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  1. Looking for a place to live in February in California

    You might get more responses if you were more specific about where in CA you were looking.
  2. Chastity cage thoughts

    Looks long enough to avoid holding the tip against the padding (and causing backpressure). The plastic might retain odors, and stainless might be easier to clean under, but this might be just one person's opinion. In terms of security, understand that a cage alone will be largely symbolic. A belt, or cage under a locked diaper, might offer more security. Another alternative is to order a "kitchen safe," a small plastic bin with a battery-operated time lock. Set the timer when you lock it. It unlocks when the time runs out. https://www.thekitchensafe.com/
  3. Urine acidity and urgency?

    Has anyone else noticed that spicy and acidic foods can irritate their bladder? I recently noticed an urgency to urinate following some hot sauce, and found that some websites list spicy and acidic foods as factors that can aggravate incontinence. Have others noticed this, explored the long-term effects (eg does the system just get used to the higher acidity of foods and adjust), and/or looked into refining the practice to produce more than an urgency?
  4. Types of mattress protection

    It might be best to think in terms of waterproofing+absorbency layers. Waterproofing alone might hold a few drops by surface tension, but no large amount. Usually I have four layers. 1) a conventional full-mattress protector under the sheets as a low-maintenance, last-ditch backup. 2) A small sheet of vinyl on top of the sheets, large enough to catch anything draining from the diaper area, but small enough so the vinyl isn't touching skin that isn't covered by the pajamas. Here, the pajamas provide the absorbency. Changing wet PJs is better than having to change wet sheets. 3) Oversize briefs under plastic pants. The briefs don't need to absorb much usually. There are certainly more babyish options, but these work well. I seldom need to change wet PJs. 4) Diapers (along with a cover if cloth.) I could get by with two or three layers if I was more willing to change wet sheets early in the morning.
  5. Hey I think I remember you

  6. A second black hole, for the good of the planet?

    I'd think AB/DL roleplaying would make one more interested in wearing diapers, especially while roleplaying. As such, it wouldn't serve to moderate the pull to wear diapers more. As a side note, since you would be actively roleplaying, it would be consuming time. While time is a globally (although not personally) renewable resource moderation would still important.
  7. Those of us who have been around for a while will be familiar with what Tommy of DPF called "the black hole effect." When we were just starting out, we longed to wear a diaper. Then the newness of wearing one diaper wore off, and we started aspiring to wear diapers for an entire weekend. When wearing whole weekends became ordinary, our aspirations grew further. Eventually, our aspirations might have grown until we longed to wear diapers 24/7. While there are AB/DLs that value wearing diapers 24/7, it is financially and environmentally expensive. Still, given how uninteresting undiapered time can be, there might still be a clear pull towards Tommy's black hole. Psychologists consider this a result of habituation. Economists note that there should be demand, even at the equilibrium point. Is there another option - specifically developing some other kink that would compete with diapers for time under your pants? A second black hole? The particular kink would be influenced by personal tastes and practicality. Panties might be the most mainstream option. However, chastity cages would have the advantage of locks, which can be helpful for forestalling habits. (Assuming you don't loose the only key ) Of course, no chastity cage will cure infantilism. They might not even be adequate to preclude masturbation. That isn't the goal. They only need to eliminate most of that uninteresting, undiapered time without requiring being in diapers most of the time. They need only provide a distraction, an alternative to being either diapered or not-diapered. What would be your 'second black hole' of choice? What questions or concerns would you have regarding this gambit? (For example, physics would warn us that a second black hole doesn't ensure stability, particularly in orbital systems.) Have you attempted a similar strategy, and how did it work out?
  8. SF bay Area Peeps

