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  1. I thank all...still so empty inside.
  2. For those that have known me for awhile, over the last 10 or so years. You know that my life has been quite the emotional and financial roller coaster. I have went from happily married to unhappily betrayed of trust, those I thought were friends left and I was alone. Homeless, starving hungry, lost and as close to suicide as one can get. I have dug deep into my soul, with much help from others, to include the fine members here who helped me through a hard time. I slowly surfaced again and built whatever life I could. As I got my emotional condition more in check I began to engage the public again. In doing so I met my Fiance' (That was a big step, I know). She took all I had from my past, and stood by my side for over a year as we built a new life for each other. She had come from a 20 year relationship (Never married or children) to meeting me. I guess two broken hearts can mend. December 24th of last year I asked her to marry me, she said yes . IT was the best Christmas I (or she) had had in many years. 3 or 4 days later we both got the news that she had terminal cancer. But that there might be some help to slow it down. Through many appointments we went to get help. Even though she worked in the medical field, that help was as about as poor as I have seen. I fought and fought to get her insurance to release her from their hospitals to allow her to go to a renowned Cancer Hospital locally. After six months of no real care or treatment, they released her to go to OSU for Chemo and radiation treatments. They aggressively attacked what should have be done 6 months earlier. But it was to late, even though sometimes things looked better the Cancer continued to grow and spread. My Debbie lost the fight the 24th of October. She awoke tired but speaking with me. I was arranging to get her breakfast Meds and food. Her Sister in law had come over to help her get a bath. Within minutes we noticed something was not right. Deb was turning her head towards the right and her eyes only looked off to the right. She spoke with us normally, but there was something not right. Her right leg began to shake in a tremor. She raised her voice for me to stop doing that, but I wasn't touching her. I came to her side, and checked the muscles that were seizing uncontrollable. I then called for her Nurse that wasn't due till noon. What a nightmare her insurance was! Nobody knew anything, I was advised to get her emergency medication pack out and administer a anti-seizure medicine. I waited 15 minutes and no change. I was constantly reassuring Deb that I loved her and I was there and trying to help her. I was advised to give her more Medicine and wait 15 minutes. I then called the Emergency squad as I feared that nobody was coming to help. The squad arrived and assessed her, but due to the nature of the Hospice in place requested to not transport her until family or medical team could arrive. I repeated the medication a third time. And the tremors subsided a bit, but came and went. She was now pretty much unconscious and babbling now and then from the "Happy meds". That was the last time Deb was with me in our home. The medical team called for a transport to out Hospice facility, and I got a ride in to see her. The Hospice team there gave her a strong medication to knock her out. She never woke up again. She held in there for many days...but my Deb is gone. For several days I fought to hold down the home, visit her, take care of our animals...just numb. Things deteriorated around me and thus so did I. I called for help from Phil/Betty Pooh. And he dropped everything and drove to my side (That is another tale ) I am now staying at his home trying to get my mind straight and figure out my next move. What will become of me I do not know, where to go, what to do?. But I have BP with me now. And I will do what I can to survive and try and move on in her memory and hope. Deb and I wish to gratefully extend thanks for the wishes and prayers that you all have gave over the last year. She never had pain and died peacefully. Bless you all. Tim This is pretty much our first date! In Loving Memory of my love, my life and my Deb/mommy
  3. Found this: I also heard her say Amazon carries them, Yep they are Prime eligible too. $29.99 for the 12 pack, free two day with prime. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=FORSITE+AM+PM+MAXIMUM
  4. I know your inbox is pretty full right now, so I figured I'd pop on your feed first and ask if you minded me PM'ing you about something upcoming that I'd like for you to help me out with (minimal investment of time, I know how busy you are).

