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  1. When are you gonna post a new episode?
  2. me too, me too
  3. Those look like a cute diaper for every "wannabe" little girl.
  4. I grew up with brothers, not sisters. The interaction of the girls is intriguing. It is so nice they are well behaved for Luzy. I bet she will stay, in one form or another.
  5. Thanks Christine. I thought I would not see RTT and Rusty again
  6. OK.  Looks like wifey did not have food poison.  I just cleaned up after blowing chunks in the potty at 3:30 am after myself.  Yep diarrhea too.  Yuk

  7. My favorite were cowboy shows because they were Dad's favorites. Rin Tin Tin, Have Gun Will Travel, Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Rifleman. Even F Troop. There were more, but I don't remember them now. As I got older I liked SciFi. Man From Uncle, Star Trek, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Cartoons on Sat morning were always fun laying on my tummy on the floor no less than 6' away from the screen.
  8. Wetpamper, This is the most lovely Amazon story I have ever read. Your characters are well developed and I longed for Larry to say those words. I know we can trust Pam, but the waiting is killing me. The costume for the party is my biggest anticipated surprise for munchkin. Ruffle
  9. I found the tumblr link and am listening to episode 1. You have a nice voice to listen too. i am in little mode with my thick cloth diaper, 4 pins, Ppants, and my "snug-as-a-bug" reindeer sleeper.
  10. Great story set up. Please continue
  11. Suckling aunts Carmen would be amazing while she brushed her hand over your frilly pink diaper cover
  12. Giggles
  13. Oooo such fun and cute baby tights
  14. Bernie had a baby? When did that happen? That sounds like a show I want to see.
  15. I sure had fun chatting with you this morning Shelly.  Wish you lived closer to Iowa.  

    I had a good time in the pool this morning.  I met 2 brand new people.  Our water is 91 F so it is comfy for an hour continuous exercise.  10 minutes in the hot tub after and my muscles feel great for the whole day.  Do you like to swim or even be in the pool water?