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  1. I would say start with a thin diaper just to build confidence, as some before me already said you’ll soon find out nobody will notice. Once the confidence is no longer an issue then you can start to wear thicker diapers if desired. Just one step at a time. At a certain point you will find a proper balance between wearing a diaper and feeling comfortable with it. Believe me it is not as hard as it looks.
  2. I wear 24/7 under every circumstance it takes some getting used to but once you take the hurdle it is no big deal. As far as I know nobody ever noticed and if they did they were very discrete about it, and that works for me just fine. A man suffers the most by the suffering he fears.
  3. Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. It is only a small section in the forum especially for those who share this special desire, So what drives somebody to post comments in a section about incontinence desires pointing out the so called downsides? Something I do not understand. If you have a strong desire like that, there is only very little you can do about it. Speaking for myself, I know since the age of 4 years old I am a diaper lover and I remember quite well even then I preferred my diaper to be wet. Things did change over the years. Nowadays I found a method to simulate incontinence without actually being incontinent, it has been like that since 2006. I do not regret at all, it is what it is. So frankly I do not need any moral preaching even though I can understand that some members can be truly concerned about our wellbeing, actually a kind of sweet. I am what I am and it is true, I like to wet my diaper without control. For me it is a way of life almost 24/7/365. For that same reason, I do not post in topics related to AB-roleplay just because I do not understand it, I absolute have no feelings towards that aria. By respecting their feelings and their desires I keep the thread clean from non-related entries. There are so many topic here I select topics I like and if I feel I can make a contribution then I will post, if it doesn’t contribute then I’ll keep myself from posting. That way these sections of the forum will be reserved for those whom share the same feelings. And that is the way it is supposed to be.
  4. There are numerous topics about the same subject to be found here on the forum. I am not a doctor and the most of us are not. To me the answer is plain and simple if you worry about it go see a doctor that is what they are there for. If you don’t worry about it just don’t. I take your age mentioned in your avatar is correct, then is suppose you are too young to have these kind of problems.
  5. @ Ferix. Sorry for my late reply I do have a picture of course. I’ve seen the one you made yourself and I sorry to hear you’ve got a UTI because of using it. There is always a risk for an UTI when playing with stents that is for sure. First of all I hope you get well soon. Anyway here is a picture of mine, maybe it is of use to you if you ever consider to give it another attempt.
  6. Well I wear 24/7 and never regretted it. To me it is a way of life which makes me feel really comfortable and complete. On the other hand if for some reason I can’t wear for a day or maybe more, I simply don’t, but that is not by choice. In the end I ow no one an explanation it is my life and my choice to do so and it has been like that for the last 20 years or so. If you want too just go for it and if you want to discontinue then just stop.
  7. Personally I do think there some significant changes going on. Over the last couple of years there are more and more companies who started to produce diapers that are specifically meant for the ABDL community. Some ten maybe fifteen years ago there were none around at all. There were companies around whom were ABDL aware and took nicely to us, so yes I do think our community is bigger than we think. All the manufactures of these diapers do have to make a living so they need a specific number of customers in order to survive. Not only that, they have to share the clientele amongst all manufacturers. I am not sure if they also manufacture medical graded diapers or if they produce solely for the ABDL market that would make a significant difference. Now DD has over 37.500 members. I know a couple of groups in Europe that are quite big all and all quite a few members worldwide but not all of them will buy these diapers some like medical grade diapers for they are usually cheaper some like cloth and the list goes on. Bottom line. Yes I do think there are quite a few of us at least enough for some companies to decide to start to produce diapers especially for the ABDL community and make a living. On a worldwide scale, not so much.
  8. No, not really unless I really have too, but that is not by choice. Every so now and then I have to go abroad for my daily job and then I have little or no option but to discontinue. Other than that it is 24/7.
  9. Cathdiap what a change I’d say. To me you always seemed quite adamant in your stent use and max out on three maybe four days of use, how things change. On a more personal level I do have to say I can relate to your new found desire, a desire we seem to share in one way or another. I’ve worn diapers to the hospital while they examined me, they couldn’t care less and didn’t say nothing about it. The only time I took my stent out was during a MRI for than they would have seen it while being installed. Totally awesome. @ Ferix In order to keep my stent in place I use two O-rings, one inside the bladder and one just outside the external sphincter muscle. These two O-rings are stitched to the silicone tube I use and that is basically it. The biggest problem I’ve had with that is to find the exact location to put them, for if you are too far out of the desired location they will irritate the heck out of you. There is a learning curve (trial and error) to it, but once I found it I have no more issues with it.
  10. It is your decision to make. If it is something you really want to do then just do it, nobody is going to hold you back. The only advice I can give you is to stock up on diapers for you’ll need about four maybe five diapers per day and you’ll have to search for locations where you can change if needed and that is about it.
  11. Same here. Under normal circumstances I get out of bed an hour and a half prior of leaving for work. This time is spend to do my morning routines which includes making breakfast drinking a pot of coffee while sitting in my wet diaper and T-shirt. Usually after drinking a pot of coffee I have to go to take a dump (not in my diaper) and this is also the signal to take a shower and get a new diaper on get dressed and leave for work. Nothing beats that.
  12. It is totally awesome if you find something from back in the days. I really like that too but more with vintage plastic pants and not so much with disposables, but these trips down memory lane……………… very deep sigh.
  13. No I don’t like the smell of wet diapers but since I wet mine there is very little I can do about it, comes with the territory so to say. Sometime I forget to dispose of my used diaper so when I get home from my daily job and open up the front door I notice immediately really hate that. Another thing I usually do is to drink plenty of fluids so my urine stays diluted and doesn’t smell as strong.
  14. No I can’t say I experience the same issues or anything even close. As soon as I remove my stent my continence is back almost immediately. Once removed I do have to pee more often than usual but within two days these so called side effects are gone. I feel no numbness no pain no nothing. I use my stent for extended periods of time, one could almost say 24/7/365. The only difference I can see and think off my stent is solely made out of soft silicon materials all the way around, no hard components which might cause pressure in certain places. Then again I’ve never tried Cathdiap`s design so that will most likely make me unqualified to say anything about it. Every so now and then I do feel the presence of my stent which usually is an indication it has to be cleaned from build-up minerals and that is basically it, A simple matter of taking it out cleaning it and pop it back that is it.
  15. I do have to agree with Rosalie’s entry. I have my thoughts about the OP, but I feel that venting my thoughts will not contribute to the discussion and therefore I choose not to. In general I go by the rule if it doesn’t contribute or doesn’t help then, why bother. I have means to tell whether it is true or not and if it is a fantasy, so be it.