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  1. Do parents never change their ways?

    The only thing I can advise you is to be honest with your parents. I know I told mine, not that I needed too but I felt they worried about my wellbeing, and frankly, I have no regrets doing that. True, you can’t compare one parent to the other but if the relationship between you all is ok, I think you have little to worry about even though it is nerve wrecking. If all is well parents want the best for their children both physically and mentally and I guess age doesn’t matter a whole lot as it comes to the wellbeing of one’s children. To my personal opinion it works both ways if you know you parents worry about you, you can’t leave them hanging. I know you’re an adult but you’re also their child and if you live under their roof it means certain rules and mutual respect come into play. The way it seems to me they will have a lot of questions if they know you wear diapers and use them without a medical reason to do so. When I told my parents I prepared well, took the time to do so and I kept the story to myself, only telling things related to my situation and only telling thing they could take in at that time. I.e. I am a diaper lover so I kept everything out related to the adult baby side of our life style, for it wasn’t me and still isn’t. I solely told them about me, I emphasized what it did for me and effected my personal wellbeing (In a positive way) even though it can be a roller-coaster ride from time to time. Further I made it absolutely clear that they didn’t fail me or it was not their fault in anyway. Last but not least I made them clear it had nothing to do with little children but all with a desire that dwells within me. In the end you are the only one who can make them understand if that is what you desire to do. If you find they start searching for information on the internet you are probably better off telling your personal story yourself. That way you can prevent them from taking in wrong information or information which is absolutely not related to you. I guess we all know internet can be a source for some very good information, but there is also a lot of crap to be found, You don’t want that. Last but no least you can move out, that way you can live by your own rules but that doesn’t necessarily means they stop worrying about you. These are just my thoughts and experience.
  2. How Big Is Your Diaper Stash?

    Today I had some stuff to put away on the attic and that is also where I keep my diaper stash. I used the opportunity to take down the numbers. I have some old Tena`s, Molicare`s Abena`s and Attend`s totally adding up to 1572 diapers. I use 4 diapers per day in average so whit the current numbers at hand I will have enough for 392 days, seems sufficient.
  3. Afraid to start wearing diapers?

    Well said and I couldn’t agree more, it is all in your own head. As long as you don’t overdo it nobody notices and nobody cares. You can see the same message all over the board.
  4. I do have to say they bring up some very interesting points and arguments and indeed it is all about balancing. But more so I do agree with MarkSmith on this one as I wear 24/7 myself for the last 19 or 20 years, it can be done without any down sides. This said, I am 100% DL and have no desires towards the AB lifestyle so far. I can imagine if your desire is to go 24/7 as an AB it will cause to much interference with your daily life and that will most definitely cause problems.
  5. Wasting diapers

    .I really hate to waste diapers and I give it my every effort to avoid it so I put them to good use, only for number 1 that is. The extend of the usage varies related to the circumstances I am in. if I do have to trough out an unused diaper it is usually because it got damaged prior to putting it on otherwise no. And to my personal opinion wasting good diapers should be severely punished
  6. penis chastity devices

    I have no experience with chastity devices and such but in all honesty they look very uncomfortable to me. What if you have one put in place and get a hard on, must be painful.
  7. Need help peeing

    That is easily fixed i would say. Back to the OP: All it takes is practice it might take a while yet it is the best advice there is. It is both physical and mental.
  8. Benefits of plastic pants?

    Personally I think plastic pants are a good addition to wearing diapers. For sure they help to contain leaks and help to contain nasty odors. I use them myself on daily basis as I wear 24/7 but I do not mess my diapers by choice, had a real accident a couple of times over the years. The one thing I do know they do stain quite a bit if they get in contact with poop. Now I wouldn’t stay in messy diapers myself for a prolonged period of time so if I were to mess my diaper I would take it off shortly after and put on a clean one and change my plastic pant as well. I use both snap on and pull on depending on my mood and circumstances.
  9. Doctors today

    Whatever doctor’s advice or suggest in the end it is all up to you whether your follow upon it, especially if it is not life threatening you will have the final say.
  10. public changing

    I never had any issues changing my diaper, I change whenever it is needed. I find myself an appropriate spot and go for it. Fortunately I am not very shy about it and like others already said I doubt if there is something they see or recognize they will confront you with it. Just focus on the job at hand and be discreet about it.
  11. How often do you change?

    In average I’ll change 3 times per day. I’ll change before my diaper becomes completely saturated. But I’ll keep monitoring. I’ll change sooner when required for instance when it gets stale and starts to irritate me. Sometimes I’ll have to change after eating certain kinds of food like asparagus, makes your urine more smelly.
  12. Adult Diapers vs. Condom Catheters for men

    There is no way I’ll try a condom catheter or any other for that matter. Diapers are more comfortable and easier to hide if you don’t overdo it. I think a urine bag strapped to your leg is very uncomfortable especially if you wear something like an overall over your daily clothing.
  13. Catheter issues

    When I started to follow up on my desire to wet my diaper without having any control over it I started out with catheters, for me it was a good method to get acquainted with the physical sensations during installation. Unfortunately (to my opinion) one could only keep it in for a limited amount of time, not long enough for me. Then I came across some information on how to make a stent and developed my own from that point on. Nowadays I stick with stents, but to learn what can be done or not and the sensations that come with installing a stent are to my opinion best learned true catheter play.
  14. Cath backflow prevention valve?

    To the best of my knowledge there are only a limited number of options, I’ll try to summarize. There is the option of the holey foley, a catheter not modified, a stent something I prefer or to train yourself to lose control. Maybe there are other options but these are the ones I know. Aside of the holey foley method I tried them all and found a method that worked for me.
  15. Its a shame DD lost some content in posts.

    It is a shame indeed and by the looks of it, it can’t be recovered. It is of no use to cry over lost content. Fortunately members are pretty active here on daily diapers so there is only one thing left to do and can be done is to rebuild and restore whatever got lost in a joint effort.