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  1. howiebabe introduction

    Heh, had to come here when I saw 'ENIAC' in the sidebar on the main page. I wrote a paper on ENIAC for a class in high school or college. Many years ago. Just missed having to tote decks of punch cards around, when I took a computer course at the local university in the early 1980s.
  2. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Those links are 'changingtimesdiaperco.com' and 'baby-pants.com'
  3. Buying adult cloth diapers

    Been happy with the quality and service from adultclothdiaper.com. (Do not go to adultclothdiaperS.com, cyber squatter possible malware.) Been using birdseye night weight prefold with one soaker for overnight use. They're so thick they take forever to wash and dry and they're quite a lump between my legs. If or when I buy new ones, I'd get the day weights and use more boosters if necessary. One thing I found by trial and error is, buy a bigger size than you think you need from the size chart. Again, this is for night wear, maybe not as necessary for day wear. I use the Leakmaster deluxe vinyl pants, extra heavy weight. By trial and error, I found I needed two sizes larger than the diaper, for the bulky night weight diapers and for comfort around my fat thighs. If you get day weights with minimal bulk in the crotch, and if your legs are not fatter than average, you may need only 1x larger or same nominal size.
  4. Is it just me or?

    I continue wearing at night because it has a psychological calming effect on me. Anxiety has always been a problem for me. The wearing at night may alter hormones that are released when one holds in pee. Not wearing, I can only sleep about 6 hours because I have to get up to pee. The last hour or so, half-awake with the feeling of a full bladder and nonspecific anxiety about the coming day. After that, I find it hard to go back to bed. Wearing, I can stay in bed and get good rest for up to 8 or 9 hours. And wake without major anxiety. Not every night, but enough so it helps. So, no strange desire or anticipation any more like there was in the beginning. Just the knowledge that it somehow seems to be good or helpful for me. ...And it feels good too, to just let go instead of holding it.
  5. Am I making my bladder weaker?

    I wore most nights for a long time, months at a time, for a period of two years or so, with some breaks in between. Had more urgency & smaller more frequent voidings in the daytime. Didn't seem to get worse over the period. It takes about a week to go back to normal, same as I was before. I've stopped worrying that wearing at night can make me incontinent. Unless you're already having problems due to a plausible or identified medical issue, you probably have nothing to worry about. Different matter if you wear 24/7 for years.
  6. Cannot Edit Dollar Amount

    Maybe the web wizards are working on it. I cannot find any 'donate' like at all, right now. Maybe I am just old and dumb. I will keep looking.
  7. Cleaning Cloth Nappies

    For us in the US, 60
  8. Cleaning Cloth Nappies

    I use about 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach in the wash cycle. They say chlorine bleach is bad, disintegrates the cotton fibers. My diaps are deteriorating, but I can't say how much is due to the bleach and how much just due to washing & tumble drying on high heat (night prefolds, thick in the middle). Might be better to add a very small amount of bleach to the rinse. In the wash, the bleach fights with the detergent. I try to use just enough chlorine bleach to kill the funk. I tried the 'Rock'n Green anti-funk' or whatever it's called, and I tried 20 Mule Team (genuine) Borax. Maybe my water is not hot enough... anyway, it didn't kill the funk. So I turned to chlorine. I think chlorine might work even in cold water. Borax certainly doesn't.
  9. For a few years, I've been wearing at night more often than not. Wake to relieve myself with as little fuss as possible, usually after being in bed for about 6 hours. Never got to the point of wetting in my sleep. Closest I got was being half-awake and drifting off to sleep quickly. Seems to have an effect that I stay in bed longer, am calmer in the daytime, blood pressure is a few tics lower I am sure. Also, maybe with a quieter mind, I get less done, not sure on this. When I go to bed w/o wearing for a few days, my psychological anxiety or activity level seems to change back to my former level. I may get a little more done, a little more creatively, or maybe not, not sure. I remember reading something on this site a long time ago, from a guy whose wife insisted he stayed diapered, because he's much calmer and more agreeable when he does. I think hormones are involved. Vasopressin may be one, it is 'a reliable inducer of anxiety' and is involved in keeping your bladder from filling and waking you up at night. Anyone else have this experience or similar?
  10. Yes, I feel terrible about the environment. Given the effective denial of the nature and magnitude of the problem, we've continued business as usual. I think it's far too late for a good outcome. I am not worried about the minuscule additional impact of my buying and washing cloth diapers. I do think virtuous acts by (enough) individuals could be important. On the other hand, government and business policies being what they are*, what one person don't use or destroy will get used up and destroyed in some other way. In this regime, individual responsibility doesn't matter for much, as far as 'the environment' goes. Might matter as far as learning skills you can use in a difficult future, but even in that case, surviving and thriving is going to require a great deal of luck in addition, in my opinion. Edit: *...and, humans' habits of multiplying like rabbits even in the face of this calamity,...
  11. Why Do You Like Diapers?

