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  1. dljim95

    Whos Your Favorite Worship Band/Artist?

    Phil Wickham, Mercy Me, Tobymac are on my play list.
  2. dljim95

    BetterDry® and Crinklz® Review

    Better Dry is now my everyday diaper, they seem to last all day.
  3. So true, take in small steps, I have been un-training for a few years now. You have to have complete faith in your diapers at all times, yes you will have leaks here and there but you need to feel comfortable that your diapers are now your bathroom. For me the daytime wetting took the longest to overcome, but once that step was taken then bed wetting soon followed and that was than followed by no control over my bowels. I now wet and mess when ever my body needs to release.
  4. dljim95

    Benefits of plastic pants?

    The euroflex are more expensive to buy but in the long run they last years so they will be more cost effective. I used to buy new plastic pants every few month after they ripped from use, I bought 3 pairs of euroglex over a year ago and they are still in great shape from everyday use.
  5. I mess my diapers so often now its news when I do not mess them sometime during the day, I do not know why but I did need to go potty for the past two days. I know I have been eating less to past few days but I still will have a small poopy diaper each morning. Well that changed last night, I woke up a very full messy diaper and I have gone once more since I woke up. Now enjoying my coffee waiting till its time to clean up and go to work.
  6. dljim95

    Doctors today

    I had the same result with my doctors, I told him I prefer to use diapers over other options to deal with my incontinence both during the day and night.
  7. dljim95

    Are you progressing as a DL?

    We must be related, I have been trying to lose control since 7 or 8. I finely went 24/7 at age 44, now at 56 to quote you "I can no longer go without a diaper on for fear of either wetting or messing my pants. I however have no complaints about now needing diapers, as it is what I had always hopped for".
  8. The biggest challenge for me to learn to wet during the night was that I was going to leak and the bed and will get soaked from time to time. Once I bought a good mattress protector and found the right type diapers to wear to bed I was able to become a bed wetter. I now wake up soaked every morning, I have soaked my sheets more than a few times but the bed survived LOL.
  9. dljim95

    Driving Around In A Messy Diaper

    I have done this more than I can remember, after my unpotty training I wet and mess whenever my body needs to. That being said if messy I will try to change ASAP but if I was going to drive home I will wait till I am home to change. If I am driving and I mess my diaper I have to stay messy until my next stop and then change. Personally it is no big deal to me anymore, I know at sometime during the day I will be messy and I deal with the dirty diaper after the fact.
  10. I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed, I also sleep with my pacifier. I have been going to bed the same way for over 10 years with very few mornings of wet sheets.
  11. dljim95

    Do you NEED diapers?

    I un--potty trained myself so now I do need my diapers 24/7
  12. dljim95

    BDSM Test

    == Results from bdsmtest.org == 90% Submissive 83% Degradee 76% Boy/Girl 70% Slave 69% Ageplayer 68% Masochist 63% Rope bunny 63% Non-monogamist 63% Experimentalist 51% Exhibitionist 45% Voyeur 42% Vanilla 40% Pet 37% Brat 31% Primal (Prey) 1% Primal (Hunter) 1% Daddy/Mommy 0% Rigger 0% Dominant 0% Degrader 0% Owner 0% Master/Mistress 0% Sadist 0% Switch
  13. That was how it started for me and my messy diapers. Each time I felt the urge I would let it go in my diaper, now I it is to the point where the urge and the mess happen at the same time.
  14. dljim95

    Sleeping While Messy

    Went to bed in a clean dry diaper, woke up wet and messy.
  15. dljim95

    Wetting, messing or both?

    total loss of control for wetting took just over 2 years, messing another 6 months after that.