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  1. I am looking for Pull up for some one who has a 34 wast. I have seen them on tumbler. Have looked high and low and no luck. Can any one point me in the right direction. Ps if this is the wrong place to post this please let me know Joe
  2. Always looking for friends. Salem county area. Exit one off the NJTP
  3. Tax

    Does anyone clams the diapers as a medical expenses ?
  4. Looking for a pull up for a size 36-38 wast size. That is like a kids pull up. I can not find any that are not cheap looking. Any know where to get some good ones ?
  5. Just feelin lost in life like I am stuck in a rut not moving forward no matter how hard I try.
  6. i have been feeling lost lately. A little confused with what is going on. Has anyone ever felt like this and if so what did you do to lose the feeling ?
  7. I do not worrie I was just wondering if anyone else did it. And if they made me strip down I would have owned the park. That is agent the law.
  8. I use medical tape. It is clear and sticks good. Love the look of the print on the diaper.
  9. As long as we people say it is not normal it will not be. Not to be that person but innerracial couples were not normal gay couplets were not normal. Gauges lip piercings tattoos were not normal. Not it is just every day life for a lot of people. Today at the market there was a 3 or 4 year old in a long T shirt with a diaper and socks and shoes. Sitting in the cart wile the dad shopped. Not saying I would wanna go to the market like that but just an example. I know there is an age difference between. But I would love to go to the movies in a diaper and not feel restricted by shorts or paints go to a local park and relax in the sun in just a diaper. Put getting arrested would not be fun.
  10. who is to say what is normal or not ? Wearing A diaper not needing to is by " Society terms " would not be normal. So to say it is not normal to just to wanna have on a diaper and a t-shirt is just odd to me. I love the feeling a nice powered thick diaper when you get that perfect fit and walking around and hearing the nice Plastic crinkle sound you do not get that with clothing covering it. It it is no different when a girl puts on shorts that barely covers her butt
  11. I were a diaper almost all the Time only time I do not is at work and my one friend does not like to be out with me if I have one on. So I do I just would like to have just a diaper on in the movies driving shopping etc.
  12. For my it is the feeling of being young again. I am 34 now but to be a young teen again who still needs to feel the security of a diaper is just a wonderful feeling.
  13. Doees any one know of any place you can were a diaper out in public. I would love to be out side in one. Out side of my yard.
  14. Life is so so short to be stressed over love. It takes time I Was 33 before I found my boyfriend I was single for 6 years before I found him. As for your texting friend ask he if everything is ok just tell him he seams a little out of sorts. No need to make it more then a friend ask another friend what is up. Talking on here going in the chat rooms you might find some one a little closer. I found my my boyfriend on an app called whisper not even a dating app. Never expected to find any one on it. But I did. If you wanna talk or need some to Lisbon jus ask
  15. Who has worn a diaper to 6 flags. They go through your bags now days. I would love to were one during the day when it gets a little cooler out. Has anyone had any troubles bad or good expernces.