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  1. How many times in one diaper

    I was able to stay home from work yesterday, I woke up messy, which is always a treat, and messed once more while I had my coffee. I was going to stay messing until my shower in a few hours, when the next mess came. I normally only mess once in the morning, my second mess will be in the late afternoon. This was the first time I had three loads in my diaper at the same time, of course now I had to delay my shower so I could enjoy the fullness. I stayed messy until my wife told me it was time to change she had enough of my poppy diapers. I have no control of when I will mess but I look forward to next time I can have three or more in the same diaper.
  2. Take this stupid Buzzfeed quiz

    You got: Adult baby! You like to do the whole adult baby thing. Sometimes, when you’re feeling really needy, you’ll go and pop your nappy on and whine and cry for attention. You just want to be looked after, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  3. Potty Training AFTER using 24/7

    I agree with Rusty and bettypooh, I am sure if and that is a big IF, I could re-potty train to regain control but it would probably take many months to regain control. I for one do not plan on trying, but never say never.
  4. Sleeping through

    I sleep though the night, always change in the morning.
  5. At what age did you start your unpotty training? I was around 45 when I started to wear 24/7, I am now 55. Were you a bed wetter prior to unpotty training? No i wet the bed a few times as a child the last time I remember 1 was around 7. Did you do any tricks to get yourself to sleep wet or did that happen on its own? At the start that was the hardest to overcome, I was able to lose control during the day in under 1.5 years. Wetting during the night was different, I found if I started with a wet diaper, I would find it easier to wet during the night. I would still wake up when I had to go but I would stay in what ever position I was in and just wet my diaper. The more I did that the easier it got to wet the bed. Over all it took me over 5 years to be able to go to bed in a dry diaper and wake up wet without waking up. Any tips or advice that I may not have thought about? The only tip I can give you is keep wearing 24/7 and use your diapers every time you need to wet. Trust the diaper will be able to not leak 95% of the time but leaks will happen.
  6. leaks will happen, you have to accept that you will have a wet bed or pants now and then. Cloth diapers at night was the answer for me when I un-potty trained years ago. Day wetting took over a year to un-train while bed wetting took a few more years. I am now fully un-potty trained and love it. Not sure if I could potty train again, but this time of my life I know I will never try.
  7. It seems the more I mess my diapers the easier it has become. When I first unpotty trained for everything in my diapers I would have one big mess each morning and stay clean the rest of the day. But the last few weeks I have been messing my diaper in smaller amounts within an hour of each completed meal. I have to say at first I was surprised at how often I was going but now I can plan my day better for my public diaper changes. I now know that after lunch I will have to be near a restroom if I am going to be indoors to change when I mess. If I am outside and not around people at the time I will stay messy until I can get home or find a restroom to change once I am around people. I never force my messy diapers on the public, My wife says it reminds her of when our son was a baby, she could set her clock on when he would be messy after a feeding.
  8. Best overnight diaper

    I agree "Good old cloth diapers and plastic pants can never be beat though!"
  9. Seeking Permanent incontinence

    Try http://mylittlelullaby.com/ she has many good files on ABDL
  10. Pooping in private or public?

    I mess my diapers when ever the need comes, weather in private or public. 90% of the time I am at home and mess in the morning when I first wake up or during the night. If and when I do mess in public I change right away so not to be a bother to those around me.
  11. Wetting, messing or both?

    both and loving it
  12. What do you wear most often?

    Disposables during the day and cloth at bed time, always plastic pants over the diapers
  13. Do you all ever give diapers a break ?

    not since I untrained years ago, I knew then that if I went through and un-potty training i would always be in diapers.
  14. Post when messy.

    always nice to have a full diaper while I drink my morning coffee, today is no different.
  15. Plastic Panties

    Always wear my plastic or rubber pants over my diapers, for both cloth and disposables.