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  1. Buying adult cloth diapers

    I really like 60” x 60” squares I fold them myself and can double up as much as my heart’s desire. Folding my own diaper is part of my diapering routine. A snug fitting plastic pant to top it off and see one happy diaper lover. I bought mine in Germany at Save express. they are fairly cheap and they last over ten years.
  2. I told a lot of people including my parents about my special desires and the first negative response is yet to come. I am a DL and in my case there are absolutely no sexual feelings involved. I’ve always looked after myself and never forced anybody in too participate in my desires. When I told a person I always took the time to explain what it meant for me and what it does for me. I never exaggerated and always kept the story small but detailed and just about me. I made sure that the time was right and I made sure that the receiving person had an open mind and was willing to listen. When you open up to a person make sure you have the time to tell the whole story and they have the time to listen so it won’t turn into a rush job. I found if people sense that you are telling the truth they most likely open up to you as well. They might not share a similar story with you, but you can measure by their responses how they received the story you’ve just told them. Last but not least I never told anybody anything just for making conversation, there were always circumstances involved leading up to the conversation.
  3. Surprise while taking out trash

    No nothing as close as you described, but I am absolutely positive there is another DL living in the same city as I do. Our city has some 45000 souls. And secondly there is an adult baby living in a neighboring city some 3 miles from me. I found it out on a Dutch forum, never bothered to find out who they are much too close to home.
  4. Stent questions

    These are my experiences with a stent. Does it hurt inserting the stent? - No it doesn’t for me it has the same sensation as if I were to install a catheter. Whats the longest you left a stent in? - The longest I kept it in without taking it out for cleaning or whatever was a little over eight weeks. How long did you go between stents? - I use a stent almost 24/7 so if I take it out for I think it is about time to clean it I pop it right back in once I am done. How long did you wear diapers 24/7 before attempting a stent? - I think about a little over ten years, not to sure about that one. Did you become incontinent for a while after taking the stent out? - No, if I take it out things are usually back to normal within a day or two but that is after a extended period of use. Is there any pain during sex or masturbation with a stent in? - I have no sex with the stent in for you’ll transfer urine to your partner, masturbating with a stent is painless What are you experiences with the stent during a work out or any type of manual labor? - As I wear 24/7/ almost 365 I have little or no problems in that aria I live my life as if I were incontinent. What diaper worked the best while having the stent in? - Any diaper will do just fine as a matter of fact diaper work a lot better when used like this, personally I prefer premiums. Did the stent give you the satisfaction that your looking for? - Absolutely, I now have some sort incontinence with a on and off switch. A stent makes me feel complete in the lifestyle that I have chosen. Any point in time the stent started to hurt and you pulled it out because of it? - These things do happen from time to time but it is usually my own fault. Every so now and then I have to take it out in order to clean it. If I fail to do so minerals can build up which can cause irritation at some point or glug up the stent completely. The irritation can result is spasms of the bladder but if you take the stent out to problem usually fades rapidly. I hope the answers are what you are looking for.
  5. orientation

  6. outed by amazon. partially my own fault

    Sometimes I am truly amazed why people simply do not tell the truth. I am most likely a very bad example or maybe I’ve been lucky so far. Over the years I’ve told a lot of people about my love for diapers, and in all fairness the first negative response is yet to come. I know one of the hardest was the one telling my parents but once I did it was like lifting a big weight of off my shoulders. I truly belief if the relationship between you and your parents is all right they will not judge you, that is how I experienced it at least. Same thing applied for all others that I’ve told, they do not understand but they except which is good enough for me. I think it is of the upmost importance not to exaggerate and keep the story to yourself. And I do belief once you start telling lies you will have to live accordingly to those lies. The truth will set you free.
  7. any inventors here?

    Inventor? Yes in a way. Yet I do not hold any patents. I design and invent specific machinery for the company I work for. Since I use their financial funds I will never be able to put in a patent claim. Here in the Netherlands one of the rules for putting in a patent claim states you’ll have to use your financial means in order to put in a claim. Could be it is the same all over the world. The machines I build, design and invent are used in the food industry.
  8. Foley catheter

    Plain and simple, if it makes you happy, if it makes you feel comfortable and if it doesn’t cause you any issues like an UTI, why not. I have pretty much the same thing but I prefer a stent over a catheter, it makes me very happy and makes me feel complete. I cause no harm to myself nor anybody else. I live my life how I see fit.
  9. Diaper Sensations (Infant, not sexual)

    I absolutely get what you are saying, nothing beats a fresh cloth diaper straight from the line. Personally I use cloth 60” squares fold them to my likings nice and bulky and top it off with a plastic pant. My diapers do not make me feel little as I am more a diaper lover but the feeling of authenticity is absolutely there.
  10. I think he is seeking attention which he is getting in a somewhat negative way ( but that is my opinion) he is getting his attention non the less.
  11. Well for starters if you really seek help go see your physician for starters, he or she can point you in the right direction, you should know this being 26 years old of age. Internet is no place to seek professional help nor can we if you have anxciety issues.
  12. Plastic Undies or Bed Pads?

    I really take to cloth diapers and plastic pants. But I can understand not everyone appreciates the after math of washing the cloth diapers. So I put a cloth diaper over my disposable diaper it works wonders for me. Personally, unlike some others, I do not like wet sheets let alone a wet mattress. I tried mattress covers but I that didn’t do it for me. Secondly if your diaper starts to leak I feel you will have to deal with it as soon as possible, for me that equals cloth over disposable and a snug fitting plastic pant.
  13. Is it just me or?

    I wouldn’t worry about it. It is most likely something like a binge and purge cycle and I am more or less convinced it will pass. You do not need to wear if you don’t want too but you can wear if you want too. It is your choice you make your own rules as it comes to your desires, it is all up to you. One thing is for sure, don’t throw your stuff out for you might start to regret it if your desires return, and if they don’t they don‘t.
  14. What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    My all-time favorite are cloth diapers and plastic pants I suppose that is related to my age. Disposables are fine and use them on a daily basis but still prefer cloth. I use 60”squares which I fold to my likings. There is a downside to cloth, you need to wash them. On the other side they have a great feel and look very authentic.