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  1. Always wear my plastic or rubber pants over my diapers, for both cloth and disposables.
  2. I have no underwear of any kind other then my diapers and plastic pants. I have no need for them.
  3. The same with me, when my bladder fills to the point of release it just flows into my diaper. After all these years there are times when I think i am still dry only to find out I have wet at some point during the day.
  4. While I do mess in public, I do everything in my power to reduce the smell to others, including removing myself ASAP if any smell is noticeable. With my diet and plastic pants over my diapers smells are kept to a minimum. I always change the first chance I can can when in public. No one wants to be around anyone in a messy diaper.
  5. She has me eating more oatmeal bars, my messes are still soft but not runny. I have maybe one messy diaper per day where I have to change in public. I am it the publisher changes are not has clean as when I can change at home but good enough to put on another clean diaper and start the process all over agian.
  6. My wife as been adding more fiber to my diet so I am messing my diapers more often. I would normally mess when I first woke up or something g while I slept, but that would be it for the day. Since the diet change, I have at least 3 messy diapers a day. I have lost all control after un potty training years ago, so when the needs comes I just release into my diapers. She feels this will increase me feeling like a baby, and it does. I have been getting very good at changing diapers in public restrooms when needed.
  7. I have gone to bed wet, but not messy. I woke messy many times but was since a mess and wet uncontrolled. I will change into a clean diaper before bed if I was messy.
  8. I always mess into my diaper and I love the feeling of being messy. I do not mind the cleanbup, if I am home, I jump into the shower and will be clean in minutes, if out in public, I find a bathroom asap and with wipes I carry with me, I will be in a new diaper in about 5 minutes.
  9. For me I will wake up messy maybe 1 or 2 times a month, I will always have a messy diaper within 15 minutes of getting out of bed, gravity works.
  10. So true, after wearing and using for both wetting and messing after a few years your body accepts you can go at anytime and in my case you lose all control.
  11. That is the exact thing I do everyday, wake up wet, mess my diaper, if it was not already messy, while I am making my coffee. Since I untrained myself, my morning messes like all my messy diapers just flow into my diaper. I will stay messy unti it's time for my shower. On weekends that could a few hours or until my diapers start to leak.
  12. Last night after I changed into my night diapers, I was watching TV with my wife when I messed my diaper. I got up to go change into a clean diaper once more before going to bed and my wire stopped me and ask what I was doing. I told her I was going to change into ask clean diaper and she told me no, I was already in my diapers for the night. I was told I could change in the morning but I will have to sleep in the guest room .
  13. Over the years of just going when ever and where ever the need to mess comes up also has left me with little or no control. Sometime I feel I need to mess and most time I just start messing my diaper without warning. With my current diet my messes are always soft so it takes my body little effort to release the contents in my diapers.this all started with my morning poops, most days I only mess once but there have a few days with many messy diapers. But luckily those days are few and far between.
  14. I use both, disposables during the day and cloth at night
  15. Just woke up to a wet and messy diaper, been a few weeks since I messed during my sleep. Always a great surprise to wake up messy. Finished filling my diaper while I drank my coffee. I will change in a few hours since I have time before I have to take my shower and start my day.