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  1. I tried the holey foley a few days ago. But it didn't work for me. I had to consciously pee in order for the flow to start (so basically peeing manually but with a tube inside of you). I think I might have put the hole too high up so that the external urethral sphincter muscle was closing off the hole (unless I relaxed it). But I didn't feel the pee flowing outside the catheter the few times it happened. Normally I just point a regular catheter above my man dong so the pee trickles down the skin. Then I feel when I pee without the holey foley. Quite nice to watch a movie and then notice that you're peeing yourself or forget about the time and then when you check your diaper you've managed to soak your pants. Oh how I love catheters
  2. Yeah i've read about it and i'm curious to try it. But, it doesn't reduce the risk as many people are advocating since the majority of bacteria travel extraluminally (along catheter wall). The so called "flushing mechanism" is doubtful but may be beneficial. It's only a drip here and there, and the question is how big of an impact that has on the bacteria. Bacteria attaches to surfaces and an occasional drip of liquid doesn't really affect them, that's at least what I think. Peeing naturally works since it has a stronger flushing force and expels more urine. This method also adds other risks by introducing additional bacteria when cutting, and sharp edges that can damage the urothelium (damaged urothelium has weaker defense mechanisms against bacteria). Not even mentioning the risk of possible breakage of the catheter so that it requires an endoscopic intervention to retrieve the rest of the catheter (or surgery). The best thing would've been to assemble a mini research of our own, since research would never be provided by anyone else (mostly because it's unethical to see how fast someone gets a UTI and also because the provided knowledge doesn't has any practical applications). But then again, the research would be of very poor quality and it would mean having participants basically waiting to get a UTI and trying to draw conclusions out of that. You're wrong about the open drainage. An open drainage to a diaper is fairly common after a repair in hypospadias. Check this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3184301 Short term catherization in a diaper doesn't increase any risks according to this study. The general time having a catheter after that procedure is around 3 - 7 days. It is however in a double diaper with the catheter in the second diaper (thus, reducing contact with skin bacteria). Bacteria normally travel along the catheter, and not by air. But you're perfectly right about the remaining pee in the holey foley, I forgot to mention that in my above post. I agree that stents seem like a safer alternative in the perspective of getting an infection. However, the stent brings a whole array of different risks, arguably, more dangerous or damaging (stent might merge into bladder etc)
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone of you guys from Europe has bought antibiotic coated catheters or coated with silver alloy to reduce bacterial film formation? I really wanna try having a open end catheter in a diaper for at least a week, but with my current normal latex silicone catheters bacterial colonization occurs, as you guys surely know already, after only a day. Thus, having a catheter more than a day in a diaper is extremely risky. With above mentioned catheters I think it's possible to extend that time to around 3 days Please let me know if you know any sellers shipping discreetly to Europe.
  4. Sorry to hear, although i'm glad you got it sorted out. You can never eliminate the risks, only minimize. You should definitely sterilize your stent each time you insert it though. And drink a lot of fluids. I wish you a good recovery! I've also had a UTI from catheters, so I feel ya
  5. I'm using Ch 18, sometimes Ch20, so I doubt it's too small as I already regret buying such large catheters (still have like 15 left of them) How long do you keep your catheter in when having it in a diaper?
  6. I have a question for all you men out there with a tube in your dongs : how do you place the catheter when going to sleep? If I place it down in the diaper then my littleman will migrate up eventually anyway and the pee will flow everywhere. Also how do you place it normally when up and about? I like to have mine pointing slightly up or to the side and the tubing doing a U turn down in the diaper. Also other thoughts : if I stand up with a catheter inside I tend to get a lot of bladder spasms (probably because of the balloon pressing on the bladder. Do you guys experience the same? How long do you generally keep the catheter inside? Do all of you use antiseptics on your meatus before insertion? I usually only clean with soap, sometimes I don't even clean myself down there (but I only keep the catheter inside for a few hours. And I don't insert if i'm too dirty either)
  7. You're saying the burning has gone down a lot, which makes me think that you don't have a UTI. You might have had an infection in the urethra, but even that I highly doubt as you would've rather described it as an itching sensation. I think you just caused some minor tearings in the surrounding tissue. If you get a fever, you should check it up. For the sterilization: don't forget to use antibacterial soap on your meatus to prevent introducing bacteria in the insertion phase. Also be sure to wash your hands carefully, especially your fingertips. Use alcohol your hands after washing them. Sorry if i'm saying stuff you already know, I just want to make sure you follow all steps. If it's silicone it's safe to boil it. Have it in boiling water for 30 minutes (no need to use alcohol on it afterwards). Be sure your lubricant is sterile (one time use).
