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  1. I can tell you don't live in the united states. We don't use the metric system here.
  2. Maybe back when adult diapers were new and premium quality wasn't a thing?
  3. Shipping issue? I've never had issues... Mainly because I always order from Amazon. ABU has had the same issue back in the day too, but I think those days are over
  4. I downloaded the offerup app on my phone and traveled about 20 minutes to get a pack of 24 diapers of some low end store quality yesterday. Since then I've went through 7 in a days time and found out to myself that they're nice since I can wear all around the clock and double and even triple diaper myself. $5 well spent in my opinion. But I've also found myself changing every 4 hours or so and even woke up to a slightly wet bed, even though I had a pair of PVC pants over them. They're thin, and cloth backed, which is already 2 negatives already. All this time, if I had been in a Rearz diaper, I would just been through 1.so to all the IC folks here, why waste your money on crap when you can spend a little more money up front, and have something that works 100% better? I'm sure if I keep wearing them I'll soon get a rash, where on the other hand with higher quality diapers, which wick away moister faster and better, I never will. It's a no brainer for me, in my opinion. I only bought these because I just wanted more diapers to wear more often. Right now, on hand, I have 4 Rearz diapers left and didn't want to go through them any faster.
  5. Every time I try out a new diaper is always a nice experience. One that stands out the most would be when I worked the graveyard shift I was wearing a bellisimo and wanted to take it off and get ready to head off to work when I saw the bathroom locked for like an hour and I had to go #2. I waited and waited for my neighbor to get out but he never did, so I did what any abdl would do. I'm glad I had that diaper on because if I didn't, it would have ended with a pair of underwear that would have ended up in the trash! Eventually I had the shower all to myself and finally took off with time to spare. I even made a post about it here. That's only one of my best experiences, at the top of my head.
  6. Well I'm not incontinence so I don't NEED them, but for some strange reason, I enjoy wearing them whenever I can. I've found myself buying only the best ones money can buy, like rearz, babmino, and comficare. Money speaks, amigo, and who cares if I dont need them for medical reasons? I'm giving these companies good buisness by using their products.
  7. Oh I have a studio. So no need to fret about roommates. I enjoy wetting as well as messing, there's no way I can do that with others around. But if I'm ever forced to bear roommates ill find some way to get around them. I'm crafty with discretion and I have a strong feeling we all are too.
  8. I've never used booster pass before, but if I ever do, ill probably go with some high end brand like tranquility or abena
  9. I usually wear once a week. So with that cycle, its a good balance and gives me another reason to look forward to the weekend
  10. I used to know a girl in high school that used a pacifier without a care in the world. Might be a full on AB at this point. Too bad I don't talk to anyone from that school anymore
  11. On a scale from 1 to sometimes I really don't care, how comfortable are we? Sometimes I wear under my bathing suit, with a belt around my waist, just in case, and sometimes wonder if its noticeable. I've been doing that for about 3 years and still have my doubts.
  12. So I've been looking at the pictures at the homepage even before i joined the forums. Its been about 3 years. You see all these pics of girls wearing diapers and pullups and think wow they're just like me! But the fact is they're all obviously models. I can't recall ever seeing a genuine abdl in the photo section. I also visit tumblr about once a week and see real abdl ladies there. You can tell their pics are of real abdls because almost none of them are professionally taken. They're all amateur pics. Why dose daily diapers post professional models all the time vs. Posting genuine abdls?
  13. And here I was thinking 40 would be too much smh I don't have much space
  14. For me, it was probably never an emotional need. For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to wear diapers. It probably has something to do with something deep down, possibly emotional, that drove me to the point of needing to wear them. I can't explain it, but my tendencies never morphed above what I indulge in.
  15. Confusious says man with itchy prostate wakes up with smelly fingers