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  1. hi! yeah a full length mirror is nice. i like the feel of a disposable. problem is, poking up past the top sometimes. I get an extra large and kinda fold it over, then lay on a pillow. maybe suck on a paci.
  2. What instruments do you play/use?

    i have a Casio keyboard, 2 different Digital Drum machine/kits, Alto- and soprano Recorder, Navajo flute, assorted other rattles and percussion. Have some acacia seed pods, and just got some False Indigo. Love wooden tongue drum. want a Hang Drum but too expensive. I mix on a BOSS BR-8.
  3. my intro

    sorry, don't know that one. I have some Windham Hill, some Kitaro... 8 albums of my own.
  4. my intro

    1.ty. 2.Paul Horn, Paul Winter, Dead Can Dance, Do'A, Kitaro, David Lanz and Paul Speer, Yothu Yindi, for awhile i got to listen to a radio show called Echoes that was good. Got music from over 50 countries.
  5. Music and lineage

    hi! i first got into music because my mom had an upright piano in the house, had to go past it every day. Didn't play it much, but it was THERE, you know? in grade school music class, i usually sang good enough to be included in the group to actually do some, not just listen bored. But my class had a bunch of jerks; case in point, instruments passed out one day, THEY just made as much noise as loud as possible. I wanted to make MUSIC! got mad at noisy one on triangle, and broke a tambourine (20 $ !) Not fun when you "have to" play say Alto Recorder, but years later on my own choice, is ok.
  6. travel-buddy wanted

    maybe this goes under another topic--if so, sorry D D ! so, I REALLY REALLY wanna go out to the Arizona/Utah border, around Vermilion Cliffs and Antelope Canyon--it looks SOOOOO COOOL! But, I have not driven a car in 20 years. My (real) parents usually bring me out places, but i kinda wanted to do one without them. Worse, i have no car insurance, and use debit, not credit. So it looks like i cannot rent a car to get around alone out there If anyone would consider going on the trip with me (you drive), I'll try to do better than just a big hug! thanks!
  7. Hi. I have series 3-5 GPK cards. some duplicates to trade off (made a written list) and lacking a few. Please let me know if you have any to trade! I usually just hang out in Chat. can message me for list. thanks
  8. Bad Jokes

    TEDDY-BEAR jokes, inspired by my old GPK cards... What do you call a bear who's guilty? Convic-Ted. a homeless bear? Evic-Ted. an angry bear? Frustra-Ted. when he's been calmed down? Placa-Ted. a bear in someone's collection? Accumula-Ted. a bear soaked in the rain? Hydra-Ted. a bear who's been freed? Libera-Ted. an accomplished bear? Congratula-Ted. a famous bear? Celebra-Ted. a sacred or Holy bear? Venera-Ted.
  9. Chat Forced Beta Coming

    i come in, and it says 2 people in, lists 3, and there are more posting NOT LISTED.
  10. Where do you draw the line?

    i thought i'd read, maybe in dd, that "adult kid" referred to a legal-adult who does regression and acts like a child, or else is emotionally immature and "childish." also, i'd suggest that mature people say "adult" and "child", while littles say "Grown-ups" and "kids"
  11. Your profile pic is sooooooo cute! ^_^

  12. Bad Jokes

    A pediatrician had a midwife crises. He'd started out working for a newspaper, as a delivery boy.
  13. Funny Useless Superpowers

    I'd have liked the power to make other people (bullies) pee themselves at my will. They pick on me, i point and they have a wet spot. Well, it's better than the ability to make someone need to pick their nose, haha.