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Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

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  1. 1. do you get a better nights sleeo in a diaper

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I couldn't imagine not sleeping in a thick nappy and plastic pants now.

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I wore Goodnights a few times for bedwetting as a kid, and I hated it. I have tactile sensitivity and the way it moved & crinkled against me really bugged me. I have trouble even wearing underwear, and I use tampons instead of pads.

I much preferred just sleeping with a plastic sheet over the mattress, although I didn't like that either. I was so glad when I outgrew that. (What did it for me was realising I'd always dream about going to the bathroom before wetting. Ever since then, my bathroom dreams involve wacky highjinks preventing me from going to the bathroom, or me just plain needing to go and not being able to, until I wake up.)

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I cannot fathom the thought of not wearing my diaper and plastic panties during the night. I certainly get a more rewarding sleep when I wear and there is just something to be said about that "safe comfy" feeling when you briefly wake up to feel yourself freely wetting in the middle of the night. That "safe comfy" feeling is totally heightened when you momentarily wake up to finding yourself doing a lovely soft warm poopie. :02_EmoticonsHDcom:

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On some very rare instances, I choose not to put on a diaper before going to bed and I sleep great either way.

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