  8. Hey guys, I have some problems catherizing, I thought you might help It's become more frequent that I meet resistance while passing my sphincter. Urine flows out but I can't push the catheter all the way to the fork (I don't want to accidently inflate the balloon the in urethra). First time this happened I tried pushing anyway despite the resistance and I felt a sudden pain from the bladder (like as if I had poked it). Today it happened again and I tried pushing it in several times by withdrawing it slightly and pushing in again. Nothing seemed to work. I even pulled it out entirely and inserted it again. Same problem. Also, do you guys shower before every catherization or do you just insert it sometimes (with clean hands?). I feel like when I shower, my glans become really dry and inserting the catheter, even with lube becomes really difficult because the catheters pushes the glans "inwards" and increases friction. How often do you catheterize yourself? And how long do you usually keep it in? How do you position the catheter when you sleep (if you're a guy)? I can't have it pointed down at night because of the natural boners occuring during sleep. A boner with the penis in a forced down position with catheter kinda hurts, and I feel like I eventually wake up with the penis in the natural up position anyway. But if you point it up then the catheter can leak outside the diaper. I personally catherize about every two weeks, and keep it in for max one day (I've read the catheter is fully colonized with bacteria after 2 days). I use 18 Fr and 20 Fr (although I regret buying 20 Fr as it is a bit too big, and now I have 9 of them left :P)
  9. So i've been wearing for close to two weeks now. And currently experiencing strong feelings of wanting to quit. Mostly because of expense and social situations (when i'm with friends I just want to take my diaper off for some reason, anyone else experience this?) Also it's really hard to carry a diaper bag. People have already asked me why I bring a bag with me. Wearing 24/7 is so difficult if you have a social life, and if they don't know. How would you guys explain to your friend if he notices your diaper? Like you have to agree being incontinent at a young age IS very rare and the friend will probably ask if you've tried meds, training etc, or if pull ups doesn't work etc. And he might even ask what the condition is called btw. Have you all thought of an answer to all this? I would love to hear what you guys have to say about this! Omw to the doctor with a diaper right now btw. Not even nervous.
  10. Okay update: I never went back to the doctor. The reason for this is that I wanted to give it at least 3 days. The doctor probably would have just said the same, to wait 3 days. I did have a high fever of 38,5 degrees celsius first day of antibiotic, second day I had around or slightly below 38 degrees, third day I had a very slight fever towards the evening of 37,5. Yesterday, the 4th day of antibiotics I had no fever the whole day, and I didn't feel weak anymore as I used to. Also burning when peeing disappeared 4th day. 5th day today and I still feel good, symptoms gone. So I probably got a mild, uncomplicated kidney infection judging by how many days I had a fever. In total it was 4-5 days where 2-3 of these were considered high fever. Also the antibiotic I got is used to treat complicated UTIs / mild uncomplicated kidney infections, which shows that the doctor was suspecting a kidney infection too. Now looking back at it all I find it very weird that I got a UTI and possibly a kidney infection. I was so clean, I don't really know how the bacteria entered so fast. Diapersandhugs, hope you're recovering as good as I am
  11. It's probably not your bulbospongiosus muscle. It only squirts out a few drips. Also probably not related to erection problems. Erection is mostly straightening of an artery. I'm saying probably everywhere cause i'm not a doctor. But yeah, check it out with a doctor. Sounds strange.
  12. Your friends and family notices and cares though. If they'd just randomly spot a bulge they'd start thinking. And if they finally notices or figures out it's diapers then you'll have to explain yourself (if you're not incon). They for sure won't see you the same way or might even be disgusted. I mean they'd still understand, but they'd think it's weird.