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  1. How was your first time in a diaper?

    I can't really remember it is simply to long ago, but it must have been a great feeling for by now it is some 48 years ago.
  2. What do you do when you poop?

    I'll run for the potty as I do not poop my diaper.
  3. At one point in time I too gave in to my long lasting desire to wear 24/7, and true it does take some planning and looking at your options. Now I am not very demanding as it comes to wearing 24/7 and there are some options that will ease your decision. Looking back it hasn’t been all that complicated. I wear 24/7 but only use my diaper for number one. In general I keep well hydrated throughout the day so my urine doesn’t become to concentrated. This does mean I will have to change ones or twice more often, but it is all about choices. I use a decent diaper, attends, not really a prime brand but I will do a good job in average, I will go through three sometime four diapers per day. Since I keep well hydrated I have no skin issues so I do not have to carry powders, oil or ointments around. I keep diapers at strategic locations like in my car, at work and at home of course. If I go out I will adjust my fluid intake somewhat and consider to wear a premium diaper like a Better Dry diaper, they can last a day if I want too. Limiting your fluid intake will not harm your skin. If I go out I’ll take one diaper along and the one diaper will fit perfectly in my bag also holding my wallet, phone and car keys. I can snap the bag around my waist so I do not need to carry it around all day, leaving my hands free to do what I want. I used to go abroad quite often but never really deviated from my method. The one thing I had to do I had to calculate / guess how many diaper I had to put in my suitcase to get me through the days without running out or having way too many at hand. From what I can tell it is all about your personal demands and wishes. If you want to you can make it very complicated.
  4. What to put....

    It is hard to answer from where I am sitting I am not based in the UK. From the top of my head I would say it is inappropriate to ask. For some jobs it is mandatory to know about your employee`s health, think about pilots for instance, but driving a truck and pop a question like are you incontinent sounds somewhat over the top. Then again I wouldn’t lie if it is legit and if you feel confident. Just ease their worries by saying you do not soil the seats and tell them you’ll help them to cut back on the break expenses.
  5. And end to ABDL?

    The only thing I have to say is this, if you are happy with the new you, I am very happy for you. Personally I thought something like this could never happen. I know if I had a choice a life in diapers would never be my choice to begin with. But since it is I had to come to terms with it and had to learn to accept it, and for the most part I did. I hope you’ll keep us updated and I which you all the best with the new found you.
  6. Choice

    Like KInsey said: I made the choice to wear 24/7 and I committed to it. Every so now and then I do think ” what the hell am I doing under these circumstances”, but over the course of a year you can count these thoughts on one hand. So to my opinion the "cons" get surpassed by the "pros" of wearing diapers 24/7 by a mile.
  7. Cleaning Cloth Nappies

    I’ve been wearing cloth diapers for the most of my life. I rinse them and if I have a machine load I will wash them. I only use them for number one not really a big deal to get them clean and fresh again
  8. Expected lifespan

    I’ve been wearing cloth diapers for the most of my life. I prefer cloth squares which I can fold myself and adjust the bulk to my likings. The ones I bought some eighteen years ago still last although showing some serious signs of wear, but they still last. Some five years ago I bought ten additional diapers to keep in stock and I am afraid to run out, not that it really is an issue if they last for years, but what can I say. I only use them for number one maybe that is why they last and last.
  9. How Do You Keep Your Diaper Snug?

    I wear a very thin cloth diaper over my disposable and a snug fitting made to measure plastic pant, works like a charm. Although it adds somewhat to the bulk but they do not sag.
  10. Doctors Visit

    I had to see our companies physician earlier this week for I have been struggling with burn out symptoms since November 2017. They will guide and help you through the re-integration process, in the Netherlands that is rather normal if not standard. Aside of that we are currently struck by a serious flu outbreak lasting over 15 weeks by now and unfortunately it didn’t pass my door. I was called in had to climb a couple of stairs and by the time I made it to the office I was completely out of breath. Apparently he noticed it and asked what was going on, so I told him I felt sick due to the flu outbreak and felt out of breath. At that point he yanked out his stethoscope and said ”take of your jacket and T-shirt I want to listen to your lungs”. Quite a few people got hospitalized during the last outbreak or even worse weak people and older people died as a result of the flu. Well I wear diapers 24/7 by choice so taking off my shirt and jacket un-doubtfully would expose my diaper, especially at the rear as I prefer to wear plastic pants and a very thin cloth diaper over my disposable. So prior to him noticing my diaper I just told him straight up I was wearing a diaper and all he said was “oh, ok I'll see” and that was the end of it. I do not know whether he marked it in the file and frankly I couldn’t care less. Bottom line, he didn’t care or didn’t seem to be surprised at all, so why should I be worried or anything? I guess they have seen or heard it all. For me just another hurdle taken.
  11. The joy of a diaper

    Well there are multiple reasons why, for me they are: I like the warmth and comfort. I like the convenience of having a toilet around (I use my diaper only for number 1). I like the safe and familiar feeling they provide. I like to wear 24/7. I like the pressure points they provide in certain aria`s especially when wearing cloth. I like the looks of it as I prefer older plastic pants although I am not an AB I like the baby style snap-on plastic pant with structured foil or vinyl whatever you prefer to call it. I like the way they help me cope with the everyday stress hustle and bustle it helps me calm down and ease my mind. It's something that has been a part of my life ever since the age of four.
  12. I totally agree on this one. I have tried about every option I could think of but nothing seemed to work. Since the desire was overwhelmingly strong I turned to catheters and for the last eleven twelve years to stents. They do the job, but that can be read in another topic.
  13. Plastic pants in the 1950s?

    Born in the mid-sixties cloth and plastic pants were the thing to use and even now I still favor cloth diapers and plastic pants. The only thing that has changed over the years is the type of vinyl being used and that really is a shame. I still have some plastic pants from back in the days these I cherish as if they were made of gold. Every so now and then one comes up for sale on ebay and these I buy.
  14. What's your favorite weather?

    Sunny weather well in the 80s low humidity i hate the winter for it makes my body hurt.
  15. Just didn’t want to change this morning

    I try to keep my night diaper on as long as I can, I really like my wet diaper in the morning.