feel particularly feminine in a diaper. Now, the pink plastic panties on the other hand...
  15. Sadly, I can't direct you anywhere down there, but know the language enough to know that the correct word is "pañales." That's one word you want to make sure you get right.