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  1. If you have an electric blanket like I do you don't need to wear else much besides your diaper. But during summer I'll be down to like one thin blanket, sheet, and a plastic backed diaper
  2. Every regret not messing?

    I agree with artificial messing like oatmeal, somebody once said pudding I was like ewww but I seldomly use bananas as suppositories.
  3. Forced to choose

    Rearz seduction for me. They're different, and can hold like 4 litters i think. Any rearz products for me
  4. Oh so she's the snooping type, just like mine. Wonderful. I never bought any diapers when I was living with My parents except when they went on their camping trips that lasted for 3 days or so. That was my only time to buy those crappy goodnights.. They were great at the time but looking back, wow I had to start somewhere. Now days I only have to look out for unexpected visits from my friends.
  5. Have you ever had visitors in your house and Have them come dangerously close to accidently finding where you have your diapers? I did recently. Had my landlord over for the battlefront beta and his kids were Whining because they couldn't come in. I reluctantly opened the door and they all came in like a bunch of rampaging maniacs and came so close to pulling my blanket back off the corner of my room where I was hiding my diapers. I had to stand guard and keep them under control because my friend didn't. I also had a pair of plastic pants they almost uncovered too. I was freaking out big time because I try my hardest to keep this a secret you know? So no kids allowed in here again unless I have some time to really hide my stuff. Am I the only one who's been that close to being exposed?
  6. I need Super Dry Kids!

    Have you tried Amazon?
  7. The Diaper's out of the bag :)

    The way the title looked I thought you were going to be discovered by someone who you didn't want to know. What a relief that must have been though! Good things happen to us all
  8. Explain Your Screen Name

    Some secrets we'll all take to our graves. Its my fake name spelled backwards
  9. Favorite diaper brand

    I've tried tranquility atn's and they weren't the best. But I can't say for slimlines. Attends were horrible too unfortunately. May I suggest kindly to order more absorbant diapers from say XP medical? Sounds like you get yours from north shore.
  10. Found ABU preschools on CL

    Is that fool out of his mind? $10 a diaper? Damn he's gonna be waiting a long time to sell those
  11. Why don't we all type in what our favorite diaper brand is according to capacity and thickness? Cuteness is optional of coarse. I'm still looking for better diapers to try out.
  12. Well I ordered from eBay. This whole ordeal has been absolutely ridiculous. Turns out they don't want to forward it to me baxause It might go back to Arizona. Over.2.fucking. Weeks. Ago.wow.
  13. Found ABU preschools on CL

    Well great now I feel stupid for not checking them before I paid for them. But whatever I saved myself an online purchase. I hope they're good.
  14. I had to go to some ghetto looking neighborhood and wait while baking In the sun for about 20 mins and paid 30 for them. Saved about $5 for shipping if I were to buy them online, if I even DID buy them in the first place. I didn't know they were cloth backed. I thought they were plastic. So dose Abu sell in both variants?
  15. This fetish is awesome

    Also, the smell. That's one thing I'm always struggling with. Other than that, I enjoy it just as much as you do