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  1. I would normally change the sheets also, but this time she told me I have to wait until our normal day to change sheets which is Fridays. So I have to sleep on the same sheets for the rest of the week. They were dry by the time I went to bed but they did smell lIke my diaper pail. Woke up soaked again this morning but the sheets were dry.
  2. Not only did I wake up wet as I do every morning, but the bed was also wet. My wife will not be happy, 2nd time this week I soaked the bed aslo.
  3. Been 24/7 for over 7 years now, one of the best decision I have made for myself. There are challenging times but it's worth it to me. Pro - I never have to look for a bathroom, I feel very relaxed in my diapers in all phases (dry, wet, or messy). I untrained myself to have no control of my bladder and very little control of my bowels, maybe a few minutes warning before I mess. But even that is getting shorter in time. In my diapers I feel that my baby side of life is being taking care of. Con - cost of disposable diapers, I use Abena M4s and use two per day. At night I use cloth to reduce the cost. Leaking or messing while at work, it does happen but I always have diapers with me to change into it needed. Of course a messy diaper is much harder to clean up from if out in public, that is the only time I need to find a bathroom. Travel away from home is an issue also, I have to make sure I have enough diapers to last the trip or a way to buy more where ever I will be going. That is the only time I buy diapers from a store, cheap diapers can only last a few hours before I need to change.
  4. I untrained fully both bowel and bladder two years ago. The untraining for me took years to fully lose control. My wife was the one who told me if you are going to be wet you might as well mess also. I have very few messy diapers like you mentioned will out enjoying a meal but they will happen. You just have to be ready to change into a clean dry diaper at any time. I have had many more leaks out in public, but those I could have avoided if I changed sooner. Unpotty training is a lifestyle choice, it is not for everyone but it was perfect for me.
  5. My wife knows when I am messy, her diaper checks padding the front of my diapers to see how wet they are. If she feels they can last one more wetting then I am sent off if not I am told to change.
  6. Over ate during the Chistmas dinner, so this morning I woke up to a very full and messy diaper. Just sitting here waiting for my wife to wake so she can change me into a clean dry diaper. I am on VA Arion this week and my wife told me she will handle all diaper changes, I do not mind when she changes my wet diapers but when I am messy I feel very little and ashamed, but she says she loves me in diapers and it was her choice that I untrained fully.
  7. I have no clue if I wet more since I wear everynight, without my diapers the wet will be soaked every day. I go to sleep dry and wake up soaked, been that way for years now.
  8. Having no control has not stopped me from doing anything I used to do before the need to be in diapers 24/7. I ride bikes, play hockey, if anything my diapers have made my life easier. I never have to look for a bathroom, unless I need to change. Unless I am messy most days I can go 8 to 10 hours between diaper changes.
  9. I have to agree , losing bowel control was easier than bladder control. I retrained for many years to wet uncontrolled but when I decided to to go bowel incontinence also I was able to finish untraining in less then a year . maybe since I messing my diapers anyways it was easier, but back then I I chose to hold my mess I could, now I cannot.
  10. I have being a member here for years, my first stop everyday to check what everyone posted from the day before. as much a part of being a AB has my diapers
  11. I wet and mess my diapers whenever and wherever the need comes up. when I mess in public I just change into a clean diaper asap. I have never had asap issue being messy in public that I was ever made aware of by anyone who noticed.
  12. My wife had the same rules, if you wear diapers, you use them for both wetting and messing. I have not used the big boy potty in years. The only problem I have with clean up is when i mess away from home, but I do the best I can until I get home.
  13. I look forward to each morning and my messy diapers. wetting and messing my diapers are such a huge part of my life now, I not remember the last time I used the big boy potty, been years now.
  14. Nothing better and having your morning coffee in a messy diaper, if I do not mess while I sleep by the time I have my first cup of coffee I will be messy.
  15. I had the exact opposite this morning, I woke up dry for the first time in months if not the last year. I wet myself within minutes of getting out of bed.seems I did not drink enough yesterday.