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  1. dribblerlot

    sleeping in a wet bed

    Guess we have just stumbled on the origin of the expression "You made your bed,you lie in it"
  2. dribblerlot

    Did you grew up a bedwetter

    On and off during post potty training years. Some protection but also some chastisement for day or night accidents -not physically punished but made to feel I was very bad. Recurring problem as an adult before in mid life becoming incontinent
  3. dribblerlot

    Accidents Without A Diaper

    I am now incontinent and so recent events won't count. Earlier on I had several accidents when I had arrived home after working very late and "lost it" walking from the car to the house. This was also the scenario for "near misses" although my wife disagreed that just being a "little bit wet" counted as a near miss.
  4. dribblerlot

    Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    No Diaper and pee while sleeping -Not a big problem just do laundry. No diaper and poop in sleep - disaster and big messy clean up. No diaper and poo and pee while sleeping - worst of all outcomes. Tape on a diaper before bed and as long as its a good one I can relax and not worry -maybe the change in the morning will be routine if just wet, or complex if poop is involved but either way I'll cope.
  5. dribblerlot

    My Problem

    And there is also the issue of the incontinent persons preferences,personal dignity and feeling of wellbeing. Diapers are far more comfortable when wet than underpants are and less likely to chafe. Holding on is great but not always effective. Better to be safe than sorry and (for me anyway) wearing a diaper is more pleasant than having messed or wet underwear.