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  1. maybe this goes under another topic--if so, sorry D D ! so, I REALLY REALLY wanna go out to the Arizona/Utah border, around Vermilion Cliffs and Antelope Canyon--it looks SOOOOO COOOL! But, I have not driven a car in 20 years. My (real) parents usually bring me out places, but i kinda wanted to do one without them. Worse, i have no car insurance, and use debit, not credit. So it looks like i cannot rent a car to get around alone out there If anyone would consider going on the trip with me (you drive), I'll try to do better than just a big hug! thanks!
  2. Hi. I have series 3-5 GPK cards. some duplicates to trade off (made a written list) and lacking a few. Please let me know if you have any to trade! I usually just hang out in Chat. can message me for list. thanks
  3. TEDDY-BEAR jokes, inspired by my old GPK cards... What do you call a bear who's guilty? Convic-Ted. a homeless bear? Evic-Ted. an angry bear? Frustra-Ted. when he's been calmed down? Placa-Ted. a bear in someone's collection? Accumula-Ted. a bear soaked in the rain? Hydra-Ted. a bear who's been freed? Libera-Ted. an accomplished bear? Congratula-Ted. a famous bear? Celebra-Ted. a sacred or Holy bear? Venera-Ted.
  4. i come in, and it says 2 people in, lists 3, and there are more posting NOT LISTED.
  5. From the album PetahsPictahs

    Petah's lil buddy, Zachie, guarding a stack of Tenas.
  6. From the album PetahsPictahs

    it's the Mighty Hero, Diaperman
  7. From the album PetahsPictahs

    God Bless you
  8. i thought i'd read, maybe in dd, that "adult kid" referred to a legal-adult who does regression and acts like a child, or else is emotionally immature and "childish." also, i'd suggest that mature people say "adult" and "child", while littles say "Grown-ups" and "kids"
  9. Your profile pic is sooooooo cute! ^_^

  10. From the album PetahsPictahs

    out my apt window i had a visitor
  11. A pediatrician had a midwife crises. He'd started out working for a newspaper, as a delivery boy.
  12. I'd have liked the power to make other people (bullies) pee themselves at my will. They pick on me, i point and they have a wet spot. Well, it's better than the ability to make someone need to pick their nose, haha.
  13. DD may redo this as necessary, as I don't know how to make a survey anonymous. I was wondering what % of the people here were LBGT. from what i've seen, seems there are quite a few. Me, i'm gay. or maybe this belongs in Polls?
  14. I remember the b&w "Creature Feature" thing from a Boston network, where they had lame movies of monsters made from animals "exposed to radiation". For a laugh watch Fido--it's a zombie movie crossed with like Lassie, sooooo funny! The Stuff--white yummy goo from the far North that moves and possesses people! Oh and Mothra (vs Godzilla).