  5. I am sorta in the area now as well, I have moved out of Columbus as it is, and about 35 miles out in Johnstown a small country town. Unfortunately at this time with a Girlfriend/Fiance' battling Cancer I just don't have the time, and you all are probably a bit to young to be messing around with me anyway. Columbus area "used" to have a big following. Not sure if all have moved off, or are just keeping quiet lives like me. Wish you all the best, have fun, be careful and hope you find friends to hang with
  6. Get well soon Mike, take care of yourself...Did you get jello? was it the nasty green kind? And when you "left it on the CS floor" was that a nice BM?
  7. I can confirm that except everyone knows that 247's run big. The smalls in Northshore don't really run small per say. They are cut small, much like the small Molicares. As far as smalls they sit low on the hips. The top tape on me goes just below my belt line on both Moli's and NS. Which is fine for most day and some night wear. The 247's however run pretty close to others Medium sizes. They (247) say up to 31" but could easily fit a 37-8" waist comfortably with some overlap. I can compare a NS Med. to a Sm. Medium is 26" wide in back and same in front and 31" long so would easily fit 38" waist. Being simple math of 26+26=52" 52"-38"=14" or 7" overlap on each side. A NS small measures 20" to wings and 27" long. Subsequently a 247 small measures 25" wing to wing and 31" long. So basically the size of a Small 247 is the same as a Medium NS. The problem that rears it's head is not in the waist measurement which is indeed correct but a length measurement. Unfortunately while waist/hips is a given factor, trunk length (front to back) is not. There many variables (junk in trunk...ect ) which can affect that measurement and while confidry list the length on the package NS does not. So this is were you have to know what your doing and either ask or do samples. So basically their sizing on waist is correct, the problem is your trunk or length is larger than their make. Truth be told NS could stand to give at least another 1"-2" on the length and the problem would be solved for most. I know the fit on my smalls would be a bit more "Normal"... So Northshore if your listening....adjust the length!
  8. Okay gang enough of the thread...For all you old farts none of you were smart enough to check users profile and see that they haven't logged on again since posting. You have been trolled diaper slave 420 Members Content count 1 Joined February 8 Last visited February 8
  9. Cheap Chux still has the old plastic backed version in stock: http://www.cheapchux.com/deprwita.html For those wanting a alternative on the cheap and plastic backed, Tranquility still has a good product that is a slight tier up and cheaper in price: http://www.cheapchux.com/tratnafibr.html
  10. That was easy Google Image picture search: http://www.yandy.com/Cry-Baby.php
  11. CAM00016.jpg

    From the album Repaid

  12. I actually think she did that before I turned the video to her as I walked the corral the day before. I didn't see it till I watched the video I went out and fixed it and 5 other ones she had knocked loose. She is doing the leaning thing under the bottom board to get to grass on the other side and it's her weight vs. board...she wins
  13. Yes and kinda yes...The gimbal (part that holds and stabilizes camera) has three motors on it up & down, tilt left & right and side to side in yaw (pirouette). The motors like DD said stabilize the camera on target so that no matter what the aircraft is doing the camera is locked and steady on target. Meaning if the aircraft banks left the gimbal will automatically give the same bank to the right, ect..on all three axis. When panning up and down that is motor driven, when panning left to right that is accomplished by Yawing the aircraft on it's axis (like spinning a record one way then the other on center)..you can see the effects on my video
  14. Just seen the thread, me and the new board software don't always see eye to eye. Yep, Got the Pro Last year...and then...more stuff and more stuff and what started at $1500 is now over $3000 invested...but she still flies perfect like the day I got her. Really fun, and takes some pretty killer shots and videos. Glad you got you one Mike...What's this mean: " now putting it down until the stroner propellers and protective case I ordered comes." Is that Stronger Propellers? It would be best not to modify the stock set up on that one. And don't use aftermarket stuff as far as Props go. I am running a composite mix (Carbon Fiber) from DJI, but wouldn't recommend it for you yet as the control will change, they are also very dangerous. They will take off a finger without missing a beat, and if they hit something hard, they shatter and go everywhere...like shards of glass..in your or someone elses eye. The DJI propulsion system is tuned. The stock props are made just for it, I wouldn't mess with that end. They are more than adequate for anyone but some pro shooting or flying. If you need any help check this site out: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2474013 I'm in there and the other DJI threads. A wealth of knowledge with experience and DJI reps are there to answer questions or concerns....See ya around and enjoy...feel free to PM me with anything you guys want to know on them The Video is me taking it up to test some new firmware and adjust the gimbal, the horse isn't afraid of it, just mad that I hadn't feed her evening chow. Make sure you turn it up to 1080P to watch.