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  2. Sorry to hear. I mean if I do wet in the day, I could deal with it. I'm prepared for anything I guess.
  3. "Lilly honey I need to change you" I sigh, wondering when the diaper changes will end "I'm glad you don't poop in diapers too Liam"
  4. can u help me out a little if pampers cruisers size 7 is discreet from amazon if i order a case as well as having it deliver to my house every one month other then that thanks
  5. "You never do anything I ask. Lets stop arguing and start again. I am not arguing with you anymore please. I apologise for being rude to you I really am Aurora, we need to work together okay" (I want them to get on)
  6. Finn sits on his bed and waits for someone to come read to him Dan takes Freddie upstairs and puts him on the counter as he runs the bath water for the baby bath. I begin to remove Freddie's clothing and not sure what he's done in his diaper I go into Finns room and grabs a clean diaper, wipes, powder and pjs for Freddie, and I tell finn I will be back to read him a story. He sighs as, being the eldest, he feels left out.
  7. Liam nodded before following dan lilly wasn't paying much attention to dan and continued to poop finishing a bit later before sitting down and going back to playing carelessly
  8. I have no control at all over my bladder in 2013 I fell and been wetting since I was 63 I was married my wife was up set at 1st but got over it fast but it was still a pain Kids that wet the bed wet there pants in school A lot
  9. Goes into Liams room "hey Liam, do you wanna go potty?" Hears grunting in the other room and thinks "oh no Lilly no" he asks Liam to follow him and they go into the living room "Lilly you said you didn't have to poo?" watches her grunting and smells it instantly
  10. Hears something in the bathroom and asks Lou to keep an eye on Emily. I walk into the bathroom "hey buddy, you trying to potty on your own?"
  11. How do you think that? When most kids wet the bed at night they don't wet during the day, at least what I've seen and heard. It's just being ok with peeing in your bed while sleeping, as long as i'm ok with that and nothing else but the toilet, I shouldn't have day time accidents. Only at night in my theory, what do you think?
  12. *what was what" I was patting Chases bottom so it hid the noise of mine and giggling "potty training takes time, these two will never potty train the way they're going"
  13. ( u were already in your room with the pajamas on)
  14. "I'm waiting for you to explain Mister. Why are you wearing a 2yr olds diaper??"
  15. if you wet at night you will wet in the day too
  16. " how am I a spoiled brat. I did what you say then you start berating me and can't even tell me why your doing it." She said
  17. smiles and I climb out and I go into my room and get my pyjamas on
  18. Lily started to grunt and push while dsn held her lifting her legs up to her chest to make it easier. Soon. She was filling her diaper right up. in the other room Liam noticed dan was gone for awhile and had to pee but didn't know where he was
  19. "I don't appreciate you acting like a spoilt brat!"
  20. You can look it up and see for yourself, but to give you somewhere I read it here: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Urology-Male-issues-989/2008/9/f/severely-stretched-bladder.htm Well money isn't an issue. It would only be at night, so 1 diaper a day, I get mine for $20 for 40 diapers. I have a way to dispose of them and no problem with how long it may take and last, I just want to see if I can do it, if I can great, i'm ready to deal with it if I have to. Thanks for your concerns though
  21. I nod and whimper as I am given some juice and I dry my eyes and look at you
  22. threw out a bunch of diapers today, just didnt have space for them all =/

  23. "mom, I'm supposed to be meeting my girlfriend tonight, we are going to the cinema, I don't wanna stay in! ugh this is not fair!" I stomp upstairs and slam the door
  24. It is A pain to wear A diaper to bed others will know some my not be nice about it.I been wetting now 4 years.Diapers cost A lot
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