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  1. Recently started wearing pull ups due to being tired of the constant anxiety over where the closest bathroom is, going every 30 minutes and never being able to go on trips etc. I feel much more free now. I've been experimenting with tena pants, abena and drynites. Even though drynites are for kids, they still fit me. Tena and abena rise super high above the waist so much that I have to fold it in order to hide it below my boxers whereas drynites don't have that excess material. What discreet pull up do you guys recommend that don't ride so high above the waist? What do you do to hide your diaper below your boxers (if you wear those)?
  2. Yeah 55 ml seems about right, that's when my bladder first starts contracting (50-100 ml). I think it's a disadvantage because I don't want to feel like I need to pee every 15-30 minutes. For this to be feasible i'd need to wear a diaper 24/7.
  3. I think they knew I was wearing though, because I had to bring a bag with my diapers into the bathroom every time I went to change. The flight attendants knew for sure because when I met her in the corridor she said "there's more spacious bathrooms by the end of the airplane" as I was about to go into one the bathroom, and when I got to the other bathroom I see it's for disabled/nursing lol. I don't know if it's because the saw the rollede up diapers in the trash bin or if they suspected it because of me carrying the bag. I'd rather have some people suspect me of wearing though than having an accident when seatbelt sign is on.
  4. I kinda have to wear diapers on planes because it's already happened once that I was seconds from peeing myself during take off (I had gone to the bathroom just 10 minutes prior to boarding) and had to hold my crotch and jump around like a kiddo to not have an accident. I have to go to the bathroom about every 60 minutes nowadays. I kinda wish I could be like normal people and have a choice if I want to wear on the airplane or not but it is what it is.
  5. 28 days with the catheter draining into the diaper? How often did you change the diaper and how often did you shower/clean that region? What is the secret formula? Normally, 1-3 days should be a relatively safe limit for open drainage according to my experience.
  6. Oh my god, if it's going to take years to retrain i'm going to be used to wear pull ups every day and my friends would have most likely already found out...hmm. As it is right now, being totally without diaper is not possible as going to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes is disrupting my daily life (being on the bus, waiting in line, having an exam etc). I think you're right about the external sphincter because when my bladder suddenly contracts it doesn't automatically clamp like it used to years ago. Now it just kinda flows out unless I contract hard enough to resist the bladder contraction. Honestly it feels like such a hassle, and i'd much rather wear thin pull ups from now on, and maybe I can do some training while wearing them so I don't progress to having to pee every 15 minutes. Thank you for your advice!
  7. You can't just become a bedwetter. It's caused by some underlying medical condition such as sleep apnea, infections, cancer etc.
  8. Lol what. I'm not bowel incontinent nor do I intend to become one.
  9. I am working at cross purposes and I guess that's the beauty of this fetisch. I wish there was a way to play without it causing permanent changes.
  10. Cool, I think I have urge IC too. Glad to hear i'm not the only one resorting to pull ups for this issue. Today in class I had to go real bad when the professor said he'll finish in 15 minutes but thankfully today I also wore pull ups which made me calmer. I actually managed to hold myself for twenty minutes until I reached the bathroom, although I did pee myself (rather a leak) a little just before I had time to remove the diaper. So they really do help a lot! I'm guessing you got oxybutinin or tolterodine? That's the medication i'm intending to get.
  11. I'm afraid even wearing pull ups to dates even if I don't wet them. It's difficult to not get met with a disgusted face when you explain to them that you need it "just in case", at least before the person has started developing feelings for you.
  12. In my opinion diapers tend to be bulkier especially towards the back because they are made to accommodate for fecal incontinence. Pull ups don't rise as high in the back for this reason. I'm probably going to have to wear pull ups from now on, at least for several months until my retraining is done. Hopefully my friends won't notice this change 😕 I feel chained to the bathrooms at the moment. I had to tell my date I couldn't go to the beach, because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it. I had to jump off the bus before my destination so I could relieve myself. I had to go to the bathroom several times during my examination which made the professors think I was cheating. Stuff like this really affects my life in a negative way. And the only thing I can do to help it at the moment, before I get prescribed meds or whatever, is to wear diapers which I also don't want to do Don't get me wrong, i'm a DL and have always fantasized about being diaper dependent but it's different now when I have to put on a pull up in the morning for school even though I just want to wear skinny jeans or whatever.
  13. It's not only because of the bulk - you can also see the outlinings of the diaper.
  14. I'm not able to hold it to to 350 ml other than in my apartment where I can hold my crotch, hyperventilate and jump around like a maniac without anyone thinking there's something wrong with me. Out in the real world where the only thing I can do is clench my sphincter I can hold it to around 200. It feels good to know that i'm not alone in this. I think the frequent insertion of catheters/stents is causing fibrosis to both sphincters and disrupting the detrusor trigone causing inappropiate contractions when only half full.
  15. Yeah actually before my return flight I bought a pack of diapers because I was scared it was going to happen again. Another daily struggle is a few days ago where I got nervous going on a date to a place I knew wasn't going to have any toilets around. I had to propose a different location for the date. Yes, sadly I wake up about once a night where I have to rush to the bathroom because my bladder just starts to contract on its own. My night time problems don't bother me as much because there's always a toilet nearby, but daytime problems is what's impaired my life because there are many situations where people just expects you to be able to hold it for over 30 minutes. Like when the teacher says "i'm going to finish in 30 minutes" and you have to insist on leaving. I ordered thin pull ups from Tena just for this new purpose but when I tried them on with pants I could still see the outlines of the diaper, so i'm worried that my friends will notice. Also it's crinkly as crazy for some reason and someone will for sure hear me in the quiet classrooms. A few years ago my best friends actually hinted that he saw my diaper (thin one) so that's why i'm extra scared.