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  1. hi! yeah a full length mirror is nice. i like the feel of a disposable. problem is, poking up past the top sometimes. I get an extra large and kinda fold it over, then lay on a pillow. maybe suck on a paci.
  2. PetahPetah

    What instruments do you play/use?

    i have a Casio keyboard, 2 different Digital Drum machine/kits, Alto- and soprano Recorder, Navajo flute, assorted other rattles and percussion.
  3. PetahPetah

    my intro

    sorry, don't know that one.
  4. PetahPetah

    my intro

  5. PetahPetah

    travel-buddy wanted

    maybe this goes under another topic--if so, sorry D D !
  6. PetahPetah

    Bad Jokes

    TEDDY-BEAR jokes, inspired by my old GPK cards...
  7. PetahPetah

    Chat Forced Beta Coming

    i come in, and it says 2 people in, lists 3, and there are more posting NOT LISTED.
  8. PetahPetah

    Where do you draw the line?

    i thought i'd read, maybe in dd, that "adult kid" referred to a legal-adult who does regression and acts like a child, or else is emotionally immature and "childish."
  9. Your profile pic is sooooooo cute! ^_^

  10. PetahPetah

    Bad Jokes

    A pediatrician had a midwife crises.
  11. PetahPetah

    Funny Useless Superpowers

    I'd have liked the power to make other people (bullies) pee themselves at my will.