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  1. dlnoir

    Tuck In Extra Or Let Hang?

    I tuck
  2. Same here I wear 24/7, loving it.
  3. dlnoir

    Double diapered

    I double my diapers most of the time during the day time usually cloth over a disposable and a nice plastic pant to top it off. When wearing solely cloth in the evening and to bed I double the cloth diaper to the get the desired bulk. I wear 24/7
  4. Same here, I am not into sounding
  5. I guess any one will do as it will only require a good fit no absorbency is needed, so any cheap diaper will do a long as the fit is right
  6. No I wouldn’t want to be handicapped just to get my diaper changed or anything. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind to be incontinent (I do not consider incontinence a handicap) especially when I was younger and still struggling with my feelings. If I were incontinent then me wearing diapers would have been justified more or less. I might have resulted in ease of mind rather than feeling some sort of freak like I felt for many many years in a row, until I discovered I was not the only one with this strange desire to wear and use diapers. When I found out a heavy burden was lifted of off my shoulders but the damage was done also. I wouldn’t want anybody to change my diapers even now that I am healthy it is my thing.
  7. dlnoir

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    I guess I’m somewhat older too. I wore cloth as a baby and for the most part they are my go to diaper today. As it comes to my baby time I don't remember. I do remember me being some four years old being back in diapers, I have some strong memories about that. Today I'm switching back and forth between disposables and cloth. In general I find disposables more discreet. In order to get the same absorbency you’ll need a whole lot of cloth to get the same level and your urine squeezes out more easily. I have no issues as it comes to washing & drying, I have a place for my own so that won’t hold me back. However changing your diaper while at work or something similar is not really practical and cloth diapers do tent to smell sooner. Cloth overnight is the best if you’d ask me 360 degrees absorbency.
  8. dlnoir


    Unfortunately my answer is not mentioned in the options so I’ve answered with the next closest thing witch is “I never stopped”. I was fully potty trained by the age of two years old and back in diapers at the age of four, that is where my memories about wearing diapers start to kick in.
  9. dlnoir

    Nursery’s in Europe

    Personally I never visited a nursery for I have no desire in that aria. I have no idea where you are from but there are a couple in the UK there is one in Manchester for sure and there is one in the Netherlands.
  10. dlnoir

    My experience with stents

    Welcome Back Cathdiap, kind of missed your input over here as OP of the topic. 10 months without a diaper and stent amazing but it happen evidently. Like I said nice to have you back.
  11. dlnoir

    How often do you wear?

    I wear 24/7 although I have no control issues I just love to wear diapers.
  12. dlnoir

    ABDL Product Wishlist

    If it comes to my diaper thing there is not a whole lot I desire. I have zero AB tendencies what so ever, for the most part it is all about cloth diapers and plastic pants. The thing I long for the most are old school plastic pants. I prefer the cut they used in the 60`s and 70`s, the looks and the feel but most of all the materials they used. These pants become harder and harder to find nowadays, really really sucks.
  13. dlnoir

    OK so how is everybody coping in the heat

    Well I don’t change a thing and it doesn’t matter if it is hot or not. I’ll drink a lot more so my urine doesn’t get too concentrated. As a matter of fact I have to change my diaper more often in the summer when it is hot for I take in more fluids. For me that is the best remedy to counteract irritation and skin problems
  14. dlnoir

    Today Is a Good Diaper Day

    I think and feel everyday is a good diaper day and some of them even more so.
  15. dlnoir

    Plastic pants

    I found plastic pants as a solution to keep your cloth backed diaper in place not very successful by themselves. Cloth backed diaper have a tendency to sag and aside of that, they are prone to leak much sooner than plastic backed diapers, but you already know that. The only solution for me that works really well is to put a very thin cloth diaper over your cloth backed disposable diaper and snug fitting plastic pant. If for one reason or another the disposable starts to leak the thin cloth diaper will deal with it. It is a combination I have been using for the last 20 years now and so far it never let me down.