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  1. Good points, which a start-bedwetting program might not have considered. Do we know the source of this one? The start-bedwetting programs might not have been reviewed by as many in the labcoat set as the other kind of bedwetting program.
  2. BitterGrey

    Corinthians 13:11

    "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” ― C.S. Lewis
  3. Might the intent be to increase the acidity of the urine to irritate the bladder?
  4. It is great that some of us have received good primers from nurses, although it underlines how much the rest of us needed to learn the hard way. At the library I picked up a few books, looking for what a continence nurse might be using as source material. A quick word search showed that most of them mentioned diapers, but none described their use in detail. True. I don't fault the doctors for being focused on restoring continence. Still, there is the reality that in many cases, they won't be able to. Since the nurses would be the ones changing the diapers in the hospital, delegating the tutoring to them seems reasonable. Maybe a bad example. If the salesperson was claiming that it was easy to service, I might ask him about service details and then check the service manual to see how much faith I could put in his knowledge about servicing the car. The honesty of salespersons is harder to check. That seems a wonderfully dated and unscientific position.
  5. Sorry that you all had to learn so much the hard way... I had hoped that you would have received better support. Is there some other resource filling the gap? Has the pin-it-on-and-learn-from-there school been mostly OK?
  6. BitterGrey

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    Original Post.
  7. BitterGrey

    My foxy journey

    Yay! Thanks for sharing.
  8. BitterGrey

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    In that case, I've greatly misunderstood the primary point of the OP, and will bow out after offering an anecdote. Predestination affects the interpretation of causality, in turn affecting the interpretation of morality, upon which words like "good" and "bad" hang. One time my bicycle was stolen from the church parking lot while I was in Bible study. My first and third thought were about how it was stolen, and about how I could replace it. These weren't notably affected by a belief in predestination. The second thought, however, was unique to the doctrine: "God stole my bike." (Yes, technically, it was God's bike, but still, the thought occurred.)
  9. I was looking into some studies on a medical aspect of adult diaper usage, and realized that there was one systematic difference between adult diaper wearers who are incontinent and those who are not: Incontinent adults might have received key pointers from their urologists or other doctors, nurses, etc. In contrast, non-incontinent ABDLs might not discuss it with their doctors for decades, and so might have to learn many things the hard way. Not knowing what they don't know, they (including myself) might not think to ask. (Given this, please excuse the broad question. Briefly mentioning something as previously discussed is great. Omitting something, assuming it obvious to all, might be problematic.) What key advice did you receive from your urologist (or other doctors, nurses, etc.) about safely managing diapers?
  10. Bumping, hoping for more discussion on the second question. If we get desensitized to how we and our homes smell, there is a risk that they don't smell to others like they do to us. Other than knowing that this might be the case, how do we know if this is the case?
  11. BitterGrey

    Predestination: An infallible argument?

    OP, While I superficially agree with your conclusion, I have to fault your method. Specifically, it doesn't build from a minimal set of assumptions towards a conclusion. Granted, it is as close to being systematic as many religious discussions get. Infantwish's duck example is cleaner, but could still benefit from some refinement. Do ducks cease to be ducks when they become muddy (and thus are brown instead of purple)? It is also deductive, and so fails with any assumption, observation, or deductive step. In practice, sadly, this is generally true. The scientific ideal is to replace unnecessary assumptions and bad conclusions & observations. However, in practice, this is a bit like replacing a building's foundation from within the building. A useful narrowing of the topic. Touching on usefulness might have been useful. How would the decisions of a believer be different if that believer believed in free will instead of predestination? We should remember that if God is all-powerful, Christ could have been a theologian or a philosopher. Carpentry might not have been an accident. Unlike theology and philosophy, woodworks have got to work.
  12. BitterGrey

    Looking for a place to live in February in California

    You might get more responses if you were more specific about where in CA you were looking.
  13. BitterGrey

    Chastity cage thoughts

    Looks long enough to avoid holding the tip against the padding (and causing backpressure).
  14. BitterGrey

    Urine acidity and urgency?

    Has anyone else noticed that spicy and acidic foods can irritate their bladder?
  15. BitterGrey

    Types of mattress protection

    It might be best to think in terms of waterproofing+absorbency layers.