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  1. dlnoir

    Any Musicains Here?

    I play some keyboard, guitar, bass and i can hold a tune. never really did anything with it though.
  2. Probably nothing for I do not need a fetisj or a kink or whatever you prefer to call it. Now I am a 100% DL and I suppose I was born that way. Now that it is there i've learned to embrace it for kicking it is not really an option, fighting it is even worse.
  3. I label it ABDL simply because over time it got adopted and known that way. On a personal level it is 0% AB and 100% DL. ABDL fits the bill perfecty it basically covers it all.
  4. dlnoir

    Do catherers hurt?

    No, I’ve been using catheters and stents a little over 12 years now, and they do not hurt, not during install and not while it is doing its job. This said it might be different with the next guy.
  5. I am 100% diaper lover i have no little side. I wear diapers 24/7 and I love the wear them, especially cloth ones with a snug fitting retro style plastic pant.
  6. dlnoir

    Peeing in the potty

    Well unnatural, I don’t know I hate it that is for sure, and the thing I hate about it is the splattering in the toilet. On the other hand, I hate to poop in diaper even more that I won’t do unless it is a real accident which doesn’t happen too often thank god, I absolutely hate the smell and the cleaning up. I go to the toilet once a day under normal circumstances to take a dump.
  7. dlnoir

    The draw to incontinence

    I think it is hard to stick a number on anything as I comes to the ABDL community. I general I feel there are more of us more than one can imagine. Same thing applies to this, if you wear a diaper and you’ll wet it, in my opinion it is some sort of incontinence desire, it only carries a different name Otherwise you’ll wear it for a certain period of time take it off and that is, much cheaper. Most of us will use it for its intended purpose.
  8. dlnoir


    I only pay one visit per day to the bathroom and that is to poop, I hate to go in my diaper. For the rest it is 24/7 in diapers and I live my life as if I were incontinent. That is the way I like it and that is the way it has been for the last twenty some years now and I love it.
  9. dlnoir

    What do you do for an income?

    I am an engineering manager I design, build and maintain machinery used in the food industry.
  10. dlnoir

    Has anyone told a therapist

    Over time I told quite a view therapists about my diapers, never caused any issues and they all responded very professional and understanding.
  11. Yes I can pee in almost every position I can think off, so doing it walking around is no problem. The only position I haven’t tried is whilst hanging upside down.
  12. dlnoir

    Just wondering about waking up in a wet diaper

    Waking up in a wet diaper is one of the things I like most about wearing diapers. I wear diapers ever since the age of three maybe four years old, and for the last twenty one year’s 24/7/365. Even though I’ve always had a strong desire to wet my diaper in my sleep, I was never really able to achieve my goal. Not by training the old brain it was ok to wet while asleep (affirmations) not by using hypnotic files no nothing so in the end I started to use stents and they work just fine. I make my own and for the last thirteen years I wake up with a wet diaper. I keep well hydrated and do not stay too long I a wet diaper. By keeping well hydrated I keep the acidity of my urine low which help a lot in a rash prevention. I do get some irritation a couple of times a year but they never really develop into a rash.
  13. dlnoir

    From disposables to cloth

    I prefer cloth diapers and I wear them as much as I can. However during the day and while at work I turn to disposable only because cloth diapers aren’t as easy to change in comparison to disposable. Cloth do a better job, 360 degrees absorption and you can adjust the bulk / absorption to your liking. Not only that I like the looks and the feels much better, more authentic especially if you compare it to the cotton feel diapers they have nowadays. And I am raised in cloth diapers and plastic pants, these feelings still linger in the old brain.
  14. dlnoir

    Favorite Places To Wear Diapers.

    I wear diapers 24/7 so there is literally no place I haven’t worn and still love it.
  15. dlnoir

    some dutch people here ^^ ?

    Er zijn wel wat Nederlanders te vinden hier maar erg wild is het niet. er zijn er ook een aantal die zich ooit hebben aangemeld maar daarna niets meer hebben gepost.