    I don't understand why I started. Since I was little, sometimes peed my underwear just a little, then made makeshift diapers every once in a great while. Lately, started wearing real diaps more and more often, now just about every night. I understand why I keep it up. Seems to materially reduce my anxiety and blood pressure. Better sleep.
  12. Diapers: Sexual or Comfortable

    98% comfort. I've taken a shine to sleeping in them most every night. I get a better night's sleep, obviously because I don't have to get up to toilet, also because there is (maybe, don't know) a reduction of release of antidiuretic hormone vasopressin. That is, my bladder doesn't get as full or stay full for long, and as a result the vasopressin 'stays put'. Vasopressin, besides being antidiuretic, also induces a physiologic stress response. I don't know this for a fact about the vasopressin (if there are differences in hormone release diapered vs. not)*. Just trying to reconcile the different feelings when I wear (calm) vs. when I don't (more anxiety in general). I think it may be something purely physiologic as opposed to Freudian-style constructs built from early memories. Of course, I haven't done a randomized, controlled trial on myself. Maybe I'm imagining the whole thing, maybe it's a placebo effect, maybe it's psychodynamical after all. (Edit 1/2/16). But, I don't think I'm imagining it. For me, I think there's a huge difference in my anxiety level (or something), maybe impacting personality, between the days after I've slept in diapers and those I've not. *On the other hand, for enuretic persons, vasopressin levels don't rise as much at night, as for non-bedwetters. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2705537
  13. Tapatalk

    Please shut off your "Sent from my [email protected]#$% using Tapatalk" message. Annoying and unnecessary.
  14. The quest for a better night's sleep

    I am uncomfortable long before having to find a toilet. In the daytime, it's a minor annoyance. At night, it keeps me awake, and after getting up I can't sleep again. Wearing diaps to bed I certainly get a better night's sleep, and my daytime blood pressure is a few tics lower. Started with the diaps for other reasons, but the discovery that my sleep is greatly improved has kept me coming back nearly every night. I think there's a hormone connection involving vasopressin but I am not expert enough to give a coherent hypothesis. Read somewhere that vasopressin is 'a reliable inducer of anxiety'. May have to do with not having a full bladder much or at all, or having less water to reabsorb due to excreting more. Or, not turning the lights on. I dunno. As far as anxiety, I think I am calmer and happier overall. (Neurotic anxiety has been a lifelong problem.) Problems I have experienced are greater frequency and urgency mainly in the morning, and have not been able to completely shower away the odor. Could use some hints if anyone has any. 5/4/15 - About odor. Yes, I can imagine the hotter and longer the better. Urine has substances that are dissolved in water, not such a stretch to believe these can dissolve in skin, and would take time and flushing with water to remove. Maybe soaking in a hot bath would be the best thing, though that might spread it everywhere Further edit about odor: Am doing the following now. As soon as I wake up, I remove the diap, get in the shower soap up w/ washcloth real well, rinse off. Then, out of the shower, I soap up again and let it stand. Go about my morning routine. Then, before leaving, the full shower, soap up and rinse off down there again. Seems to be a definite improvement. Maybe worries about smells are past.
  15. Advice for cloth diapers.

    *flats get cleaner and dry quicker than prefolds. -- Yep. I wash on a super-long cycle, Dry the prefolds for an hour, then let them sit in the dryer, then dry 20 minutes more. Not such a good thing. When I replace them, I will try the flats.