    @Tpee12: I think you'll enjoy the bay area: There is often something going on. For Saturday evening, 4-8PM of the 27th, the Bay Area Dark Age Play Enthusiasts (BAD APE) is having a meet-and-greet in San Jose. While not specifically an AB/DL group, they've done a great job of separating dark and non-dark (pastel?) areas at previous events. Of course, the bay area is a big place and it wouldn't be the first time two things were happening at once. @ElephantsRock, sorry if my reply to you on fetlife 2 days ago didn't make it through to you for some reason. Our process isn't automated. I sent off an email to the person who usually maintains it. Perhaps he is on vacation or an emergency came up.
  9. One thing local AB/DL groups can do to promote local sources is to maintain lists of who carries good padding. (For example, BRiDgE's list for the Bay Area.) Hopefully these lists will give those stores more business, and make them more likely to continue carrying good padding. Not necessarily. AB/DLs are willing to pay a premium for good padding, and unlike the incontinent, might not have regular mail-order as their primary source, so marketing to us might just be good business. Of course, doing so openly might offend some incontinent customers, so it isn't free business. All the more reason for us to support those places and vote with our $.
  10. 20 years of Understanding Infantilism

    Thanks! I'm honored!
  11. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I patching together an essay, some analysis, an ancient version of the ABDL triangle, and what little information I could find into a web page. I was intent on helping people but not sure where that web page (and the newly-developed world wide web) would go. Yesterday, that website turned 20. Those two decades have been quite a journey. Since then, the page has benefited from a number of contributors, such as Linda Latex, Jennifer, and Kent Perry. It has also been partially translated into German (thanks Tomkitty!) and French (thanks Vincent!). It has expanded greatly, and has helped many. Today the website enters its third decade. What changes would you like to see in the ABDL community and the world in the next 20 years? What needs still need to be met? How can I help?
  12. hi everyone

    Hello and welcome! It might be best to learn more about yourself before deciding to tell family and friends. (You might wish to start thinking about if you should do it and how, but not deciding to do so yet. Once you tell them, there is no way to undo it.)
  13. OP, are you looking for a specific make of DPF tapes? ABDLRecordings (formerly foradultbabies.com) offers a set of recordings matching those offered in a DPF catalog. They even offer custom recordings with the same options listed in the DPF catalogs. I can't comment on whether they are the same recordings, or whether they work, however. They are also a different set of DPF titles than you posted. http://www.abdlrecordings.com/
  14. The Diaper Cycle

    @baby Brian: Of course, the game I described would involve properties specific to paraphilias (and even then, it might not be more fun than wearing more often). The build-up is part of the game, but ignoring the build-up is not. The individual would need to gauge how much he or she could let it build up before there was a risk of an immoderate binge, as opposed to a controlled vent. (To extend the food analogy, long-distance cyclists burn a lot of calories but know that it is often a mistake to get so hungry that they eat far too much after the ride. By the way, I don't claim priority here. I think the analogy was used by Freud over a hundred years ago. Of course, he might not have been first.) I'm curious about how this game would be experienced by people with kinks. (The relevant contrast here is that those with kinks might be able to stop wearing forever if they wished.) It might make for a different experience, which might be no fun whatsoever. Playing it when diapers are necessary, due to incontinence, etc. would be a still more different experience, and probably a bit messy. A semantic point would be those who need to wear diapers simply due to a paraphilia. This need might have a period measured in months. However, many AB/DLs enjoy wearing more often, and might consider wearing more often a need. This might be an example of what Tommy called "the black hole effect" or something else, in which case I'd be curious.
  15. The Diaper Cycle

    Actually, if there isn't the immoderation and negativity of the binge and purge cycle, it isn't that destructive cycle, but a much more familiar one: I get hungry, I eat (then I have desert). Once sated, I stop. Then I get hungry again... Of course, the period of the paraphilia is slightly different. For example, since we won't be malnourished if we don't wear diapers often, we can let the urge build up over long periods, and then wear. Care should be taken to enjoy responsibly, so there won't be any regrets afterwards, and to abstain without negative feelings. Of course, these games should be played with care.