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  1. I could never be potty trained, but I remember my parents sitting me down on my potty, but I wouldn't go or they would take my diaper off and I would do pee pee the minute the diaper came off. After a few trips to the doctor, the doctor finally told them just to leave me in diapers for the rest of my life.
  2. I could care less, since I am asexual, I don't care that I have one the size of a 5 year old.
  3. I guess I am really lucky, I don't need to adjust.
  4. I am lucky mine isn't very big
  5. What about the professional Wahl hair trimmers? I know they are expensive, but better than using a regular razor.
  6. What about the "NO NO" that they advertise on TV?
  7. It would be discrimination and abuse if they ever said anything about your diapers. The only thing they CAN discriminate against is if you wear diapers or incontinent, you should not be using a community swimming pool or sauna. Who cares if they see evidence of diapers in your room, IT"S GARBAGE!
  8. Use plenty of baby powder and plastic backed disposables won't chafe your legs. I wear disposable plastic backed diapers 24/7 for as long as I was alive and never had an issue, even playing ice hockey and inline skating.
  9. I wear 24/7 for need, but I have to poop in mine.I either wear Bambino Classicos or Racecar Diapers.
  10. I used to wear Bambino Classicos until they kept running out of them. Now I wear Race Car Diapers by Quality Diapers which is a boys/teen diaper.
  11. TSA confiscated my baby wipes once. I wasn't happy.
  12. What about the No- No?
  13. Better to not have a prostate all together. Mine never developed