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  1. For me it will depend on where I mess my diapers, out in public or at work I will change ASAP. At home where I seem to mess more often I will stay dirty for hours if needed. I will change when it is time for my shower, or when my wife tells me I need to get cleaned up
  2. Visiting doctor office in a diaper anyone?

    The only time my doctors mentions my diapers during my yearly exam and the rubber glove will be involved. She will ask if I have a new diaper to change into.
  3. Wet or dry diaper?

    Dry then wet and or messy.
  4. longer in diapers

    I was potty trained by 2 1/2 years old, I have been back into diapers for over 7 years now since I un-potty trained. I will never go back.

    been using them for years, love them, so much easier than pins.
  6. Diaper wetting

    I wet my diapers in front of people every day, no one ever has of will notice unless I start to leak.
  7. I would say that me being n diapers 24/7 has hurt our normal sex life, IE if the mood is there I have to change and clean up first. No more rolling over in bed for a quicky in the morning since there will be a 99% chance I will be wet and 30% chance I will be messy. But over time time our sex life evolved to more of D/s relationship. I have a hard time getting hard so we love to use toys on each other. We now have a better over all sex life then before diapers.
  8. Who woke up wet this morning?

    My wife will not be happy this morning, woke up to a huge wet spot on the bed. Part of my diaper was on the outside of my plastic pants so it wicked to the sheets also during the night.
  9. Wetting, messing or both?

    This the exact path I followed, gradual loss of control until complete bladder incontinence,followed by messing until all control is now gone.
  10. Been up in my wet morning diaper now for over an hour just as I getting my second cup of coffee thinking I have not yet messed my diaper my first messed pressed into my diaper. I am normally messy within 15 minutes of getting out of bed, but this was worth the wait
  11. Do you wake up needing to pee or not

    I wake up wet each morning so what ever was in my bladder will be in my diaper when I wake up
  12. Forced to choose

    North-shore disposables during the day and cloth and plastic pants every night.
  13. How Long To Train Yourself To Bed Wet?

    I would have to agree, I always had bladder issues where I went often and more then once had damp underwear to say the least. Once I went back to diapers 24/7 control faded over time to where I am now, completely diaper depended.
  14. Bedwetting Without A Diaper

    I would say so, she is always keeping me on my toes.We did tip the house keeping staff extra that trip. We go to the same hotel each time we go to Las Vegas and now each trip there is a mattress protector on the bed, they added it to our profile.
  15. Longest time in a single diaper?

    I have worn the same diaper over 26 hours a few times before I lost my bowel control. Once I mess my diaper I change ASAP if in public and after a few hours at home. So my extended diaper days are over unless I do not mess for a day.