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Tough to urinate while driving?


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Wearing 24/7 brings its own set of challenges, and one unexpected issue can be the difficulty of urinating while driving. Let's dive into some reasons behind this:

  1. Body Position: Sitting in the driver's seat puts specific pressure on your pelvic region, impacting your urine flow. This pressure might come from the ureter being compressed or changes in the bladder's position. Standing up or adjusting your position can ease this pressure, making it easier to pee.
  2. Pelvic Muscles: Incontinence can affect how you control your pelvic muscles. In certain positions, like sitting, these muscles might not relax fully, making it harder for urine to pass. Changing your position can involuntarily relax these muscles.
  3. Intra-Abdominal Pressure: Sitting can increase the pressure inside your abdomen, pressing on your bladder. This heightens the urgency sensation and might complicate urine release until the pressure is relieved.
  4. Bladder Spasms: If you have an overactive bladder, sitting can trigger or worsen spasms. Standing up can change the dynamics of these spasms, allowing for a more natural urine flow.
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It's weird that I have a really hard time wetting a diaper while driving.  I can pee my diaper while sitting in my recliner.  Don't know if it's the concentration required while driving??? Seems like I can pee easier when stopped for a red light. 

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Wetting while Driving takes some serious practice.

You want to wet as soon as you feel the urge, because if you wait too long you'll flood your diaper and leak all over your car seat.

It's recommended to sit on a reusable underpad, in the event you do end up leaking.

After years of practice, I can easily wet while driving.

PS, it's also good to practice "Diapering While Standing", in case you need a change in the field.

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Again, after years of practice it just happens: largely automatically.  There can be physiological issues where my nappy is pushing on me at the wrong spot, "kinking the hose" so to speak and that quickly becomes uncomfortable.  Shifting in my seat will usually provide instant wet relief.

On workdays, I change at around 6:30am.  I usually dribble a tiny bit driving to work and am (very slightly) damp on arrival at 7:30am.  The drive home is a bit wetter.

I HAVE noticed that if something unexpected/dangerous happens whilst I'm driving that startles me (eg: somebody failing to give way) that I will automatically "clench up".  These days that's a very odd feeling and usually concludes with a minor dribble when I relax again.

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2 hours ago, Dubious said:

Only harder to pee when I'm driving. As a passenger is not hard at all.
Still working on that, and once I get it started, it flows easily. 

I'm the same way.  I don't have to think about very much as a passenger, but I do have to think to start to pee as a driver.  That being said, my diaper was pretty wet when I finished my 4-hour drive yesterday, so I did manage to pee quite a bit.


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It did take a while before I could wet freely while driving.  My car has a foot rest for my left foot, and I find wetting a lot easier if If use this for my left foot rather than the floor.  It's probably because this reduces the squashing of my urethra to give the wee a clear run.  These days it usually just happens.

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I have found my way to do this easily while driving a 4 wheeled vehicle.  My real challenge is doing this while on my Harley.  I truly believe its a concentration thing.  

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Plus one for not being able to release while ridding MC. I was out for several hours ridding. Could not pee a drop until I stopped for fuel. I guess with the holding it for several hours and the sounds from the fueling process I could not hold it back. I was concerned I was going to spring a leak and be ridding the final 20 miles in wet jeans.

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44 minutes ago, fixitboy said:

It tuck me quit awhile to master this.  But I can wet rather easily know

It *Took* me awhile too but it is all MS reasons now

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